Numerous Miracles on American Soil

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I am sitting here in awe!

North American Deliverance Mission II

More than 12 Cities, Nearly 40 Meetings in 10 States

Average Ministry Day: 12-16 Hours of Teaching & Casting Out Demons

Dozens Healed of Various of Infirmities, Curses and Afflictions

Jesus Wins: Dozens Exorcised from Evil Spirits!

Hundreds of Thousands of Demons Expelled in Jesus Name!

Witnessed a Demonic Stigmata

INTENSE Manifestations of the Demonic in Meetings

16 Year Old Teenager Healed of Blindness

Numerous Hindu Spirits SCREAM: WE HATE YOU!

Virginia Public Meeting: Holy Angels Descend Warring Against the Enemies

Orphan Healed of Dissociation

Encountered Human Interjects, Ancestral Dissociation, Dissociation, & Animal Demons

Souls FREED from Hinduism, Witchcraft, Illuminati, Masonry, the Occult, Cults and So Much More

Jesus HEALS Dozens of Broken Hearts!

Partaking of Holy Communion Caused Numerous Demonic Disruptions as Evil Spirits Surfaced

In the past 40 some days I have been on the road for 27 days traveling to proclaim Jesus to various kinds of public and private meetings all across North America. For the past 11 days I have ministered on an average of 12-16 hours seeing the Holy Spirit free dozens of souls from deep demonic bondage. Moreover, we have seen many miraculous physical and emotional healings. On top of all of this we have witnessed some truly extraordinary miracles. Earlier this morning (well after 1am) I finally concluded my last public meeting of this most recent mission. In Richmond, Virginia, we witnessed the power of God in a strong manner in particular with the ministry of His holy angels. More on that later in the email. 

Just in the past few weeks I have visited West Palm Beach, Miami, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, San Diego, back to Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Richmond. When I last updated everyone I was in Southern California. From San Diego I traveled across the continent to Atlanta, Georgia where we held a series of public and private meetings resulting in amazing miracles. We are enthusiastically supported in Atlanta and was joyful to be back to teach, to cast out demons and to heal the sick!

Not only were many set free from evil spirits there were some astounding miracles including seeing a 16 year old teenager healed of blindness. When I first began ministering to this teeneager’s mother, a demon surfaced that revealed all of the names of the demonic spirits within this young man including the demons attached to his eyes (for he wore glasses as he could not see otherwise). We confronted these spirits and expelled them from the mother and son resulting in the teenager being able to see without the usage of his glasses. In fact, it was refreshing for me to see him well after the public meeting where we ministered to him still not wearing the glasses. This is the 3rd time in recent months where a young person was liberated from the spirits of blindness and healed in our meetings. We are seeing God move powerfully in our midst!

It was satisfying to see this teenager free (his face was lit up with joy, peace and deep satisfaction) as he already has a divine call upon his life to the gospel ministry. God has gifted him with an unusual ability to see into the supernatural realms and shared in one of our meetings that a demonic lizard like creature hopped onto our Holy Communion table and tried to shut my Bible close (I always have my Bible displayed for all to see) and as it it touched the Bible the spirit was burned however it did not depart. It simply crawled around the room looking to enter someone attending the meeting. This young man also shared that there were many holy angels in the meeting hall including two angels with me protecting my crucifix and the Scriptures.

Yes, the enemy was present in various forms but Jesus prevailed in each instance. Our Atlanta meeting was special in that I was able to ordain into the ministry yet another disciple –pastor Robert Jones– who leads a home church in the Atlanta area. He has been a following the mission for a long time –reading our many volumes, listening to our radio presentations, and watching our videos and has such a heart to minister deliverance to the captives! It was our honor to ordain him, formally, into the gospel ministry. 

What was remarkable was some time back his wife had a dream (prior to coming across me) where she witnessed seeing her husband in a small church being ordained by a fair skinned man. Mind you, Robert did not of a fair skinned man as he was involved in a predominately African-American church and did not have fair skinned friends. God truly connected us and it was a privilege of mine to see this man of God honored in this consecration service.  

So many souls were delivered over the course of the few days I was in Atlanta –many from Jezebel! One lady I ministered to was deeply involved in a deliverance ministry of her own. For years she knew there was some deep demonic bondage however did not know how to proceed to confront it. As I prayed for her numerous dissociative identities surfaced including one that was an ancestral dissociative identity that was born in the 9th century B.C. I spoke to this ancient part.

“I hate Jesus! I was sacrificed in a witchcraft ritual in 810 B.C. I do not know of this Jesus you proclaim.”

I explained to this ancient part that he could not stay and thus was forced out with numerous spirits including more than 800 spirits of sorcery. Not only did this woman experience this form of freedom, she also experienced wonderful healing of her broken heart that had been shattered in various pieces. I spoke to these parts and they saw the risen Savior! They merged and the heart was healed. Others experienced amazing liberation from the powers of darkness and others experienced a physical healing as pains, afflictions and diseases vanished in Jesus name!

For hours I taught from the Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion. Just the simple act of partaking the blood and body of Jesus caused an immediate demonic reaction within several in the meeting hall. The power of the sacraments and the power of the signs & wonders were on display this past weekend. Satan was defeated in so many lives.

Another interesting case we encountered as a little pre-natal part named Julia who was only months old. She had died in the womb and her little brother Bruce experienced great pain as a result. He missed his little sister, Julia. Fast Forward 40 some years, Bruce is still sad but was never truly understood why. He had a sense he had a little twin brother or sister but didn’t know for sure. He has suffered for so many years. He has sought spiritual assistance but obviously no one was equipped to assist. So the search continue on for years. So many demons of death held captive Julia thus ensuring that they both could not connect thus creating even more intense pain as the years went by. The pain was unbearable. 

As I began to pray for Bruce, I forced the demons of death to release all heart parts and a little Julia surfaced. She was so tiny. She could barely speak or move. She moved her little finger in a ever slight manner trying to reach out but was experiencing death. In Jesus name I spoke life and forced the demons of death to release the little pre-natal part. Julia spoke to me. I prayed healing for her however powerful dark forces manifested and laid claim to Bruce. 

Due to his Masonic background, there were numerous strong spirits that battled. Though they battled me, Jesus still intervened and allowed me to speak with his precious little twin sister!

More work needs to be done in his life however the journey has began and now some measure of closure can occur as he now is aware of Julia.

As I mentioned at the onset of this update the miracles were witnessed were stunning –untold numbers of evil spirits expelled, hearts healed, bodies supernaturally repaired and so much more! God was ever so gracious to me as His servant and I praise Him. It was so beautiful to meet all of you. I feel much love from you! You are my brothers and sisters in Jesus. I am here to serve YOU!

There is so much to report! However, I’m getting extremely tired writing this report. It’s another late night and I need to close for now. I hope to send another email update soon. I want to share some the incredible miraculous wonders we experienced in Richmond as holy angels moved into action and assisted us in some spectacular means. I look forward to sharing with you what transpired as so many were delivered from demons and experienced healing. 

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