Miracle Testimonies from South Africa: With Love, Yet with Authority

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus the Lord,

I have arrived safely home and I thank God for His grace. Presently I’m suffering a cold and feeling under the weather. Traveling on a mission that involved touching down on four continents will wear your body down. I am grateful for your prayers. It is my plan to rest for the next month until our Australian mission. Speaking of Australia I would encourage you to pray for this important mission as I will be traveling to Australia 3 different times over the next few months. That’s an extraordinary amount of traveling, that far, in such a short amount of time. Jesus will sustain.

I have been focusing on South Africa and Australia for a divine purpose as I have been getting WORDS from the Body of Christ how this mission will significantly impact both regions of the globe in a unique manner. We are seeing this play out before our very own eyes. For example, a dear brother, in Australia has taken upon himself to start a Freedom Fighter International School in Melbourne, Australia utilizing our materials (obviously we will ensure all of our materials are free to those interested however we do expect the Body of Christ to support the school financially as one is able). Another brother, has felt an urgency to start a church. We are seeing the move of the Holy Spirit.

However, we need to keep guarded as I fully expect the enemy to try to undermine and hinder our work in a variety of ways. Jesus is Lord though and He will carry us on to victory!

Since arriving back home from our mission to South Africa I have been receiving a steady flow of amazing stories of miraculous works of the Holy Spirit. One word I continually receive is that this mission pours out the love of Jesus mixed with great intensity of the authority of Jesus! Good balance.

Holy Spirit Wakes South African Woman Up in the Middle of the Night & Finds Me!

While in Pietermaritzburg we held public meetings at a local college where many came to be healed and delivered from evil spirits. One couple came as a result of finding out about the meetings via the web. The young lady suddenly wakes up, on night, goes online and immediately finds out about our work and that we would be in her area in weeks time. Amazing! Her and her husband attend the meetings and both experienced powerful deliverance from demonic spirits. Read more here:

“Good Evening to all of you from South Africa, wanted to thank all of the people that helped in my family deliverance this past week. Thank you Apostle Jay Bartlett for Thursday night and Friday nights deliverance. It was worth every minute of our time spent in PMB. I really think, Apostle Jay Bartlett that you are such a gifted man of God and I learned so much from you. I think God gives you supernatural power to fight those demons and you do so with so much love of our Lord Jesus Christ yet with so much authority. I see your passion. Makes me think of how much this ministry is needed throughout the world. Thank you for meeting with my family on a private meeting and listening to us, this was one of the best things that has happened to me because I have so much respect for your ministry. We will continue to pray for you and your family on a daily basis from now on.”

Newspaper Advertisement Prompts People to Attend Meetings, God Rewards by Healing Souls

Many of our public meetings throughout the globe are being advertised in various ways –newspapers, television, radio, fliers, and via the web. It never ceases to amaze me how God uses these avenues to reach souls with His love! Our mission office in South Africa, operated by Pastor Jacob Erradu, recently emailed me this beautiful praise report:

“My dearest Apostle Jay, son of El-Elyon most high God. Words cannot express our sincere gratitude to you and your family for the great work that was accomplished in our country. I telephoned a gentleman who attended the two evenings in Pietermaritzburg.He told me that he is healed and that his nephew who had a serious problem with the abuse of alcohol did not touch any alcohol after you prayed for him. I asked him how he got to know about the services at  the hall and he told me that he read about it in the newspaper (The Public Eye) and made up his mind to attend. That is such a great testimony. I am hoping to record this testimony on video include it as a snippet in the report back.  We are awaiting more testimonies. Early on Saturday morning while I was going to pick up Pastor Reuben I received a call from Cape Town. Brother Roshan told me that he had read your update and that he wanted to be the first person that I pray for after being ordained by you.  It really meant a lot.  My dearest Apostle I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for what you did for me and my family. All I can say is thank you from  the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for entrusting me with such a great responsibility. I pray that God will enable me to  live worthy of it.  We are making plans and already inviting people to your return services in October.  The interest is great.  I have already provisionally booked the auditorium.” 

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