Jesus Conquered VERY Violent Voodoo, Satanism, Witchcraft and Freemasonry Demons

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I truly enjoy reading the Scriptures. I came across in my reading this passage, in Mark 1, which sums our global mission work.

“Jesus replied, “Let us go somewhere else—to the nearby villages—so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.” So he traveled throughout Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and driving out demons.”

We follow Jesus in that we travel, we preach, we drive out demons. I just love this work!

On this last mission we held more then 10 private and public meetings that were held in two different cities resulting in many souls being supernaturally healed from various pains and afflictions and delivered from thousands of evil spirits. 

In Waco, Texas –where we hold our monthly Church of the Cross meetings– we had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate everyone for our last small public service. In our last two public meetings there was a eagerness to learn and for a couple hours I taught from the Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion. After our brief teaching we began to minister to those in need of deliverance from evil spirits. The first lady I ministered to was from Nigeria, West Africa who shared that she had been a victim of generational witchcraft and voodoo as her ancestors were voodoo priests. As soon as I anointed her head with holy oil unclean spirits within her surfaced and convulsed her. 

She cried out with many tears, “Brother Jay, I’m in a bucket of snakes.” 

Pastor James Beason and I furiously fought these serpent spirits that horrifically tortured her. 

The heads of the snakes were even multiplying as we ministered. So James and I began utilizing our swords (the WORD) to cut off the serpent heads and as we did there are groans and moans from the snake spirits as they submitted to the SWORDS. As this dear lady renounced all of these generational curses and spirits victory was at hand and many demonic spirits were driven out of her body in Jesus name as she vomited out of these voodoo spirits.

After her deliverance she shared with me, “Jay, I really feel MUCH better.”

As I was dealing with this African woman another lady in the meeting was experiencing demonic attacks. She was literally being scratched by hordes of spirits that were from the inside out slicing her arms. While praying over her there were more then 16 snake spirits within her that surfaced. These were quite strong and violent as it took several men to restrain her.

“We entered her because her ancestors worshiped snakes in satanic ceremonies,” the spirits revealed.

James and I battled these demons and these were expelled also in the name of Jesus to the pit!

Then another believer in the meeting surfaced generational mind controlling spirits that had him believe a number of spiritual lies that affected his spiritual health. These spirits were quite violent and again I was assisted by some fellow warriors for Jesus. Again Jesus conquered the kingdom of darkness as these demons were put to flight and sent to the pit!

Still yet another attendee of the meeting, who had traveled more then 20 hours to be at the service, who had a history of being involved in the occult, manifested spirits of torment and fear. As she rejected these spirits James and I quickly drove out many demons from her. 

Not only was there teaching, worship, and deliverance there was also healing taking place as various saints were testifying of feeling relieved from various pains and afflictions. Moreover, we encountered numerous parts of broken hearts that surfaced during the various exorcisms we were conducting. Many parts were touched and healed including one man who saw an holy angel who held up a healing heart. It was his heart that the holy angel held forth to this dear brother’s joy. God was displaying his heart to show His healing power. He testified before everyone of this miraculous vision and encounter with God’s angel.

15 Hour Day of Teaching, Casting out Demons, and Healing!

On Sunday we held many private ministry sessions and a public meeting in the evening. In one of our first sessions we ministered to a believer that had more then 15,000 evil spirits including many generational spirits.

  • Fu 2,000 spirits as a result of reading ungodly books
  • Freemasonry 2,000 spirits as a result of ancestral involvement in the masonic lodge
  • Sue 70 spirits
  • Rupa and Popo 7 and 5 respectively
  • Mopar 75 spirits causing shortness of breath, morbid obesity, diabetes, strange ideas about God, and emphasis on logic
  • Sloth 2,000 spirits as a result of the sin of slothfulness
  • Self Destruction 7,777 spirits as a result of reading ungodly books and word curses
  • Ruga 7 spirits because he found the Bible “boring.”
  • Vuga 55 spirits due to ancestral sins of slave ownership from 17 generations ago
  • Self 17 spirits from grandfather’s adultery
  • Seamar 17 spirits from continual humiliation that he suffered under
  • Fury 7 spirits because he was mad as a kid and said, “God is not so”
  • Suga 7 spirits through prostitute
  • Mog 70 spirits
  • Ug 5 spirits 
  • Moose 700 spirits that were hell bent on destroying marriage
  • Rue 17 spirits
  • Slave Owner 70 spirits from 5 generations whose ancestors owned slaves
  • Pornography 55 spirits because of the sins of pornography
  • Racha 5 spirits causing autism, aspbergers disease, and lies
  • Nobody 6 spirits because of extreme shame
  • Rak 7 spirits
  • Joush 76 spirits because he read a science fiction book and believed it’s contents
  • You 7 spirits that brought mind control
  • Supa 7 spirits from the sins of Adam, fantasized about visiting sex tourism outposts
  • Rushee 77 spirits
  • Mungraph 14 spirits 

And there were others. These thousands of demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name and various broken pieces of his heart surfaced including a little 3 year old boy that was sick and a 9 year old boy that was extremely scared. They were free and were allowed to see Jesus and experience His amazing rest and were integrated!

