Deliverance from Jezebel in Houston

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in sunny and beautiful San Diego, California where I will be conducting a 12 hour private meeting for an entire family that desperately need healing and liberation from the powers of darkness. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would prepare the hearts I will be ministering to over the next few days. I was initially scheduled to minister in Honduras but this family reached out at the last minute pleading with me to intervene. I felt this was necessary thus the change of plans. Hopefully, I will be able to get back to Latin America soon as a Bible Institute and many churches were requesting that I minister in their congregations. 

Before arriving here into Southern California I held some private and public meetings in the city of Houston, Texas where we saw Jesus deliver precious souls from deep bondage. At our monthly Church of the Cross service I taught from the Scriptures for a few hours and led everyone in Holy Communion. Our small meeting hall, even though it was on a Wednesday, was nearly full with precious individuals and families seeking freedom in Jesus!

Just minutes within me teaching from God’s Word demons manifested in several people. I was teaching from Ezekiel 8 and a young petite Spanish woman by the name of Maria manifested evil spirits. They choked her, they contorted her body, they foamed, they spoke in very strange tones. Legions of Jezebel spirits surfaced from within her. Many of legions were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was quite evident Maria had a soft heart for Jesus thus these spirits had no hold but no one came along to drive these demonic spirits out of her mind and body.

Speaking of the mind, while battling Jezebel the Holy Spirit spoke to me very clearly that she had also been invaded by numerous mind control spirits. These spirits surfaced and cried out: “We have her mind, we lie to her, we have deceived her, we came through her husband.”

It was revealed that her husband was involved in a New Age “Christian” church that embraced some very strange doctrines. His belief in some of these doctrines of demons and her participation in this New Age church opened doors for her soul to be controlled by these mind enslaving spirits. I placed my hands on her skull and pulled out the mind controlling mechanisms and the lies that had been implanted within her soul. In Jesus name many of these mind bending spirits flew out of her of mind into the pit. Immediately Maria cried, “Thank you Jesus for freeing me, I’m delivered! I feel great, Jay.”

Her deliverance from these kinds of mind demons were quite quick. I was thanking our great God for His mighty power. 

Maria also had many other kinds of spirits that sought to destroy her. There were a group of demons within her body that gained access because her ancestors consumed blood in ancient pagan rituals many generations ago. Many of these were cast out and at one point a very strange unclean spirit surfaced and immediately slid her body off her chair like a serpent unto the ground. These were commanded out in Jesus name! We need to do some more work with her however some significant deliverance has occurred in her life and hope to meet her husband soon as he also needs some immediate spiritual help.

Speaking of mind control and soul slavery. Last year I delivered a powerful message on the subject of soul slavery and mind control that I highly recommend you listen to. Many thousands on YouTube and on my radio network have listened to the broadcast and have freed so many. Click here to listen to the program via a You Tube channel a disciple created in an attempt to reach many.

As we continued to minister many other believers were set free from evil spirits including a young lady who had brought her 3 year old son for deliverance. She was set free many demons of terror and Jezebel. As we prayed for her 3 year old son the Holy Spirit came over him in a very gentle manner and experienced inner peace. She even remarked, “He’s never like this!” Jesus brings peace this I know! Call upon Jesus right now, He is the Prince of Peace! 

We dealt with generational curses, the doorways to the occult (there were many disciples who had never renounced the various forms of the occult that they participated years ago, such a need to educate the Body of Christ the dangers of the occult and witchcraft), and deep emotional ills. Many disciples were being set free from various satanic bondages and I am quite thankful for the grace of our God being extended.

Appreciate your love and support. I am grateful for your holy prayers. Hope to update everyone tomorrow as I’m believing in victory in Jesus name for this family.

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