IN Seattle: From Calling Upon Satan, to Calling Upon Jesus!

Dear Friends of Jesus ~I have arrived safely home from the Pacific Northwest where I have spent the last several days ministering the gospel. While at the Seattle International Airport this morning I ran into a dear brother, the world-renowned apologist Josh McDowell, who more then 50 years ago authored the book More then a Carpenter which 15 million of them have now been sold in more then 85 languages. It was great to see him continue serving Jesus and has been for more then 50 years in more then 115 nations of the world. We were able to share some fellowship and he looks quite strong. Pray for our dear brother!

In our last public meeting, I was pleased to see so many of my Russian friends attend the meeting. Word spread and many arrived with the hopes of finding freedom in Jesus. Some were sick, some diseased, and some demonized. Though we prayed for the infirm and the demonized it was equally an honor to lead a young man to Jesus during the meeting who have never been born again. 

This mission stays focused on the fullness of the gospel wherever we minister –proclaiming the gospel, praying for the sick, driving out demons, healing broken hearts and equipping the church to carry out the works of the Kingdom. On this last night in Seattle we witnessed every element of our mission being advanced powerfully by the Holy Spirit power. Demons were forced to bow at the name of Jesus. We removed Jezebel rings, devices, necklaces, crowns and bracelets. Moreover, we witnessed demons foaming quite aggressively as they surfaced within those we ministered to. They fought however they ended up defeated and expelled by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The first lady I ministered to was named Marina. A young Russian woman who heard about the ministry from her friend’s mother who received ministry a few nights earlier. She came to the meeting as she was tired of being in deep bondage. Her case was unique in that, though, she was a Christian, she was compelled for the past several years to call upon the devil. She would literally call upon Satan. This act brought numerous evil spirits inside her life including a spirit named: devil. She repented of this and soon thereafter experienced a powerful release from the devil.

For a good portion of the night I battled numerous demons within her including spirits of sexual immorality, a devil spirit, fear, desire for attention, Jezebel, loneliness, not feeling loved, mind control, and many others. What was beautiful was when these demons were cast out to the pit Marina immediately surfaced with JOY like I have rarely seen after a deliverance. Her smile, her laughter, and inner peace was VERY evident. She agreed to testify briefly on video.

I should note that during the evening meeting I was feeling a very unusual presence of the Holy Spirit on my hand –that burned with a most holy fire. It was unique power of the Holy Spirit residing within me. This fire was used to burn the demon as I simply motioned my finger into the direction of the evil spirits within those tormented by the devil and the demons were berserk and were greatly weakened. Another precious Russian woman was delivered from many demons including: tormenting spirits, mind control, confusion, doubt, lies, alcohol, fear, violence, witchcraft, hate, Jezebel and many others. Yet another Russian lady was powerfully delivered too along with a Russian couple and others. Some of these testimonies can be seen at my YouTube channel. I’m still joyful in all of the powerful miracles that took place on this most recent mission. 

Holy Angels Guarding Me!

I received a very interesting email the other day I would like to share with you:

“The Angels are with you Jay.

In January you came to Atlanta

For a small but crowded meeting.

My name is Susie and I sat at the 

End of the tables to your left.

You prayed for me a couple of times

And took my bracelet. Remember now?

After the second break of the evening

You prayed over the entire room. While

You were praying I had a vision.( eyes

Closed). Angels appeared And lined the

 walls of the rectangle room. They were 

Perfectly spaced apart, standing strait

And still. They were about 7′ tall, med. 

build, solid. They had Very long wings

That rose about a foot over their shoulders

And almost touched the floor. Their wings 

Were for protection. They were holding a 

Sphere in their left hand.with a point on the end. 

As I looked At them I heard… Nothing can pass or enter.

Then they all at the same time stretched out

Their left arm to the side and touched it

To the right arm of the angel next to them.

This completely closed off  any space

Between them, not letting anything pass or enter.

Sorry I did not mention this that night.

I was overwhelmed and tired.”

As many of you know in our meetings many are seeing the risen Jesus (I personally saw with my very own eyes the ascended Lord Jesus in Pakistan a few years back) and many are seeing holy angels. Moreover, in many meetings the holy angels are assisting me in the deliverance of souls. Really remarkable events. 

This mission is truly being blessed by our loving God!

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