Victim of Satanic Ritual Healed of Parkinsons & Sclerosis

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I have arrived safely back home and am resting with my family. I leave for a mission that will have me traveling into Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia in less then a week. Grateful for your prayers as I do need them!

This last mission was truly extraordinary on so many levels. The miraculous wonders we witnessed was awe-inspiring! Thousands touched with the gospel, many freed from evil spirits, and many healings.

In fact, received a very uplifting email testimony from a precious disciple who attended our Houston meeting. She wrote:


Just wanted to say thank you for being an obedient servant of God. To watch you minister and then be ministered to was amazing! God is good. I knew I was suppose to be at your meeting Saturday but had no idea of what He had in store! Praise God for His deliverance power and defeat of the devil and his schemes! You are right…we win!

I will be looking forward to you coming back to Houston on April 25th. When I saw my husband the next day, he noted I looked different! And the peace I feel is amazing. I don’t “go off” like I did before-anger is gone…plus all the rest! My eyesight is getting stronger each day as my faith was in Jesus revealing Himself in that word He spoke. I wish I could remember it. But to God be the Glory. Thank you again, Jay!
Your Sister in Christ,

Jesus delivered and healed! Moreover, God’s protection upon my life namely when I traveled into the French Quarter on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras to proclaim the good news of Jesus. I could have easily been seriously injured or killed. At one point I did feel like my life was in total danger from the crazed mob that surrounded me and from those throwing heavy objects from atop the balconies overlooking the street. God sustained me through it all. I think back at the horrific attacks over the past quarter of a century –being placed in prison, enduring beatings, shedding my blood for the gospel, surviving a prison riot, escaping a satanic bloodbath, and surviving numerous assassination attempts that included the usage of knives, a pistol, and other weapons. Only the precious blood of Jesus is able to sustain, this I know!

I witnessed the power of Jesus in the open air meetings, I also witnessed the power of Jesus in a private meeting with a few families that had been vexed by demon powers. As I mentioned in my last email this private meeting was located in a remote location in Southern Louisiana –a region well known for participation in voodoo and sorcery. The family that hosted the meeting had contacted me a few weeks back inquiring about submitting to an exorcism as the family has had it’s share of terrorizing hauntings. They lived in a haunted home. I saw the pictures that were taken of ghosts, of disfigured monster like creatures, of very bizarre orbs and other evil supernatural realities. My heart went out to the young children as they even testified of seeing these evil creatures. A little 4 year old girl revealed she had been attacked by these monsters all the time. 

Shelia, her husband John and her young children were desperate for some peace! 

While praying for 39 year old Sheila a strong spirit surfaced by the name of death. 

“Ha! I’m the one behind all of the hauntings and of all her infirmities. This is what I do. I like to torment her and her kids,” the demon of death boasted to me.

Doesn’t surprise me at all! I hear this all the time. This is what demons do! They torment families!

Not only did he attack the family with the strange supernatural occurrences in the home but he also brought Parkinson’s into her body. What a horrible disease this is. It produces, according to one medical journal, 4 common elements: “ tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement, and postural instability.” All 4 were seen in Shelia. 

I recall walking into her home and seeing her right arm tremor constantly and possessing a terrible postural instability. I was very concerned for this mother of 3 kids who I knew wanted to see their mother well. Her husband John had a look of great concern. To give you an idea of the posture of this woman see this visual example to get a sense what I am referring to.

I was determined to see this woman free from this Parkinsons disease. She was also diagnosed with Sclerosis –a curved spine! She was bent like a pretzel. 

It was revealed to me by Shelia that in 1997 while on a medical mission trip, with the Southern Baptists, to Honduras (she is a Registered Nurse) she was taken up to a remote mountain village, by one of the mission team’s translators, one afternoon, under the guise of introducing her to a new area that was needing medical outreach, to a vacant home. In the vacant home she was introduced to devil worship. She was ritualistically abused in the most gruesome manner –was sodomized, was sliced, was raped. She was taken by force in the midst of candles that were burning around her, by a group of 6 men, who chanted to the devil, while they took turns abusing her in this satanic ritual. 

It was then she was indwelt with some very powerful satanic forces that included Abaddon. She also dissociated in a complex manner. Moreover, it was then that a number of spirits of infirmity and death including Sclerosis and Parkinsons invaded her body. Gradually her health has declined. 

Sadly, they contacted churches and pastors from various denominations and nobody was willing to intervene. If anything they simply discouraged her and her family by stating that all she truly needed was some psychological help. The only one that did intervene was a “tree man,” by the name of Peter. This dear brother Peter was present during this exorcism and assisted me greatly. 

“Brother Jay, I’m simply a tree-man, someone who cuts trees down for a living but I love Jesus and want to cast out demons,” Peter assured me.

Peter was a simple man. A man who loved Jesus and was open to being used by God. These are the kinds of people I like –simple people who love Jesus. Did not our Lord chose at first simple men? Like fishermen? 

Peter though not trained in deliverance ministry did what he could to help Sheila and her family over this past year when the evil attacks really increased and God answered many of his prayers with great miracles. I believe another reason God sent me to this remote rural location was to equip Peter for the ministry of deliverance (which he even acknowledged afterwards). 

As I battled these demons. They laughed, “We are the ones bringing the Parkinsons and the Sclerosis and we are not leaving. We will kill her first.”

The laughing stopped soon thereafter as I poured the blood of Christ over them in a baptismal manner.

I do not tolerate demons. They must GO to that PIT!

The demons were greatly weakened and these death spirits departed along with the Parkinsons and the Sclerosis. Immediately, the tremors STOPPED! She also began to stand upright for the first time in many years! It was awesome to behold! The Sclerosis vanished away –no more curved spine. This woman was healed by Jesus!

Sheila’s husband was in near tears and her kids were excited to see mom feeling so much better! 

During this deliverance we also encountered Jezebel that went back for many generations within the family bloodline. Furthermore, a very strong spirit named Abaddon was encountered that revealed he had been accessing the family for hundreds of years because of her ancestor’s participation in satanic worship and witchcraft. This would explain the demonic conspiracy that led her to that remote village in Honduras where she was forced to participate in a satanic blood ceremony. There were spirits within her prior to that day that were making plans to ensure the curse of devil worship would continue on.   

“We were within the translator and used him for our purposes. He was a infiltrator within the mission organization to get to her,” the demons revealed to us.

This doesn’t surprise me at all. I have seen this all over the globe. There is a satanic conspiracy hell bent on infiltrating churches, missions, and Christian organizations. That is why I caution ministers to keep an eye out on their children in daycare, in schools, in church camps, as you never know who is being used of the enemy –to infiltrate– to get to your precious little ones. We must remain on guard.

Here was a Southern Baptist missionary acting as a translator for this medical mission team and yet all along he was being deceptive and seeking to destroy. 

In some of our meetings throughout the world we have located a number of infiltrators that seek to undermine our work to set people free from demons. We remain vigilant in Jesus.

All of these evil demons from the satanic ritual were driven out in Jesus name. It was a battle that lasted for many hours into the early morning hours. They were so furious with me. 

Sheila was so peaceful to know she had been set free from these horrible entities that had tortured her for all of these years. She also experienced some amazing inner healing where many parts of her broken heart were supernaturally healed by Jesus!

Not only was Shelia touched by the miracle working power of Jesus but many others on this night were delivered from demons –little children and other adults. 

We are honored to serve you for the sake of the Lamb!

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