Violent Power Encounters

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

 I’m currently on a large farm in the Piet Retief area of South Africa. A precious Afrikaan family has housed me the past few days and have truly enjoyed my time here. I’m with our Southern Africa ministry coordinator Kobus Strachan who has graciously coordinated all of our ministry events the past few weeks here in these various cities throughout South Africa. The ministry has been very well received. I’m quite excited about the opportunities that lie before us in this nation. I have already been invited back to conduct more meetings in each church (and other churches are inviting us also to hold meetings). Moreover, churches throughout southern Africa are already coordinating open air meetings where many thousands will be saved by Jesus!

 The past few nights I have ministered in a large Charismatic church and many hundreds are attending the meetings including many pastors and missionaries from other churches and ministries. I have spent hours just in teaching alone. In each meeting people are coming to the Lord Jesus Christ, being freed from evil spirits and miraculously healed.

There has been so many miraculous power encounters over the past few days that it has been difficult to document the mass numbers of people being delivered from demons and supernaturally healed. There’s been that many. I have captured some amazing video testimony that I hope to share in the coming days. Suffice to say, the New Testament supernatural power encounters we are witnessing are life changing.

 Many of these public meetings include violent demon encounters where I am being assaulted and attacked. Evil spirits are threatening me with hate, murder and violence. Just earlier tonight, for example, I battled a very strong spirit of violence that wanted to destroy me. In the midst of the intense hatred God is moving ever so powerfully in our midst in liberating precious souls. The testimonies I’m hearing are staggering on so many levels. There is no doubt I’m exactly where I need to be on this earth at this very hour and that’s comforting to know. I just got off the phone with my wife and she was rejoicing with me in all the victories we are seeing here South Africa.

 Our first night here at Wellsprings Church was well attended as the sanctuary was filled with expectant hearts. I preached from the Word and called people to salvation and a number surrendered to Jesus Christ as Lord! Beautifully, signs and wonders followed the preaching of the gospel as so many demons manifested and were called out of bodies and minds in Jesus name. We are seeing many in our meetings, enslaved souls, who are being supernaturally released from the dark powers of Satan, as we lead everyone in mass deliverance prayers.

 The first lady we dealt was a precious young lady who could not even pray as I led everyone in prayer. This led me to bring her up the front where we confronted the spirits of depression. We immediately cast those out and the biggest smile you can imagine was all over her face! She testified of feeling amazing peace and joy. She was FREE!

 We also encountered some very strange naming spirits that were rooted from the John the Baptist days as we encountered spirits named Salome (which is the Hebrew word for the “Daughter of Herodias”). She can be found in the Gospel of Mark 6 as she played a part in the execution of John the Baptist. She is a Jezebel-like kind of demonic spirit that seeks to fight the divine order of things and the men of God. A vicious spirit she sought to battle me but was eventually expelled in Jesus name and immediately another spirit named Ignes surfaced and fought me. This spirit confessed to having been behind of the many physical problems she had been suffering under. She was infested with horrific pain throughout her entire body. As the demons were commanded to leave, she could feel the pain depart also and was able to walk and bend where previously she was unable to!

 We also ministered to her son who had a varying degree of blindness. We commanded the demons to depart from his body and immediately testified of being able to see better. God was pleased to display His healing power and he was able to see unlike before. Many other attendees were healed from various torments, afflictions and infirmities.

 At the conclusion of the first meeting in Piet Retief the Holy Spirit directed me a young orphan in the back of the large sanctuary. While praying over her some very violent spirits surfaced from within –they threw her to the ground, twisted her body in a gruesome manner, and spoke out of her.

 “We are never leaving, we have been here a very long time, you will be able to get me out,” the demons boasted.

 These demons attacked me and grabbed me hoping to injure me. The violence was EXTREME! It took everything I had spiritually to war against these murderous spirits. We discovered these were witchcraft spirits that were generational as a result of blood sacrifices. The power of Jesus was too great. For a long time we battled and battled and finally wore out the demonic spirit. The spirit was renounced and many of them left including a number of marine spirits. My African mission coordinator Kobus remarked that perhaps it was one of the most violent exorcisms he ever witnessed. The spirits were deeply rooted within witchcraft rituals and ceremonies. I also prayed for her little baby and commanded demonic spirits out of the little one also. This precious mother and child were set free. I was deeply impacted by this young lady’s testimony. Both of her parents are deceased and she is now responsible for taking care of not only her baby but also her sister who is only 6 years of age. This woman is only 20 years of age and yet very mature (had to be!). The incredibly beautiful smile after her deliverance from these vile marine spirits was something to behold.

 Not only were many set free and healed by God, many were also impacted by the many hours of teaching I offered and desire to serve Jesus in the gospel ministry. We are seeing so many disciples being trained in our teaching sessions and being sent out to reach others. This small community will never be the same I can assure you of that. In fact, this church had never conducted a public deliverance service before so you can imagine how these meetings have changed them in many ways.

 In a few hours I leave for the Kingdom of Swaziland for a mission stop and then onward to the Durban area. I look forward to sharing more upon my return back to South Africa after our mission to Swaziland.

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