Illuminati Powers are Destroyed in Quebec and California

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

This has been an extraordinary mission -traveling throughout North America– where we have been able to reachmany thousands of souls with the good news of Jesus. We have held more then 15 public and private meetings in more then 5 cities in the United States and Canada, where we have seen dozens healed and exorcised from demonic spirits and witnessed incredible signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit. To chronicle these miracles would literally force me to write a small book. Pastor James Beason and I are stunned as in each and every meeting we are seeing souls freed and amazing miraculous works.

Since our last report this mission has been non-stop. After departing Buffalo, New York we journeyed on to the French-speaking city of Montreal, Quebec, where we held more private and public meetings. People traveled in from all over Canada. In fact one couple drove more then 6 hours to be present. I could easily tell that people were desperate for help. People were there to learn and to be equipped. In our small public meeting a dear Haitian woman by the name of Stephanie attended the meeting at the request of a friend. While in the midst of teaching from the Scriptures –demons manifested powerfully through her. With eyes rolling back in her head and her body undergoing terrible convulsions we began to confront the spirits in the name of Jesus. They were quite violent and angry for they had been exposed to the light of Jesus.

To set the background allow me to share some of her background. Numerous family members involved within Freemasonry. Father was a 33rd degree Mason. She was dedicated at birth to Satan. Suffered from stigmata phenomena (I saw with my very own eyes the stigmata) along with numerous physical afflictions such as bone deformities, sickle cell anemia, heart problems and so much more. Survivor of horrific abuse within the Masonic lodge. At 3 years of age endured a satanic ceremony in the lodge where the Masons inserted mind controlling programming that included the forming of 3 distinct dissociative identities that were named 666. Ancestral voodoo participation that included human and animal sacrifices. Stephanie had visited a number of churches and ministries with the hopes of obtaining some spiritual assistance but to no avail. The church is simply ill equipped to handling the demonized, the mind programmed, and the dissociative. During the exorcism we encountered more then 12,000 evil spirits including Legionnaire, Mind Control, Satan spirits, Mendoza, Voodoo spirits, Inner Transmutation, Lilith, Jezebel, and many others.

At one point we encountered a spirit by the name of St. Joseph –a mind controlling spirit. There were more then 20 of them. They had brought the following “no right to” curses in her life: no right to freedom, to succeed, to let go of ghosts, to breathe, to recovery, to heal, to provide, to love, to forgive, to surrender, to happiness, to peace of mind, to financial blessings, to constancy, to persistence. They also mentioned that they were there to confuse, to sabotage her liver, intestines, blood vessels, lungs, hearts, bones, gull bladder, and so much more.During the exorcism we encountered a Legion demon that spoke to me angrily.

 “We have been here a very long time,” he revealed, “On her mother and father side.”

 It was discovered that these Legion spirits had been on her mother’s side for more then 300 years and her father’s side nearly 500 years. The sins of superstition, voodoo ceremonies, white and black magick rituals, a mermaid ceremony, and numerous baby sacrifices opened the door for the ancestors to become demonized. We also discovered something very unusual –that the Legion spirit was holding unto a French speaking ancestral dissociative identity named Celestine that was born in Vichy, France, in 1912. In 1948 Celestine’s body died as a result of being poisoned by a older sister. Undergoing the poisoning caused Celestine’s heart to break thereby allowing an evil spirit to capture a part of her heart and thus traveling down through the ancestral bloodline all of these generations right into Stephanie. We spoke to Celestine however she only spoke French so a few French ladies in the meeting interpreted for me. Celestine was sent to Jesus. There were other ancestral dissociative identities and even human interjects within this dear lady. Moreover, many parts of her heart surfaced and were supernaturally healed by the power of Jesus Christ.

 A common occurrence in our meetings is the ministry of God’s holy angels and on this night they assisted us. In fact, at one point I needed to move Stephanie from a uncomfortable chair she was sitting on to the comfortable sofa. Though she was in a demonic trance I commanded the angels of the Lord to pick her up and to sit her down on the sofa. Those in the meeting were simply STUNNED to see the angels of God supernaturally lift this lady up off the chair –without human aid– and place her in the sofa as directed. The angels did so much more –they warred against the demonic spirits and restricted them. They assisted me and they gave glory to Jesus!

