Physically Attacked by Demons in Houston

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in beautiful Southern California where I’m scheduled to minister in a series of private meetings over the next several days. Appreciate your prayers and believe God will deliver precious souls. It’s always refreshing to visit and minister in this region of the nation as the weather is near perfect for me –drenched with sun but cooled down with the Pacific Ocean constant breeze.

 Prior to arriving here I was in Houston conducting meetings. In our Church of the Cross service I was honored to ordain into the gospel ministry 3 precious servants of God –Tony Walters, Sharon Brand, and Peter Toler. This is an exciting aspect of the apostolic work I carry throughout the world –administering the various sacraments such overseeing ordination services where we honor and consecrate those whom the Holy Spirit has set apart for the work of the Kingdom. The ordination service was filled with power from on High! It was a jammed packed meeting (we had to bring in extra seats to accommodate everyone) where there was great anticipation. God did not disappoint the Holy Spirit was unleashed with power upon those being ordained. Each of these precious ministers shared with me afterwards how deeply impacted they were with the ordination and consecration. The fruit was very obvious afterwards as began to minister to those enslaved to the devil as each of these ministers ministered in power and expelling many demons in Jesus name. Pastor Tony Walters (and his wife) ministered in great power to some young ladies that were present for deliverance each receiving deep ministry.

 After teaching and leading everyone to partake of the holy blood and body of Jesus in Holy Communion we began to minister mass deliverance. I was led of the Holy Spirit to teach briefly on dissociation and shared some of my recent experiences with dealing with parts rooted in infancy. One dear lady revealed she had been born prematurely and suddenly traumatized heart parts were surfacing. This precious woman to the right of me began to weep uncontrollably and suddenly a little preemie baby part surfaced. You might recall that in recent meetings we have been extending love and compassion to a number of baby parts that have been surfacing within those we are ministering to. By the way, I would encourage you to sign up for our online courses we offering through our Freedom Fighter International Training School so that you might learn how to minister to those with baby parts.

 As I began to approach this dear woman little baby parts surfaced and spoke to me. There were many of them present and each of them were excited about being healed by Jesus. All of them saw the risen Lord Jesus and experienced his power and soothing comfort. I also commanded all death spirits to release this woman in Jesus name. The rest, the peace, the joy on this woman was quite evident!

 Many others were experiencing deliverance as I taught and prayed. As we confronted generational curses demons started to manifest throughout the meeting hall. One lady we brought to the front of the meeting hall was a woman from Egypt who had been experiencing horrible demonic attacks. Spirits of Baal, Jezebel and a host of others were confronted in Jesus name! They screamed at me and attempted to fight! However the holy power of Jesus was too much for these spirits and they were driven out in Jesus name! It was interesting to note what the spirits of Jezebel and Baal had said to me.

 “We have been here for MANY generations, and NO ONE ever confronted us until NOW,” the demons angrily revealed to me.

 Again I’m seeing more and more of this. The church is allowing demons to run rampant in it’s midst without ever pushing back. We must push back with the conquering name of Jesus Christ as lives and families lay in the balance.

 This Egyptian woman was powerfully set free from many evil spirits and experienced amazing healing from dissociation. As many broken heart parts were healed by Jesus as they could SEE Him and quickly ran to Him for His loving touch. Her heart was integrated and the peace of God fell upon this woman in a very tangible manner where she rested for many minutes as Jesus repaired her soul and body. Her testimony can be viewed here by clicking here.

 I just thoroughly enjoy these meetings as the Body of Christ is placed in action and many fellow ministers assisted me in ministering to those held captive and many experienced healing, restoration, renewal, deliverance, and love! This is about the Body of Christ working together to serve our great King Jesus!

 After the service I ministered to a family who had waited for 5 MONTHS for ministry. It’s been that hectic that at times I’m not able to meet with people in private sessions as quick as I would like. Not only have they been waiting they had to journey more than 11 hours to be present at the service. This family was desperate for ministry. They are dear to me as both have served as pastors of rather large churches and the enemy has really attacked them in a vicious manner.

 The spiritual fireworks was seen the very beginning as I confronted the strongman and bound him in Jesus name. Baal and a spirit named Coven confronted me and physically assaulted me as they attempted to strangle me. They kicked me and shoved me. They cursed me and attempted to attack my heart. They raised their hands and attempted to send demonic energy in my direction to hinder me. They failed. These were murderous spirits were hell bent on killing me as I dug deep to expose them to the light of Jesus.

 “We are not going anywhere, she belongs to us,” the demons boasted to me, as they spoke out of her.

 For the next 5+ hours into the early morning hours I battled and battled these violent spirits. As we ministered it was discovered that Julie had numerous ancestral dissociative identities including one that was born in 1943 and died in 1985 having been suffocated to death. As you can imagine during those horrific moments prior to death the heart was fractured to the point where distinct dissociation occurred and then captured by a demon power that allowed the part to travel down through the bloodline, thus ending up within Julie. Incidentally, Julie revealed that she often felt the sensations of being murdered. No wonder! She had a ancestral part that was still carrying the trauma of having been murdered.

 I sent this ancestral part and others to Jesus as they were free from demons. Moreover, I encountered many dissociative identities within her and many of them went to Jesus and was healed by Him. Furthermore, many demons that had attached themselves to these parts were driven out in Jesus name and were forced to release the parts.

During this late night ministry session it was also revealed by the parts that this woman had been a victim of satanic ceremonial trauma (we also offering a course on this subject at our Freedom Fighter International Training School also) where human and animal sacrifices were offered. It was also disclosed that she had been married in a satanic ceremony participating in a satanic rite called the Marriage of the Beast along with participating in various kinds of satanic feasts. I battled many of these satanic spirits and mind controlling spirits and they were driven out in Jesus name.

 As we neared daybreak obviously I was getting somewhat tired (as they were too) and ended the ministry session. However we plan on meeting again soon to complete this work by God’s grace. The freedom and healing that has already taken place, in Julie, has been amazing and incredible!

 There is much work to be done….as there is various levels of programming that needs to be addressed and various other enslaved parts to free and many other demons to drive out! Please pray for Julie. As she is married to a prominent pastor and evangelist and would like to serve Jesus, alongside him, with a healed heart.

 The work of deliverance and inner healing is desperately needed and so few are participating in this deep level work throughout the globe. We are in need of workers hence the formation of this International Training School which, by the way, has signed up students from 5 continents of the globe already. As I mentioned in a previous email update if you are from the developing world and desire to be a part of the school please email me and we will ensure you are able to for free.

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