Violent Jezebel had her back arched & belly up, a torrent of evil from her mouth…

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus ~

It’s nearly 2:30am and I am very joyful at this early morning hour! 

God has been very good to me and His blessings are upon my life and my family. 

Twelve hours ago, I just completed a series of private meetings where thousands of evil spirits were cast out in Jesus name! It was about 6:30am when I finally got home to bed to get some much needed sleep! After sleeping some, I got up refreshed and took my two little boys –Ford and Ranger– to play mini golf! The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. I just love being with my family and in this case with my two boys. As many of you know I have numerous hobbies –I like sword fighting. I love jet skiing and sailing. I immensely enjoy riding my motorcycle. I love getting out on the water for some white water canoeing. However, all of these things are nothing compared to spending time with my family. Seeing Ford’s and Ranger’s eyes glisten as we spent the day together is priceless! I’m very thankful to God for my family who support me as I battle the powers of darkness throughout the globe. 

Then after playing golf and the arcade we headed over to my favorite coffee house –White Rhino– for some Iced Sebastian drinks! What a awesome day. It started off seeing Jesus defeat demons and ended with me with my kids thoroughly enjoying our fun day! It was funny after getting back home Ranger shouted from the back of the van: “Daddy, let’s go back and have another fun day!” 

Truth to be told I also had fun driving out demons earlier.

I started the meetings at 6pm the previous day. For nearly 12 hours thousands of evil spirits were confronted –Legion, Jezebel, Fear, Leprosy, and many others– and they were forced to bow before the Lordship of Jesus Christ! These meetings were marked with great power but also great resistance from the powers of hell. In one instance, a spirit named, Legion, with murder in his eyes declared to me: We hate you! We want to destroy you! We were sent by Satan himself to destroy!

Legion revealed his hate. Jesus revealed His power!

Legion was sent to the pit!

Another demon immediately surfaced, Jezebel. I inquired: Jezebel where did you see Legion go to?

“He went down south.”

That says it all!

God truly graced me with supernatural strength and power. In many of our recent meetings throughout the world we are encountering an unusual amount of Jezebel spirits. In nearly every meeting Jezebel surfaces and wars with me. On this night it was no different. Jezebel fought me viciously and violently. In fact, I still feel the scratches and the bruises she left me with as she fought me physically. She kicked me, she punched me, she scratched me, she lunged at me, she sought to devour me. The Lamb though sustained me and protected me.

“I have been waiting for this moment to confront you,” Jezebel revealed to me as she pointed her finger at me, “I have been waiting for this meeting.”

Jezebel is a arrogant demon that is desirous for a fight with the men of God. I am an apostle. She abhors apostles. I have Jewish ancestry. She hates the Jews. She especially sought me out. This one was truly waiting for me. She revealed that she had been waiting. She knew that this private meeting was scheduled and knew I would seek to drive her out. She planned her strategy. She lost! 

However, she did fight. She drew some blood with some minor cuts. 

For more then 13 generations she had been within the family blood line because they participated in great evil. Jezebel also confessed that I was the first minister of the gospel in more then 13 generations to actually confront her. No wonder these spirits have such power as they have been left untouched for many generations. Again where was the church all these years? Why didn’t the church intervene? I know why? The western church is fearful and powerless. 

I’m determined to join with other disciples of the Lord Jesus and act! I will force demons out in Jesus name. I will continue to perform public exorcisms. I will continue to preach Jesus and Him crucified until the day I travel to be with the ascended Jesus. 

As I confronted this vile Jezebel spirit. She threw her victim down to the ground and moaned like a wild beast. She then positioned herself in some very gruesome forms including arching the back in a bizarre position with belly up as she spewed out evil. 

“She’s mine, she’s mine, she’s mine!” Jezebel cried out!

This evil spirit was within a dear woman who is a missionary. Her husband and another family friend came to this meeting seeking relief not knowing Jezebel was present. Their world has been turned upside down as we discovered not only Jezebel but a host of other demonic spirits. Furthermore, this dear lady suffers from dissociation. for hours we communicated the love of Jesus to these parts of her broken heart and many were healed on this night. 

The demons were releasing the heart and they were furious because of this. So they fought me aggressively. At one point, Jezebel took my crucifix and slammed it against my body in an attempt to harm me. Though she was hitting me hard. I didn’t feel any pain. Jesus prevailed!

Jezebel and all of her kind were cast to the pit and this precious missionary cried out: Jezebel is gone. I can no longer feel her!

God is amazing! I’m seeing so many powerful victories. I rest in the Lord Jesus!

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