Blindness, Santeria, Masonic Spirits Defeated in New Jersey

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

 I’m currently in chilly New Jersey conducting private and public meetings. I arrived earlier this evening after a few days in the NYC area ministering to those bound by the powers of the devil. Not too long ago I just completed an exorcism with a family that have been attacked by demon powers. What really touched me was their 16 year old daughter, Maria, who has been persistent about scheduling a meeting for her family. She has been sending me numerous emails inquiring when I would be back in the New York City as she desperately wanted to see her parents set free. It touches my heart just thinking about it. Here is a teenager with great faith and persistence and God delivered His power in response to her deep faith.

 Maria’s mother is from Dominican Republic with a witchcraft background –many years ago I held some large evangelistic meetings near the border of this country and know of the voodoo and Santeria that dominates this region– and her father’s ancestors were Nazi’s and members of the Masonic Lodge. That’s a dangerous spiritual combination if you ask me –witchcraft and Nazism. After spending a few hours teaching and leading the family in Holy Communion we began to minister in the name of Jesus. Almost immediately, many Santeria spirits surfaced and caused her to slide down onto the ground from the chair she was sitting on. For many minutes the Santeria spirits spoke in some very strange demonic tongues and battled me. As I fought these spirits 16 year old Maria came under attack. She began to choke. I continued on warring against these witchcraft demons and driving them out and immediately there was release.

 I then focused on assisting Maria and led her to remove the Masonic noose and hood. Almost immediately she felt tremendous release and liberation. It was awesome to witness to see the power of God deliver this precious sweet soul. At first there was resistance as the noose didn’t come off but after the 2nd time the noose was loosened and came off resulting in a healing. Moreover, the Masonic noose came off and spirits of claustrophobia which she had been struggling with for a long time.

 Along with battling these spirits I was discovered through the process that many of these demons were holding captive many parts of her broken heart. All of her heart pieces were released and were supernaturally healed. It was really beautiful to behold. Furthermore, the heart parts were integrated and deep healing took place within her heart. This continues to be a integral part of our mission –the healing of the broken heart. There are very few people in the world that work with as many people who suffer dissociation as we do. There are perhaps very few that work on all 6 continents in this field as we have the privilege of doing. We count it as a unique honor to minister in this largely untouched area of ministry. There are billions that need the healing of the heart.

 Moreover, while ministering to Maria something very bizarre was occurring –blindness was setting upon her eyes to where she could not see me clearly. She freaked out and exclaimed: I can’t see you Jay!

 She revealed to me that as long as she can recall she couldn’t read any small print. Remember she’s only 16 years of age and shouldn’t have this problem. In the name of Jesus we placed holy water on her eyes and commanded the blindness to depart. I then asked her to read the small print in my Bible. She did with hardly any problem. God healed her of this form of blindness! I feel tremendous faith in this area. I have been seeing a number of people recently in our meetings throughout North American being healing of varying degrees of blindness. Jesus is so wonderful!

 Her father also had dissociation and a little boy part surfaced within his wife (remember married couples are one in God’s eyes) and I spoke to the boy.

 What’s your name?

 “My name is pervert.”

 It was revealed that when he was a little boy family members often referred to him as a pervert. This word curse resulted in his heart being broken. Parents, please listen to me: Hurtful WORDS can break a heart of a child. Be careful what you say to your precious little ones. Cursing your child can open up the child to demons and cause a fragmentation of the soul nature.

 Guess who held this little boy part? That’s right….an evil spirit named pervert. I changed the name of the identity and expelled the spirit of perversion. The father testified of feeling better, released from this dark satanic power that held a part of his heart for so long. His heart part was healed and integrated.

 So many Santeria, Freemasonry, witchcraft and a host of other demons were expelled in Jesus name. Many heart parts were healed and other unique miracles took place. I believe their marriage which was heading downward is now rising upwards to victory largely because of one 16 year old daughter that has been persistent to see her family delivered. Persistence pays off. Recall the parable of the persistent widow Jesus taught about? She achieved victory because she wouldn’t take a no. Well, God honored Maria’s faith. I really sense a powerful call upon this young lady. Pray for her. She has the spiritual maturity of someone who has been in faith 20 years.


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