Jesus does it all: 84 Year Old Miraculously Healed from a Distance!

As I often say we are not only interested in reaching large audiences but also that one precious soul (or that small group) in need of Jesus! Tonight, I was humbled to reach a 84 year old man by the name of Clay. You might recall the ministry that took place recently with Marie, who was destined to be a Bride of Satan and who was formally married to the devil in a series of ghastly satanic ceremonies as a little girl. She experienced tremendous liberation and healing when we met with her last week. Well, I was on the phone with her this evening, simply checking in with her (she needs our prayers as the enemy is attacking her family). She had mentioned that her 84 year old husband, Clay, had two recent heart attacks and was now incapable of using his left arm. This was obviously very distressing for her as her husband was incapable of assisting her with a bad immovable arm that was causing him terrible pain. I just knew the enemy was hindering this dear man.

I was immediately moved with great love for this couple and possessed great faith. 

“Marie, we are going to pray right now for your husband to be healed in Jesus name,” I informed Marie.

I commanded Clay’s left arm to be healed and for every spirit of infirmity to leave the arm immediately in the Name of Jesus!

I just knew God was going to heal his arm! It was done!

So, I asked Marie to go into the other room where Clay was at and ask him to move his left arm. REMEMBER his left arm was immovable! 

To his surprise he was able to move it and Marie asked, “How’s your left arm now,” (not telling Clay that we had just prayed for him over the phone).

I heard Clay’s response as she inquired. He sounded shocked.

“Well, actually, it feels good! There’s no pain.”

From a immovable arm to a well functioning arm that is now pain free. Jesus does it all!

The amazing part is it was from a distance. I was not present but by faith I was supernaturally and God honored our faith! 

I just KNEW that Clay was going to be miraculously healed and he was.

Jesus is so wonderful to us. He is so forgiving and gracious. I praise Him!

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