POWERFUL Testimonies!

Since my safe return back to Dallas after that very intense mission into Canada and into Colorado I have been receiving quite a few testimonies from those being healed, delivered and touched by the power of God. Our mighty Lord is alive and performing incredible miracles in our midst. Read some of the below miracles:

“Hi Jay Bartlett, I met you when you came to Denver.  I was the last one you helped.  I spent time with Jesus.  I wanted to tell you how much you helped me.  I have never trusted anyone including our Lord, and I am have let him in my life and I am now trusting Jesus, The time I spent with Him was life changing. I just wanted you to know, I now experiencing his peace now.”

 “Dear Jay, Thank you very much for delivering me on January 27th in Colorado. I am sorry that I had to leave before the meeting ended. Since that night I have felt lighter than ever before. I was in a place of personal destruction and death. I am aware that the battle is far from over and that I need to keep studying and meditating on the word of God so that those demons do not return and that more deliverance is needed.”

“Hi Jay, First of all wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love of our God through the ministry of deliverance you have so dutifully taken on. Of the 4 people I brought with me 3  were set free from horrible bondage!”

“God Bless You Brother Jay: I hope you had safe trip. What I have seen, what I went through, it was awesome experience for meI do not remember very vividly but I think I used the language to you and others. I am really sorry for all my languages, you know that I did not mean at all.”

“Dear Pastor Jay, I came across your Deliverance Ministry Blog today and I watched many of the You Tube deliverance videos also. I’m so thankful to God for a Pastor like you who does the work that the Lord Jesus Christ has commanded us to do by using His authority.”

“Dear Jay, As I mentioned I had never been to a deliverance meeting before and as well I had never before seen you but I was strongly compelled by the Lord to seek out your meeting . I had mentioned that I had wanted to go to Grand Rapids last year but was unable as my schedule restricted me . I was amazed at times as the various demons manifested as I had never seen this live. I was not afraid but rather felt a powerful rebuking within me as I spoke in tongues and rebuked the demons as they manifested in the one woman who you were talking to and then the demons seized her and she writhed in the seat . I poured out a powerful rebuke from within me that even amazed me, I cant explain it but without doubt it was the Holy Spirit spurring my inner spirit and pouring out . I loved the warfare as I am a warrior at heart wanting souls saved and released.

My heart was glad and my soul at peace at so many points even amidst the battle , I battled along with you Jay and I will continue to support you in Prayer and donations. I Love your ministry and feel that even though I had personal transformations happen as my sins were revealed and I received freedom, I walked away in peace and Joy and the hope of salvation for others as well. The transformations, deliverance from demons and the Praises to Our God, the one true and Holy God , the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob were pure blessing and Proof of the word of God Never returning Void. I will hold you Up in Prayer Jay!” 

I even received a powerful testimony from a disciple who attended our last Vancouver meeting:

“Jay – Keep up the great work – we are the couple that sat in front on your left in Vancouver B.C on Dec 01 2012 – you ministered to us and cast out demons and my wife’s back pain was permanently healed – praise Jesus”

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