 During the exorcism it was revealed there were many Illuminati spirits –numbering more then 500– within her that were present waiting to be activated by the powers of the Anti-Christ at some determined time and date. Recall what the writers of Scripture tell us? Evil conspires against the righteous. There is a global conspiracy of evil groups under the umbrella of the Illuminati (these elites refer to themselves as the “enlightened ones”). Their purpose? World domination in every sector of life. This is the aim of Satan to dominate and control souls in ever sphere of life. We are in a WAR with powerful global forces. Be of good cheer though Jesus is LORD! The enemies will do what they do however this does change the fact they have been utterly defeated and will all end up in the lake of fire forevermore.

 For hours I dismantled trigger words, destroyed Illuminati mind programming, and drove out voodoo mind controlling human interjects. We encountered and ministered to many dissociative identities also ranging from 2 to 36 years of age. They were all healed and experienced the love of Jesus. Stephanie even testified of even seeing the risen Savior.

 In the end the evil spirits battled and battled on furiously. Jesus and His angelic army fought back and defeated the powers the evil. All of these –more then 12,000 demonic spirits– were driven out and sent to the pit! Others were set free from demon powers in Jesus name including a young lady from Mexico from spirits of fear, stress, tension and many others. Her husband, also attended the meeting and as result of seeing the power of Jesus deliver Stephanie from demons I had the wonderful opportunity to lead him to Jesus. He was also liberated from many occult spirits. Signs and wonders confirm the message concerning Jesus.

 These public meetings are wonderful opportunities to not only minister to the tormented but also to train groups of disciples on how to cast out demons, heal the sick, and the brokenhearted. On this night which James and I though would be a shorter service turned out to be a nearly 10 hour service. The night was not over however. In the very early morning hours we traveled deep into the city of Montreal and held a private family meeting. We ministered to an Italian family that had been bound by demons for years. Another soul was led to Jesus and the mother in the home was delivered from many demonic spirits.

 From the private meeting James and I traveled onward to the airport boarded a flight from Quebec back to NYC where we then jumped on another flight to Los Angeles, California where we held yet another public meeting that was jammed packed with souls hungry for deliverance. The hotel staff had to bring in more chairs into our small meeting area as so many arrived to attend and to learn about the ministry of deliverance. God was gracious as James and I never got to sleep more then 1 hour. This should reveal to you my friends the great need of the people. Jesus gave us strength and for another 8 hours we ministered, taught from the Scriptures, and battled demons.

 The first person to surface demons was a believer in his 40’s. A spirit named Poseidon manifested and violently twisted this man. Another spirit called the molester also surfaced who declared, “We came into him because he was molested. We were in the molester and transferred into him upon sexual contact.”

 In the name of Jesus this dear man broke the soul tie and renounced the spirit. While ministering to him another few people manifested spirits. One young lady who manifested spirits during this time was being delivered by Jesus and over the next couple hours yawned out numerous demons. Another believer was also set free many demons and healed of two dissociative identities that surfaced and spoke to me –a 7 year old and a 9 year old. Many others experienced freedom and healing. I was also encouraged that many were now equipped to minister to others in the areas of deliverance and healing.

 After the public we held private meetings where more were delivered from demons including one 59 year old lady who was controlled by more then 100 Illuminati spirits. There were many others. James and I also battled more then 45,000 evil spirits named Destruction that held onto 12 parts of her broken heart. These parts were released and she experienced incredible inner healing. Moreover, there were spirits of Lucifer, sorcery, Jezebel, and other kinds of satanic spirits that also brought mind control within her. The demons even revealed during the exorcism that they had planned on her being a recruit with the hopes of recruiting many others into raw Satanism. There is much to this story I hope to share in the coming days. Suffice to say, she experienced unbelievable healing and deliverance. More then 45,000 evil spirits were cast out of her body and soul in Jesus name!

 Moreover, she was healed of blindness. She revealed that she could not see out of her right eye. She had gone to one doctor after another. Nothing seemed to help. Upon discovering the spirit that was causing the blindness and upon her renouncing the spirit’s rights, the demons were expelled out of her eye and immediately she could SEE! Jesus healed her!

 There is so much to share! I am so limited with time. I’m asking God to give us more hours so we can reach more souls. Time is short on earth. We need to resolve to reach people with Jesus! The miraculous testimonies we are hearing are staggering! I’ll be sharing these testimonies in the days to come. 

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