Deliverance from this Vile, Treacherous Creature

As some of you know we have been conducting some extensive ministry in Australia and seen the hand of God move so powerfully. Most of our meetings are jammed packed (in one church even during the week we had overflowing crowds). I believe we are just in the beginning stages of seeing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a massive manner that will spread throughout the great Southland of the Holy Spirit (that was the term that was prophesied over that land hundreds of years ago). We have held many dozens of public and private meetings throughout Australia. We are coming back to Australia in a few months. More details below. I receive testimonies all the time from our ministry events we have conducted there over the past few years.

Here’s one:

“Dear Jay, I am writing to thank you profusely, for your recent visit to Perth, Western Australia. Through your ministry, my life has changed dramatically, and I know I shall never be the same again. I was vaguely aware that there may possibly be a spirit of Jezebel that needed to be cast out.  As you were teaching, I was feeling stirrings on the inside of me, and I asked God, that if there was any Jezebel spirit in me, that He would sovereignly deal with it. Sure enough, as we were going through a renunciation of all fathers curses, the spirit of Ahab was renounced.  Straight away, I collapsed to the floor screaming hideously and very loudly.  What followed was a dramatic deliverance of this vile, tenacious and stubborn spirit (Jezebel).  I immediately felt an immense sense of relief, as well as feeling cleaner on the inside than I ever remember feeling. Thank you Jay, for your obedience to the Lord, for coming all the way to Perth, where many like myself have received such glorious release and deliverance from satan’s works. There are others whom I have heard share the testimonies of freedom that came as a result of your ministry here in Perth, for which we praise God.”

Isn’t this awesome! I love it!

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