Sadistic Demonic Attack at the House, Jesus Prevails!

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

In Genesis 19 we read of two of God’s holy angels visiting the wicked city of Sodom. Lot, a believer in God, opened his home to these holy angels. It was evening when they arrived and shortly thereafter they experienced the utter depravity of man. It is recorded in verses 4 and 5, “Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom—both young and old—surrounded the houseThey called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.”

Sodom had descended to such filth and spiritual darkness to where “all the men” of this city surrounded Lot’s home and inquired where the angels were (the angels appeared to the people as men) as they wanted to have homosexual sex with them. You know you are living in a dark area if anything like this transpires. 

I experienced something like this earlier today. It was demonic.

As many of you are aware I live a life of adventure. Serving Jesus is an adventure. You never know what a day beholds. There are spiritual highs and some dangerous lows. Well, just a few hours ago I experienced a low. My wife and I had just arrived back to the house from having lunch. I noticed someone had dumped a bunch of trash on our property so I told everyone I would meet them in the house as I wanted to pick up the trash. I was, perhaps, outside, a minute, when suddenly a car comes racing down the road and pulls up alongside me. In the vehicle was a older man who introduced himself as Gary. We shook hands and there was this pull on his end as he tried to physically grab me closer to his vehicle and he instantly demanded that I get into his vehicle. 

Obviously, I was caught off guard in a sense, as I quickly wondered to myself who experiences such a strange (and I might add a very satanic) encounter. I looked into his eyes of this man and I knew immediately I was dealing with a sadistic spirit. Having encountered millions of evil spirits within human beings, over the years, I generally can read the eyes of those whom they have invaded. I can see the demonic spirits looking at me. It is something I see quite often in people. In fact, I see it increasingly more as the days are becoming evil.

Here I am minding my own business, on my own property, just picking up some trash, when suddenly a demon possessed man decides to confront me. 

“GET INTO the CAR” Gary demands of me.

I look at his eyes and they tell the entire story. My battle was not against flesh and blood but against very real evil spiritual beings. Demons that were within this man, that compelled him to attack me. 

“No, I am not getting into your car,” I responded to Gary.

“GET INTO the CAR,” Gary demands once again, “So, you can get worked on.”

I have never heard that expression before, getting worked on, but seeing the eyes revealed that it was a lust for sadism. 

So, I responded to this attack, with a spiritual weapon –the name of JESUS! 

Truth be told, I also thought of resorting to carnal means….I thought about resorting to brute strength to respond to this attack. I’m not a small man by no means and God has gifted me with a strong physical disposition so there was that thought but quickly it dissipated as I knew JESUS is what I needed more then anything else.

“Gary, I’m glad you are here as I want you to know that the LORD JESUS CHRIST loves you,” I told Gary firmly. 

You should have seen his face! 

Invoking the name of Jesus weakened the demons within Gary. 

“Oh, no!” he responded quite shocked with my response.

As he began to accelerate, I grabbed his window with my left hand and started jogging alongside his vehicle. 

“Gary, I need to talk to you about Jesus,” knowing in my heart that he was in grave danger and as the car continued onward down the street.

Imagine this scene! My neighbors must think I’m out of mind!

Obviously as he accelerated –a little more– I began to release my hand and off went Gary with his sadistic demons. 

I stood there on the side of the road baffled. What in the heck is going on here I wondered to myself. I knew deep down but still it’s quite a strange experience to have. It reminded me of Lot’s experience. Where the evil men of the city approached him, at his home. Same thing happened here. An evil man approached me unprovoked at my home and as the angels rescued Lot. I was also rescued by utilizing that all powerful name of Jesus!

When in danger call upon Jesus! Recall my experience last year when two thugs came to my home wanting to rob me. I mentioned Jesus and all of their demons grew weak and they responded by giving their lives over to the Savior. I have seen the power of Jesus in hundreds of such encounters. 

In recent weeks, a number of death threats have been voiced by demons to me. The kingdom of darkness wants to destroy me and murder me. I take these threats very, very serious. I am prudent. I am alert and on guard. I thought to myself what if my little children were outside when this man drove by. Would he have stopped and demanded that Ford or Ranger get into his car? Of course, he was a sadistic man filled with a lust for murder and perversion. That is why he drove by around the time some schools were letting out in the area. He was a predator. I spoke with my wife and we are going to take steps to further ramp up our security around our home as I know we are being targeted. Obviously we are taking spiritual measures to ward off these attacks but we will also take some prudent physical measures also. 

In less then a week from now I will be in Europe conducting another evangelistic and deliverance mission. I have been threaten by demons within someone in Europe that if I show up I will be murdered. That’s a pretty serious threat. To be honest even before the threat I wasn’t looking forward to traveling to Europe as I have found Europe very unwelcoming to the gospel ministry. I even considered cancelling the trip. However, the Holy Spirit prompted me to go. So, I go!

Jesus remains LORD!

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