Flames of Fire on My Hand, Mute Woman Speaks, Arabic-Speaking Islamic Spirits Defeated!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus ~

 I’m currently in a holy state of awe here in the Seattle, Washington, as we concluded our last public meeting earlier this evening! The amount of miracles that are occurring in all of our meetings is simply stunning! THE NEEDS are IMMENSE! Hundreds are crying out for help! My friends, in this part of North America, there is an ABSOLUTE need to return to the apostolic ministry that involves the driving out of evil spirits in Jesus name.


More then 10 Public and Private Meetings in Maple Falls, Seattle, Mills Creek, Everett, and Los Angeles

POWERFUL HEALINGS: Mute Woman Speaks, Woman Healed of Lupus, Man Healed of MS!

Dozens and Dozens Liberated from Demons in More then 5 Different Cities

Violent Exorcisms: Encountering Numerous Spirits of Murder, Hate, Rage, and Witchcraft

Satanic Ritual Abuse Victim Delivered from Arabic-Speaking Islamic Spirits (Note: lady does not know how to speak Arabic)

Holy Spirit Fell Upon MeResulting in Flames of Fire Covering All Over My Hand to Wage War Against Demons: The Results STUNNING!

Souls Saved in our Public Meetings, Hundreds Impacted by the Power of God!

Russian Home Church Meeting Exploded with Supernatural Activity, Church Witnessed Signs and Wonders in their Midst!

Home Church Meeting in Mills Creek Resulted in Many Miracles

In Los Angeles: Encountered Numerous Ancestral Dissociative Identities and Human Interjects

In Seattle: Legions of Demons Numbering 20,000+ Battled Me, They were Defeated and Sent to the PIT!

Jammed Packed Meetings in Maple Falls & Mills Creek Resulting in Salvations, Healings and Deliverances!

Souls SAW the Lord Jesus in Public Meetings, Jesus So Wonderful

Numerous Disciples NOW Trained for Warfare, Many are Ready to Join Us in Battle

Asian Disciple Delivered from Generational Buddhist Demons


On this most recent mission into California and Washington State we witnessed many dozens supernaturally healed and delivered by the power of JesusDozens were physically healed, dozen experienced healing from a broken heart, and dozens were set free from evil spirits. Many hundreds were equipped to master the miraculous so that they might impact this dark world. I really enjoy traveling and meeting all of you my friends. What an honor it is to serve the Body of Christ. I met hundreds of new friends on this most mission and was privileged to minister healing and deliverance to many of you. I am deeply touched by your love and prayers.

When I arrived into California I first ended up in San Diego where I was able to take a very refreshing boat trip to Coronado Island then from there traveled Northward. Our first ministry event of this mission occurred in North America’s 2nd largest city –Los Angeles, California– where for many hours, deep into the night, we battled thousands of demonic spirits. I was pleasantly refreshed to see precious saints whom I have trained from afar join me expelling demons. One precious saint –an Ethiopian disciple named Saba has been following the ministry for years and has read most of books, listened to many of radio presentations and watched nearly all of my videos. This has equipped her for ministry and now desires to be our point of contact for all Southern California. It’s truly remarkable to see this woman of God rise up. I’m proud of her in Jesus! She invited many of her friends to this public meeting and many of them were powerfully delivered from demonic powers including one young man from the powers of homosexuality.

On this night our meeting hall was filled to near capacity. It was a joy to meet some new friends of the ministry. The exorcisms that were performed were quite dramatic. There were loud cries, violent shaking and twisting of bodies. We dealt with human interjects, ancestral dissociation, dissociation, demons, generational curses and so much more! One ancestral dissociative identity, within a Venezuelan woman, we encountered, was born in 1845 and desired to see Norma healed even though she was not part of her. However, she loved Jesus very much and wanted to assist me in seeing Norma free. For many hours we encountered numerous demonic spirits within her including some aggressive Islamic demons (along with some Islamic dissociative identities that spoke Arabic). They confessed that Jesus was indeed Lord and immediately were forced by the Holy Spirit to fall down to their knees in utter defeated confessing Jesus is GOD!

We also encountered some complex mind controlling Illuminati type programming and have begun to dismantle the mind programming. Furthermore, there was also present coded dissociative identities. There are perhaps a few hundred ministers in the world that understand the dynamics in relation to ancestral dissociation, dissociation, human interjects, demonic possession, and cultic programming. We are honored to be among this select group of ministers. I desire to see thousands trained thus enabling others to work with those with these spiritual elements. Moreover, we also discovered there were very young parts of her heart that recall horrific satanic ritual abuse starting at the age of 1.

This young lady discovered our ministry on the Web and had her husband drove her to the meeting to receive healing. Mind you, this woman just by attending our meeting was in grave danger as her family is still involved in the dark arts of Satan. Even the parts were concerned for her children as her family, who still heavily practices the occult, who seek to implement terrible plans for the children thus we need to intervene in prayer on the behalf of this woman whom God loves!

We are involved in a very serious spiritual war –against strong demonic forces hell bent on destroying you. Norma received incredible deep healing and liberation! The smile, the inner laughter, the complete joy spoke volumes to everyone in the room! Not only was Norma set free but many others in the meeting hall. Jesus is alive!

There’s so much to share: me surviving a certain death experience (I fell asleep at the wheel up in the mountains and drifted off the road nearly slamming into a road guard rail, God truly protected me), seeing a mute woman speak, seeing tens of thousands of evil spirits driven out, witnessing the great needs of the ministry of deliverance as hundreds are hoping to receive ministry of the Word! So much to share! So little time.

More miracles stories to be continued…..

For the Lamb of God who adores YOU!

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