In Atlanta: Freemasonry Demons Sent to the PIT!

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus ~

 Jesus is KING!

 Earlier today, I received this email threat:

 “Remember when we covered that cross  with a blood stained top? Haha well we are gonna cover it again but this time with your blood! I’m going to sacrifice you with a kitchen knife by slitting your wrists, ankles and neck! We will hang u upside down on that cross and let your blood drain out slowly hahahahahahahaha!”

 My response? Travel and cast out demons in Jesus name!

 I’m currently in Atlanta, Georgia, ministering to those bound by evil spirits. It is nearly 3:30am and we just finished praying for a family who has been terribly afflicted by demonic powers. For more then 4 years this family endured a near daily satanic assault upon their lives as a result of living in a haunted home they have here in the Atlanta area. Prior to purchasing the home a German family -whom were symphasizers of the Nazi movement- lived there for many years. Herein lies the problems. Because Nazi spirits were welcomed into the home by this German family –spirits of death, rebellion, mind control, Illuminati, Freemasonry and a host of others were given the rights to invade and possess the home. When this family purchased the home and moved in –the powers of hell began their destructive work. In the first year this precious lady (Jenny) came down with a mysterious illness, the children began to experience night terrors, voices were heard, monsters appeared and so much more. These evil spirits were terrorizing this precious family. Out of desperation the family reached out and we intervened. 

 Pastor James Beason and I for many hours today counseled and ministered with those enslaved to the powers of Satan. As we began to pray for Jenny a number of Luciferian spirits surfaced.

 “My name is Lucifer. We curse you and hate you,” the demons forcefully told me, “We are here because she lived in OUR home.”

 Because Jenny lived in a home that had been dedicated to them they were given the right to torment. 

 “We are not leaving, we are not going,” they reminded me a number of times.

 However they were no match for Jesus who overpowered them!

 In the name of Jesus I drove out countless Luciferian spirits and through some horrific vomiting they were expelled. It was disgusting to witness the expulsion of these kinds of devils in this manner. All that mattered, however, was they were departing quickly in Jesus name and off to the abyss they went and Jenny was being liberated.

I also led her in a series of prayers to renounce generational Freemasonry and the various blood oaths, rituals, and ceremonies. Specifically, I targeted the spiritual noose and hood that had been transferred to her through the bloodline. The heavy noose had caused a number of physical aliments –respiratory problems, allergies, sleeping disorders– and the hood had brought claustrophobia into her life. In Jesus name, we led her into a process whereby she removed these spiritual devices and she immediately testified of feeling release and healing.

 (note: I’m quite concerned with the sheer numbers of people now coming to us with the Masonic noose and hood on them. So many are afflicted. My heart yearns to see souls enslaved to Masonry liberated. Masonic spirits are surfacing quite frequently in our meetings. It’s amazing. I personally escaped 400 years of ancestral Masonic participation –at the very highest levels– and am glad to be able, to be used of God to assist so many thousands find deliverance in Jesus name)

It was amazing to see the aftermath! Her face truly lightened up and her facial disposition was incredibly clear and peaceful!

She testified of feeling so much better!

 Again this is why I travel to see souls FREE from demons! 

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