Miami: Saints See Jesus, Souls Saved, Millions of Voodoo & Santeria Demons Expelled

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m in awe of the grace and love of Jesus. Not only in my own life but in the others we minister to throughout the globe. Our God so desires to bestow His holy love, peace, joy and blessings in our lives. Tonight we witnessed this reality firsthand in those who attended our recent mission to South Florida. Hearts were healed, demons cast out, afflictions expelled, minds restored, and souls saved by the power of the blood of Jesus. I’m so encouraged.

I’ll be honest I have been horribly attacked, spiritually, the past few days. I have felt legions of demons have been unleashed upon me. Especially on the way from Orlando to Miami. I did get a reprieve when I stopped for a brief break in West Palm Beach and walked near the harbor allowing the beautiful cool ocean breeze fall over me. I have always enjoyed the water. I find it quite spiritually therapeutic–refreshing to my body, soul, and spirit.

About an hour ago, around 1:30am, we ended our public meeting here in Miami. It seems like these meetings go by so quickly at times. It could be said time flies when you are having fun. Well, my friends, I truly have fun expelling demonic spirits and sending them to the pit in Jesus name! For a few hours I taught from the Holy Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion. Then we began to minister to those in demonic bondage. As generally the case I was only able to deal with two doorways out of more then 25 doorways I would have liked to cover. By the time I got to closing the door to witchcraft and the occult –demons started to surface within those in meeting hall. The first family we ministered to was originally from Haiti –a nation that was formally dedicated to Satan– who was desperately needing liberation from the powers of darkness. Their precious 29 year old daughter even shared how she still vividly recalls a gruesome blood ritual that occurred near her home that involved the killing of a goat. This family revealed they had been a victim of voodoo curses and spells that were being sent by those in their homeland. You could easily tell that this family had been tormented by demons and they were ready to end it all. They just didn’t know who to turn to and how to escape. They read my books, watched my YouTube videos and read my teachings. They had been preparing their heart. But more importantly God had prepared their hearts as my books and videos planted that gospel seed.

To my amazement, during this ministry time of the meeting, it was discovered that this family had never opened their lives to the Lord Jesus as Savior. So, I had the wonderful opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with these 3 Haitian ladies. They were very receptive to the gospel and readily received Jesus as Lord and I was so happy. Joy was so radiant on their faces. The holy angels were rejoicing in heaven. This mission is about fulfilling the global need to allow the fullness of the gospel –the preaching of the gospel, the casting out of evil spirits, mending broken hearts and healing bodies. This is my heart. In this Miami mission we saw this come to pass and leading these souls to Jesus was just the beginning.

Minutes later the precious 29 year old daughter manifested demons. The first group was named resentment. There were more then 43 of these. We also encountered more then 38 demonic spirits named violence within her. Each of these spirits held captive broken pieces of her heart. The spirits were commanded to release the heart parts and one part of her broken heart I spoke with was only 14 years of age. This precious hurt part was led to experience the healing power of the risen Savior. Moreover, this part of her heart was honored to actually see Jesus in His ascended glory (an sacred honor I experienced last year in Pakistan). This was only the beginning as there were tens of thousands of evil spirits residing within her that manifested on this night.

One demonic force that surfaced was Jezebel –more then 800 of them. They warred against me but the holy angels assisting me were too great for them. The blood of Jesus was too powerful and she was expelled. Prior to her leaving for that pit she revealed that the demons above her –the voodoo spirits were the ones orchestrating all the torment in her life in an attempt to destroy her.

Because of her ancestral background there were many voodoo spirits including Erzuline Freda (more then 200 of these spirits), Ogon (12 of these demons), Nago Shango (more then more then 800 of these demons) and others. Some of these evil spirits revealed they had traveled through the bloodline as far as Western Africa to Haiti to the United States. Some of these demons have been traveling through the bloodline for more then 1,000 years. I battled these powerful voodoo spirits all night long with the cross, with Holy Communion, with the Sword and the name of Jesus! I also confronted more then 30,000 demons named Legion within her. They confessed to having brought cancer, an itching plague and so many other afflictions. These were all driven out as was these tens of thousands of demons. Not only was there was a powerful deliverance but also a deep healing as many parts of her broken heart was healed. Immediately my dear sister in Jesus testified of felling so much better, lighter, and peaceful. The smile of joy said it all!

Also manifesting spirits in this public meeting was a 39 year old lady, whose family is from Ecuador, South America, who was brought up in a family deeply involved in Santeria. In fact this dear lady (Maria) was forced to attend these Santeria ceremonies constantly as a young child. At one point she witnessed her mother, while visiting Santeria priestess in South America, being bathed in animal blood during a pagan ritual. It so traumatized her that her young heart fractured deeply resulting in numerous parts being held captive by demon powers. In Jesus name, we commanded the demons to release the heart and spoke to a little girl part who was 5 years of age. Not only was was this part released but also had the wonderful opportunity to see Jesus! After this awesome encounter with the Savior we were able to communicate with numerous parts of her heart who were ready to unify thus a deep inner healing took place.

Interestingly enough while I was ministering to this family and Maria others were experiencing freedom from the demonic spirits as they testified of feeling demons departing. Often times, those attending these public meetings will find a measure of freedom by simply attending due to the fact that you are in an environment of faith and the atmosphere of authority. I am just excited to see deliverance take place irregardless how it occurs.

It was revealed during the exorcism that many Jezebel spirits and millions of Santeria spirits that were within her that went back thousands of years, within Maria’s family, that have been passed down to her, via the bloodline, to destroy her. Over the course of the night we battled the powerful Santeria spirits that fought me. Jesus was simply too powerful for them. As Maria renounced the Santeria ceremonies and sacrifices these millions of spirits were expelled from her body in Jesus name! Jezebel was driven out also along with her cursed jewelry. To the pit they were sent and immediately my dear sister Maria testified of feeling so much better –peaceful, healed, whole, and delivered!

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