Jesus Delivers Despite the Concerted Attack from that Wicked Witch Jezebel

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

This is my fifth day in a row having to stay up deep into the night to assist those enslaved by demonic powers. Our days have been filled with intense ministry and teaching as we have been traveling to various cities in Georgia and Michigan, in this most recent mission, to proclaim freedom to the captives. This most recent mission has been marked with intense battles with the powers of darkness in particular with the spirit of Jezebel. In the ministry of deliverance I have encountered this vile spirit hundreds of times and have seen the Lord Jesus drive her out however she is a pesty, persistent, and a prideful demon that enjoys fighting the servants of God.

This was the case in Atlanta, in Grand Rapids and in Holland. There is something very strange occurring in our ministry. We are being targeted by Jezebel. She desires to destroy this mission. As you might recall in my last report, just a few nights ago, in Grand Rapids, we were infiltrated by a small group of lesbians, controlled by Jezebel, hell bent on disrupting our public meeting. They did disrupt, hinder, and mocked. However this did not prevent Jesus from working in setting numerous souls free from evil spirits –including many Jezebel demons.

We are coming across many thousands of Jezebels in our most recent meetings in the UK and North America. We are seeing this demon manifest in a variety of ways. We are on guard and reject her work in Jesus name. She is specifically targeting this mission right now. The Lord has warned me. As a result of the great victories we are seeing by overcoming her –she is furious with me and is seeking to destroy me and the mission. I will not back down but will move forward to the call of the Lord Jesus to drive out demons.

I believe it was around 3am when I finally ended my last meeting in Michigan. I was in the small town of Holland ministering to a precious family and their friends. One lady that attended the meeting was healed of cancer (more on that extraordinary story soon) and a number of other physical afflictions. She was liberated from many demons on this night. After ministering to her a dear lady arrived to this private meeting –after having driven all night to be present. Within minutes of her arrival Jezebel surfaced within her.

Some of my dear ministry partners –Jeff & Lally– joined me in battling Jezebel. There were more then 9,000 of these spirits within her body and soul. I had been up all day. The previous night I was up until 3am  and here I was again in the midst of another all-nighter to set a soul free. God truly gave me supernatural strength to battle these demons and to cast them out!

Not too long ago, a Methodist pastor friend of mine remarked to me that he found it astonishing that I am even able to conduct such a ministry as he confessed that preaching a Sunday sermon once week wore him out and couldn’t imagine having to travel –spending nearly 6 months on the road– to teach, to minister to the sick, to preach, to cast out demons that we do every year for Jesus. In recent meetings a number of pastors and ministers are attending our meetings and are being inspired at our commitment to the full gospel and this greatly encourages me to know we are divinely inspiring and equipping so many. 

During this late night ministry session we encountered thousands of these Jezebel demons that were destroying this woman’s life but they were no match for Jesus. Under great power of the Holy Spirit we drove out more then 9000 spirits of Jezebel and they howled quite loudly out of her into the PIT!

This lady immediately testified of feeling free and peaceful!

She wrote me this beautiful email today:

“Jay –Thank you so much for your persistence and perseverance to cast out my demons!! Jezebel no longer has that grip on my life! This family are wonderful also. They are so supportive. Christ revealed himself to me this morning!! So amazing. He was sitting in front of me with his hands hovering above mine. So incredible! Thank you again for everything.”

I also received this powerful testimony from a lady who just a few nights ago was delivered from Jezebel in our public meeting:

“Hello Jay, I just want to say, thanks be to God for your ministry and your heart for God.  Meeting you last night was amazing, seeing mostly your fruit of patience.  With small children God has been developing this fruit but your love for people is genuine….. And now that the wicked witch Jezebel is gone… I am looking like a new girl, new lady.  My eyes are glossy round and vibrant.  I don’t feel her chocking me anymore, I can stand erect without her criticizing me.  Now I know I still have other work to do.  But we met the objective with getting rid of her. Last night I returned home at 2 am and my oldest child awoke and kept kissing me and I laid there thinking how Jezebel has stolen so much even intimacy….too busy for love.  There was much more that happened but I wanted to thank you for making this sincere but fun.  I can’t explain it but although I cried I felt very supported and that this was the healing power of God.  WOW. I feel like I may run out of room but anyways thank you for expelling Jezebel. Even on the phone I felt more confident….It is weird how I used her to give me confidence but yet the cost was extremely high (my mind, will, emotions, and body) and now that she is gone I have 100 times more confidence and there is no cost only eternal love of Jesus.  Thanks for your website with the knowledge this is definitely what prepared me and my obedience to our Lord. Hope to see you again!”

We are receiving so many email reports! Amazing! We are seeing mighty miracles. I appreciate all your prayers for my family and for the mission!

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