Demon Warning: “I will kill you!” Outcome: Demon Sent to Pit!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

 God was pleased to display His power over the kingdom of darkness. It is well after midnight here and I am rejoicing in the goodness of God.

 Just about an hour ago we ministered to a family including a 72 year old Christian woman by the name of Marie. She contacted me several weeks ago begging for spiritual assistance. My heart was deeply burdened for her as you can imagine. It really bothered me to see a precious 72 year old lady being tortured by evil spirits however I was extremely encouraged to see that she has some fire in her to fight these things. That made my decision even easier to travel to her small town, outside of Abilene.

 She had been fighting numerous physical afflictions that had wrecked her health. Moreover, she was battling many demonic spirits that were hell bent on making her go insane. They had been speaking to her non-stop for many months: “We want to have sex with you, we want to love you, we want you to come with us to hell, Satan desires you,” and so much more. Not only have they been tormenting her with these crazy voices but they are raping her at night. They appear to her in the most grotesque forms. She has been living in constant fear.

 While in the midst of an exorcism with her, many demons surfaced and spoke to me.

 “While she was a little girl, her mother, her father, her uncle, and others sexually abused her and offered her up as a sacrifice to our master, Satan,” the demons informed me.

 No wonder the hellish torment. This dear lady had a mother and father that tortured her. They were members of the Satan Orgies Cult in Washington State in the 1940’s. This sex crazed sadistic group abused her constantly between the ages of 1-7. They forced little Marie to participate in horrific sex ceremonies involving the marrying of Satan. She was a bride of Satan. Even writing all of this is difficult. It makes me so angry to hear little children being hurt and taken advantage of. Jesus protect our little ones!

 “We wanted her to start a prostitution ring right here in this town,” the demons revealed to me, “We are not leaving, she belongs to us, she wants to have sex with us, she married us, her ancestors gave us the right more then 1,000 years ago.”

 For more then one thousand years her ancestors, from one generation to the next, served Satan. There was incest. They offered animal and human sacrifices. They communed with demons. They drank blood. Sadly no one intervened until Marie met her husband -who was a Christian man- who was persistent in praying for her. He even remarked to me that the reason why the family generational curse was so strong was due to the fact that no one intervened and offered deliverance to the family. So sad to heart. May the church of Jesus Christ rise up and offer liberation to the captives wherever they may be found!

 I led Marie in some prayers of renunciation of ancestral Satan ceremonial worship and sacrifices. This 1,000 satanic curse was broken by the power of the blood of Jesus. She could feel a noticeable change from within her.

 The first group of evil demons I confronted threatened to murder me, “I will kill you,” the demons warned me.

 There were more then 500 of these murderous spirits.

 “We have all of her heart,” the demons boasted to me. Because of all the trauma Marie had endured as a little girl her heart fractured deeply and now the spirits laid claim to them.

 We battled the army of more then five hundred spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and all of them were driven out rather quickly and sent to that pit. I also prayed for the healing of her heart. Her heart was supernaturally healed and she felt a BIG internal change. She smiled with such joy. I was so happy. Jesus heals the broken hearted.

 Then next large group of demons consisting of more then 110 spirits named Satan were confronted. These 110 Satan spirits were also driven out in Jesus name. Marie’s face changed considerably — a face that was joyful compared to a face that was filled with torment moments earlier. Her 84 year old husband was so happy too! He experienced a heart attack earlier in the day and one of the demons within Marie exclaimed, “We did that to him.”

 But I just loved his heart as he told me they couldn’t finish him off so he would just finish them off! I love it! Here’s a 84 year old man who is more on fire then many young pastors and ministers I know. Please know this: there are groups like the Satan’s Orgies throughout the globe. They are interconnected on many levels. I meet people all the time who have been victimized by such sadistic groups. From little children to 72 year old Marie. We need to fight back with spiritual weapons that God has so graciously provided us. The only power that will defeat them is the power of the cross.

 There on the cross Jesus conquered our enemies. His blood is alive and is able! Place yourself, as I do with myself and my family, under the spiritual covering of the blood of Jesus.

 We finished the evening with some teaching from God’s Word and prayer. They have the weapons to fight back and will be fighting!


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