Vast Army of Demons Defeated in New Jersey!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus ~

Over the past several days I have been in the New York City-Newark, New Jersey area teaching, administering Holy Communion, praying for the sick, healing those broken in heart, and driving out demons in Jesus name. We held 2 Extraordinary Encounters (by the way, those of you in West Palm Beach/Miami area, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Denver be sure to register for one of our Extraordinary Encounters as space is limited) where precious souls traveled in from all over North America to attend our specialized ministry sessions. We also held 2 public meetings along with several private meetings. In fact I had been up for nearly 24 hours. I was involved in ministering to those bound by evil spirits until 1am. Mind you I started the day very early in the morning, I conducted a 4.5 hour teaching session then held a nearly 6 hour public deliverance service then ministered deep into the night to those afflicted by demonic spirits. It is but by the grace of God. Most people have no idea how taxing this is to the body and soul. The extensive travel, the 12-16 hour ministry days, the little sleep and the spiritual warfare is something to behold. However, our great Savior is able. He is able to sustain and He does!

I marvel at these ministry events as in nearly every meeting I conduct we see individuals and families travel great distances to receive healing and deliverance. One Russian couple, who incidentally heard about the ministry from the many Russians who have been impacted by this mission over the past month. This is simply amazing! Here recently precious Russians are traveling to my meetings all over North America to attend our seminars to find freedom from satanic captivity. This one couple traveled nearly 3,000 miles to be at our Newark meeting. That would take at least one and half days to travel by car. They attended each meeting and God performed some really special miracles in their lives.

In our first session, this Russian husband, by the name of Vlad, surfaced a human interject by the name of Maria (identities changed to protect the person(s). Maria, with the supernatural aid of a demon, had invaded the soul of Vlad for the sole purpose to torment him and to destroy. I spoke to Maria and a demon named after her. This human interject (or what my dear brother Bob Larson refers to as the dissociated soul transference) was commanded to leave and the demon that assisted this human interject was also driven out in Jesus name!

Not only did Vlad experience this powerful release and deliverance (moreover many other evil spirits were cast out of him also) but his precious wife also experienced some tremendous healing and liberation as she was freed from the spirits of Jezebel. What was truly beautiful to behold was leading her husband, Vlad, to take authority over his wife in the name of Jesus and to coach him resulting in numerous Jezebel spirits and many other demons being expelled from her body and mind!

Sitting next to this Russian couple were two sisters from Baghdad, Iraq. They were so desperate for freedom and came with an expectant heart. Both of them had suffered greatly from witchcraft curses and were terribly tormented by evil forces. During the teaching a number of demons surfaced and they were driven out in Jesus name. Many of these demons were forced to release the broken pieces of her heart that they had enslaved for so long. These precious parts ran to the Lord Jesus and experienced His amazing deep love! These precious sisters were deeply impacted by these teaching sessions and even shared they were willing to travel to my meetings throughout the nation as they wanted to learn as much as they could about deliverance and inner healing not only for themselves but for their entire families that are bound by demon powers.

During one of the evening services, a young 22 year old Cuban man by the name of Ben, was dramatically liberated from powerful Santeria spirits. He was so powerfully freed from the demons that he now desires to serve the Lord Jesus in the gospel ministry. The call upon his life was very evident and I fully expect to see him one day ordained into the ministry and casting out demons himself from many others. 

 A personal highlight was seeing a 13 year old teenager find inner healing and deliverance from spirits of homosexuality. His mother endured hours of train and car travel, with her son, as they both needed spiritual intervention. Already a felon at the age of 13 and having been horribly mistreated by his father who would constantly refer to him as a “faggot” and a “gay” even as a little boy this hurting teenager was desiring to be freed from the deep pain and hurt. God did not disappoint. After one of the public meetings, I met with this family and began to pray and immediately demons surfaced and battled me. Spirits of homosexuality, death, and perversion were driven out of him in Jesus name. Immediately all of the homosexual behavioral attributes disappeared! God truly set this teenager FREE! 

Along with some amazing deliverance this young teenager also experienced some phenomenal inner healing. As a result of feeling rejected by his father (it was his very own Dad that would curse him as he would often refer to him as a “faggot,” thus causing great inner emotional damage) his heart broke resulting in multiple pieces of the heart forming that took the bad memories, the pain, and the inner suffering. I spoke with these little parts –a 2 year old, a 3 year old and others. All of them were given the opportunity to see Jesus and to experience His tender love. Each part revealed they saw the Risen Savior and were healed by Him! You should have seen the smile of the Mom! This is why I travel and conduct these meetings –to see THAT freeing smile! Jesus is able!

In every meeting souls were freed from demonic bondage and supernaturally healed. In one evening meeting I would estimate 90% of the attendees manifested demons –there was coughing, yawning, cries, choking, shaking, and other manifestations as I led everyone in breaking deep emotional ills. I commanded the spirits of fear, rage, hate, unforgiveness, worry, lust, resentment, bitterness, and so many more out in Jesus name. So many were delivered of these satanic spirits. In that same meeting a woman from Ghana, West Africa, was powerfully delivered from spirits of witchcraft and sorcery. Moreover, she renounced her “spirit husband,” and those demons were driven out too!

 Souls came in from Washington State, Connecticut, Virginia, Texas, Canada, Philadelphia, New York and cities throughout New Jersey. Some heard of the ministry via our YouTube videos. Some via our many books. Then obviously many via our many sites! I could have easily spent a week teaching alone as many of the disciples were desperate in receiving training. I spent many hours each day on this mission equipping the saints. 

On the very last night of the meetings we met up with a young man who had arrived at 4am after driving for more than 6 hours to get some prayer from the tormenting voices that were plaguing him for many years. Within seconds of praying with him a vast army of evil spirits surfaced and fought me. We are speaking of millions of demonic spirits surfacing from within this 30 year old man. This saint’s ancestors, on his father’s side, was actively involved in Freemasonry and other Illuminati rooted groups. These anti-Christ spirits numbering in the millions were dealt with in this private meeting and millions were expelled in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! He testified of feeling relief and release. We are hoping to follow up with this precious brother in Christ as more ministry needs to take place. 

I appreciate all of your prayers as they truly sustain me. I have been battling various afflictions from the enemy and I can report Jesus conquered them and we witnessed His victory over the powers of hell! We are truly raising up a spiritual army, a special forces unit to battle the powers of darkness in Jesus name!

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