That was but the beginning of the ministry for the day. For many hours deep into the night we ministered and cast out many evil spirits. Not only was pastor James assisting me but a dear sister who is a part of the ministry –Sharon– assisted us with her amazing gift of words of knowledge and prophetic giftings. During our various meetings with those we were counseling many individuals were brought to tears because of the ministry our dear sister extended to those in need. One young lady even exclaimed, “You are reading me like a book and yet you do not know even know me.”

Sister Sharon, a dear servant of the Lord in her 60’s, has traveled with us through the United States and even into Latin America and has touched countless lives! I still recall the night we were holding open air meetings in Guatemala City and sister Sharon had a line of people waiting for her to minister unto them –many were delivered and healed by the power of Jesus! She is uniquely gifted. Please pray for her and her husband, would you?

We also ministered to two young women who were deeply involved in Satanism and witchcraft. We witnessed God’s holy angels assist us in restraining the violent demons. There were legions of angels that ministered alongside us. I spoke to them and they served alongside me in restraining the vicious spirits. More then 300 generational Jezebel spirits from an ancestor’s participation in Freemasonry opened the door for these spirits to invade. These were cast out in Jesus name! We also dealt with spirits called Raider that had entered because of involvement in blood rituals. These spirits were cast out too. We ministered to some parts of the broken heart also. 

Public Deliverance Meeting turns into Training

During our last meeting we were jammed packed in our small meeting area where souls gathered from all over to receive a miracle. During the ministry time, a young man surfaced very violent spirits of insanity, destruction, torture, and Freemasonry. What was interesting was that during our meeting while leading this man to take off the Masonic noose and renouncing the curse of Freemasonry, a lady in the meeting was also being delivered by a masonic curse and expelled a number of spirits. The power of the Holy Spirit was quite evident! 

“We torture his mind, we will destroy him, the spirits screamed at me in a deep guttural sound.

Like always Jesus prevailed and all of these hellish spirits were cast into the pit! While this man was being set free, his brother who came long with him to the meeting manifested spirits and we drove them out in Jesus name. Then after he was delivered I began to minister to another man who was manifesting violent spirits. While praying over him, a spirit within him shouted at the man who had just been delivered from evil spirits: “We hate him!”

Filled with the Holy Spirit the recently delivered man stood to his feet and with a powerful anointing rebuked the spirits and cast them out in Jesus name. The entire church felt the Spirit of God and immediately I knew in my heart he was confirmed to be a minister of the gospel –part of the five fold ministry. Today, I get an email from him and I am stunned:

“Hi Jay,

Didn’t get a chance to thank you for being such a wonderful servant last night before I left.  It was truly a blessing seeing God work so mightily in setting people free.  My brother was pretty tired on our drive home but we did spend time in agreeing praying for you.  We prayed blessings and protection over you on the drive home. Also it looks like God did call me out,  lol, and I am needing to start moving forward with his ministry.  I know deliverance is a part of it and also many other parts and now I will just need prayers in how to proceed.  Also being there seeing how you were operating in the Lord was a great encouragement to me.  Witnessing how God does deliverance using his servants was greatly beneficial to me.  If you also may help point me in the direction into getting more tools that God may be able to use with me in deliverance it would greatly help.  I truly am thankful to the King and the Father for you and what I got to witness and be blessed with last night.”

I am deeply humbled by this email and other emails I have received since these meetings. So many lives touched and precious saints are being trained and equipped because we are serving Jesus by casting demons out in public! This brings me great joy!

Others were ministered to also in the meeting who experienced liberation, release and healing. There is much to report on but suffice to say, Jesus conquered our foes and we walk with Him.

Just a moment ago my wife and I were reading Revelation 14 and I was led to verse 4, in speaking of the 144,000 saints who are sealed by God during the end of days: “They follow the Lamb wherever He goes…”

Tonight, I am deeply humbled. I know I have failed God in so many ways but my heart at this very moment is to follow the Lamb wherever He goes. It’s a path of peace, joy, and love. Let’s follow the Lamb.

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