Shock & Awe: Blind SEE in Denver!

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I’m sitting here in awe thinking of all of the miracles that took place in our Extraordinary Encounter in Denver yesterday! I encountered human interjects, ancestral dissociative identities, demons, parts and holy angels. Jesus appeared to parts. The sick were healed. Demons were driven out. Hearts healed. The blind were miraculously cured and saints were encouraged!

In Luke 7:21 it is recorded that Jesus “…cured many who had diseases, sicknesses and evil spirits, and gave sight to many who were blind.” I just love reading these kinds of passages! As I follow Jesus, I desire to do the very things He did –curing people of infirmities, evil spirits and giving sight to the blind! God has given me my heart’s desire as He has allowed me to perform miraculous wonders throughout the world.

Yesterday, I witnessed Jesus performing great wonders in our jammed packed Extraordinary Encounter in the city of Denver. The very first person I ministered to was a young man by the name of Tony who was only 15 years of age. His mother had brought him to the meeting knowing he needed healing and deliverance. 

As I prayed for this young man several hurt parts of her heart surfaced including a 4-year old and a 6-year old who held deep pain from being bullied in school. I have dealt with dozens on this North American trip who experienced dissociation as a result of being bullied in school. I think it’s time for Christian parents to reconsider sending their kids to these public schools where bullying is often commonplace. To think of the millions who have been bullied and as result have experienced dissociation is staggering. 

I also encountered a little preemie baby within his soul (Tony was born prematurely). Dissociation often takes place when there is premature birth. Baby whimpered and had intense difficulty surfacing as spirits of death held preemie baby captive. Little baby was deeply wounded and was barely alive. I spoke life, drove out death and baby came alive and experienced the amazing healing of Jesus! 

(By the way, in our NEW Freedom Fighter International Training School we will be offering classes on how to minister to pre-natal and preemie baby parts. I have encountered many thousands over the years and seen Jesus heal so many)

Not only did Tony need inner healing it was also revealed that for his entire life he has not been able to see clearly and if wasn’t for the contacts he wears he would not be able to see at all –his vision was that bad. While praying over him demonic spirits surfaced and threw him to the ground as he foamed and spit upon me. I encountered another group of spirits named Death. He revealed he not only wanted to kill Tony but he also wanted to keep him blind. I commanded him to release his eyes. He told me he would not!

I then began to place some blessed water upon his eyes and began to sprinkle the holy water in the air, allowing it to rain down. This caused the demon to become furious with me. “Stop it, stop it, stop it,” he begged me. The precious blood of Jesus rained down upon him and greatly weakened him. 

“We will only let go 10% of his eyes,” the spirits of death informed me.

Ten percent isn’t good enough I informed the demon. It must be 100%! You must obey in Jesus name!

“NOOOOOO,” the demons forcefully told me.

I then began to sprinkle holy water (representing the blood of Christ) all over the meeting hall which caused the evil spirits to go berserk. 

“STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT!” it continued on angrily. 

As I battled these demons his older brother and other family members watched on in utter amazement as they didn’t expect their brother to be manifesting demons on this day! Also present was a 12 year old girl who was healed of blindness in our last Denver meeting (with her adoptive mother). At our last meeting she was wearing glasses however after her deliverance she was completely healed and no longer wears glasses! I asked the young girl how her eyes were? 

“They are perfect, Jesus healed me and I can see without the glasses,” the young girl testified!

What a praise report! I get these kinds of reports all the time from people who come to our meetings and testify of previously being healed in a past meeting we have conducted. Miraculous wonders occur all the time in our meetings and we are humbled by the love of the Savior being extended to so many through the years.

Eventually the death spirits completely pulled the blindness off Tony’s eyes after pulling the blindness in increments –10% then 30% then 50% and so forth. These were stubborn spirits but in Jesus name they were defeated. I told the eyes to be healed in Jesus name. 

I then asked, my 12 year old sister, who had just testified of being healed herself, in our last meeting, from a form of blindness, to minister to Tony. For you must understand that this precious 12 year old girl has the gift of healing so obviously I wanted to utilize this young lady’s gifting. She came up and laid hands upon Tony to be healed. 

Tony was starting to be able to see somewhat.

I then recall glancing at my open Bible that I had on the table and reading this in the Book of Job: “…suck the poison of serpents…”

I then felt impressed of the Holy Spirit that there was some kind of demonic poison had contaminated his eyes thus causing a degree of blindness to occur within his life. I commanded the poison to be dissolved and be removed from his eyes in Jesus name! The blindness and blurriness was being lifted off of him

Within a few minutes Tony was healed. I asked Tony to look around and he was SHOCKED! AMAZED! STUNNED! He literally jumped around in the meeting hall as he couldn’t contain himself. He could SEE without contacts. He could see me where before I was simply a blur with no distinct features! His oldest brother, Sam, was STUNNED too! He went to the back of the meeting hall and raised 4 fingers and asked his brother how many fingers were lifted up. Tony confidently replied: “Four!”No need for contacts anymore!

He also shared that while I placed my hands upon him he could FEEL the fire of God! My right hand is often, in ministry sessions, filled with the holy fire of the Holy Spirit which brings power against the demons and healing to those bruised in soul. You can access this miraculous power also as Jesus promised we would do greater works!

