Confronting Voodoo Curses in California

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus ~

I’m currently taking a brief break from conducting some private ministry sessions with a family here in the San Diego area where we are driving out tens of thousands of evil spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of the demonic spirits I encountered in these sessions include many within a young man in his 30’s that had gotten sexually involved with a woman who was involved in the occult, Santeria, voodoo, and witchcraft. She had sent numerous voodoo curses and spells in his direction thus affecting his life deeply. In the exorcism I encountered spirits named Nohomoz, Nod, Nihimz, Tuk, and Neurowitz that were holding on to the fact that this man had not yet broken these vast amount of voodoo curses that had landed upon him. After breaking these curses and spells I commanded the evil spirits to release him and they did! In one dramatic encounter I battled spirits of death and as I did the demons groaned and threw him onto a nearby sofa, twisting his body, as I was demanding them to depart from his body and mind in Jesus name!

Also last night I encountered more than 180,000 spirits named Legion and rather quickly they were driven out of this man and immediately he reported of feeling, “cleaner, peaceful and lighter.”┬áThere’s more work to be done but after his deliverance last night he was able to sleep some. Mind you this was a man that has been tormented for nearly two decades and sleeps very little and God was merciful to bring rest and sleep. I have more meetings tonight please continue to pray that God would be gracious to deliver and heal. This morning I spent a few hours teaching from God’s Word and believe the teaching will strengthen the spiritual immune system of these precious souls.

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