Testimony from Barbados

This testimony was emailed to us and I hope you enjoy reading:

I just wanted to share my personal testimony involving my own experience in the event that it may be of help to someone.

I have been undergoing deliverance for the last few months and most of demons have been evicted but I had a spirit of rebellion which I believe was rooted in my bloodline and it did not want to leave. In addition, I have two other strongmen, one I belive is a spirit of deception (I hiss and sliter like a snake) and the other I meow like a cat.

Nonetheless, I have received major deliverance thus far and I praise God for without him it would have been impossible.

In tackling the spirit of rebellion,what these three spirits did was worked in unison. They took different turns in their manifestations and it distracted the deliverance minister to pray for each in turn. Eventually, through the power of the Holy Spirit, my deliverance minister realized their diversion tactic and focused in on the biggest strongman…the spirit of rebellion and boy did he hate that!

He actually spoke out loud, (something he never did before) and yelled at the deliverance minister \”No..I\’m not leaving!\” He was very verbal for the next 2 hours in which he went from being aggressive, to begging for sympathy…the Holy Spirit told me to drink consecrated oil in water and boy did he go livid. We would bleed the blood of Jesus and the fire of God and it was pure pain for him. He yelped and cried but refused to leave. Even when I pleaded the blood of Jesus…he got angry with me and tried to persuade me that we were friends he actually said to me \”We\’re friends remember?\” and all I said to him was \”I\’m friends with Jesus\”. (It was kind of like having a spilt personality where we both fought to speak throughout deliverance) My deliverance minister and myself prayed to God for his warring angels to come and they obviously poked him with spears because all he kept saying was \”stop sticking me!\”

Finally after 2 hours…my deliverance minister and myself were tired..and had enough of this demon. My faith was beginning to wane. By the power of the Holy Spirit…my deliverance minister received a word of wisdom and he would say no more but simply prayed for a angel with an execution warrant. That demon went ballistic and banged on the desk \”How dare you!\” Soonafter his whole demenour changed and he shook in fear as he anticipated the angel coming to execute him. If this were not happening to me personally..I would find the whole episode hard to believe but the angel did show up..because the demon turned around swiftly, looked up…started trembling in fear,cried for mercy and then let out a piercing scream of agony then collapsed.

All I can say is Hallelujah…to God be the glory. I am so relieved to be rid of that pest. It was also a learning experience for both me and the deliverance minister and I plan to get involved in that ministry someday.

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