Everyone in this Extraordinary Encounter was SHOCKED and in AWE! As I often share with people these encounters are truly extraordinary as in each one we have seen stunning miracles of healing and deliverance! Just this year alone we have seen a number of people healed of varying degrees of blindness, God is giving me great faith in this area of miraculous healing (that’s not saying everyone I pray for is healed but many are). 

I also ministered to a young Filipino woman whom surfaced many demons of death, Jezebel, witchcraft and rebellion. Moreover, I also encountered an ancestral dissociative identity within this dear lady who incidentally was her great grandfather who died in the late 19th century but who was heavily involved in witchcraft to the point where he actually dedicated future generations to the powers of the occult. Horrible! This generational curse went back hundreds of years and had brought immense suffering on many within the family. I spoke to the grandfather who was held by these demons of witchcraft and death.

With a different voice, he spoke and informed me, “I’m not going anywhere! I’m here to ensure the curse continues through the bloodline! I will destroy all of them.”

In Jesus name, I commanded the grandfather and all of the demons to depart and they quickly left! As the demons left many heart parts surfaced –numbering in the many thousands– all of them were healed in Jesus name. This precious disciple even saw a vision where she saw her heart as whole, no longer fragmented.

While ministering to this dear lady 3 others in the meeting hall surfaced evil spirits and all 3 were delivered from demons! Interestingly enough, one demon surfaced within a young man claiming the he was there because the young man was angry at me because he didn’t receive prayer earlier in the meeting! I asked the young man if that was the case and he replied, “Yes.” You could tell he was a little embarrassed but quickly apologized to remove the right by which the demon could hold claim and then the demons were driven out in Jesus name!

Another lady manifested demons and made her sick! As I began to minister deliverance to her, a human interject surfaced by the name of Lucy. It turns out Lucy was a old friend of this lady’s who had been placing spells and curses upon her. Furthermore, Lucy also, with the aid of demons, astral traveled often to spiritual attack because she was jealous of her friend. 

“I want what she has! I am going to kill her,” 50-year old Lucy informed me as she spoke out of this dear lady, “I’m not leaving and I will fight you.”

Sara had shared that, at times, she could see, Lucy and hear her. It was tormenting her. Human interjects are very real and the church, at large, is ill equipped, to carry out the work necessary to expel human interjects that unjustifiably enter human bodies and souls. I believe we are carrying on this work entrusted to us so that we might equip the Body of Christ!

I then motioned my right hand that was blazing with holy fire towards this human interject and this witch pleaded with me not to burn her with this spiritual fire. I proceeded to burn her with this fire from heaven and as I did she complied to the orders given. She left. I also commanded Jezebel and death and the generational curse to be lifted off of her along with all of the physical afflictions and they departed in Jesus name!

I sit here in awe of our God. The miracles were numerous. To get to this point I had to fight through the extreme heavy spiritual walls that were erected around me on Sunday evening. Allow me to explain.

On Sunday evening I taught from the Scriptures and ministered to those bound by demons but it was extremely difficult. In 25+ years of global ministry I rarely felt as attacked as I did on this night. It was that intense. I came under such great spiritual oppression it was almost to the point where I had to stop the ministry and quickly depart to my hotel room to escape the demonic attacks. It all started when I asked one question: “Does anyone have some anointing oil to use as I used all mine up while in Los Angeles?”

Innocent enough question, right?

However that question opened up a portal. For you must understand sitting right in front of me was a former witch who practiced sorcery and the New Age magical arts for YEARS and still had demons. She came to know Jesus however had not been delivered. She also had not gotten rid of all her cursed objects including some New Age oils that were in her possession.

I didn’t know all of this until after she brought out her oils. At first I was thankful someone had brought some oils then within 30 seconds, after one one bottle was opened I felt this immense spiritual wave of darkness descend upon me that immediately brought a headache then dizziness and great amount of fatigue to the point where I almost quit. As many of you know I’m not a quitter so I kept at it –ministering to those who had assembled and some were delivered however it was very difficult to minister. I wasn’t myself and I knew it. Thankfully the Holy Spirit kept me from using the oil however it was opened and because it was opened many demons were unleashed, from that bottle, into the meeting hall that brought horrible oppression that didn’t leave until I started sprinkling the blood of Christ all throughout the room the next day!

(All of the oils were destroyed, as was jewelry, and other items as I spent some time teaching on cursed objects)

Though the devil hindered the ministry one night, the very next day the Holy Spirit was unleashed with unusual grace and power that allowed the blind to see and those demonized set free! The joy, the smile, the inner peace was felt by everyone as precious souls were set free from demons. 

After the last meeting in Denver I departed for home and simply felt the peace of God all the way back at home. So many dozens healed miraculously from infirmities   so many dozens delivered from demons, so many dozens healed from dissociation. So many angelic miracles. So many unusual miracle powers including using consecrated objects to bring healing, driving out ancestral dissociative identities and human interjects and experiencing the holy fire of the Holy Spirit upon my hand. So many equipped to minister now to others! 

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