In Australia: Witchcraft Rose Up then Jesus Said: “Release My Daughter!”

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Before sharing what has transpired here in Australia allow me to briefly share a praise report. Recall that Muslim that reached out to me for deliverance? Well, I was honored to minister to him deliverance. He was freed from many demons. As a result of this miracle his heart opened up the gospel and I led to Jesus. He is quite excited about serving Jesus now.

As many of you know we have a extensive evangelistic ministry whereby we allow miracles to occur among non-believers knowing that as these acts of love are being extended hearts will be opened thereby allowing us the opportunity to proclaim Jesus very effectively. Because this Muslim saw the power of God, he was wide open for Jesus. He is now with Jesus!

Also, in regards to this, I have just been invited to be the keynote speaker at a large crusade in Nigeria where the host churches are expecting more than 50,000+ souls to attend in a large football field. Many of the souls attending will have Islamic roots. I know Jesus will perform miracles. Pray for this mighty outreach as the churches have heard about our work in miracles and believe miracles will open Muslim hearts to Jesus! This mission will occur later this year.

I just completed a private meeting with a local pastor here in the Perth area that has invited me to conduct a large meeting at the University of Western Australia in late September. I look forward to seeing thousands touched with the fullness of the gospel. Here in a moment I’m going to go back and rest some until my next public meeting tonight however I wanted to take this opportunity to share and report what Jesus did last night in our public meeting as the power of God was manifested to deliver souls from demonic bondage.

As many of you know, I arrived here yesterday, to the beautiful city of Perth, here in Western Australia, where I am scheduled to conduct a few meetings. From Perth I’m onward to Sydney for more meetings then back to Perth again. In our service last night God was gracious as I had been up for more than 35 hours (I think I slept perhaps a few hours during that entire time) as I passed through multiple time zones and multiple continents. At the Perth Christian Community Church I taught from the Scriptures on the Prisons of Satan and shared how we might be released from these prisons through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. I struggled through some spiritual walls that were built up and had to fight. However, I was able to breakthrough as precious souls were released from demonic spirits in Jesus name.

One of the first ladies I ministered to had been invaded by numerous demons. As I began to pray over her strong violent spirits surfaced shaking her body and snapping her head back and forth very violently. With the usage of the Word of God and sacred oil, we bound the spirits and forced them out in Jesus name. With loud screams and violent convulsions the evil spirits departed to the pit. We also ministered to her broken heart and parts of her heart were dramatically healed by the love of Jesus. Each of these hurting parts experienced the deep inner healing of Jesus.

Another lady we ministered to was originally from Southeast Asia who was wearing glasses (there is a significance to this which I will share in a moment) that also manifested powerful demonic spirits. For several hours we focused our attention on this young lady who had been invaded by spirits of anger, rage, spirit, sickness, blindness, pain, Jezebel and ancestral worship. In all of my dozens of meetings in Australia, throughout this great land, I do not think I witnessed a more powerful manifestation of the power of God through the use of His holy angels than I did on this night here in Perth. For hours the holy angels assisted me greatly with strong power. I spoke to the angels and they readily made themselves available for ministry by restraining, stopping, warring, and strengthening. It was something to behold!

As soon as the spirits violently manifested, as the demons glared at me with utter hatred and rage, I called forth the holy angels to assist me which they did. Allow me to list the many supernatural acts they performed on this night:

~Dozens of times they restrained the demons as the spirits attempted to use their arms to attack me

~Dozens of times they stopped the spirits from taking the woman out of the meeting hall

~Dozens of times they warred against the spirits, striking them with mighty swords

~Dozens of times they obeyed our command in Christ to lift her off the ground (as the demons caused her to fall) and hold her without human aid

~Dozens of times they caused the demons to look at the ascended Jesus thereby greatly weakening them

This precious woman was terribly vexed by various kinds of pains and physical problems. It was very strong on her. The demons boasted in that they had been afflicting her with great pains and sickness. The demons also boasted in that they had her eyes (recall she was wearing glasses).

Powerful spirits of blindness and ancestral worship rose up and battled me. For hours I battled back. Now, remember I had been up for more than 35 hours and here I was up for another 5 hours battling demons in a public meeting. This is called supernatural grace and power. Jesus appeared to these demons and these spirits were greatly weakened however they did fight.

In Jesus name I commanded the demons to depart from the back along with all of the pains, sicknesses and afflictions. They took them all and were forced out to the pit in Jesus name. They howled and screamed and vomited out of her with great force. Instantly she was miraculously healed and testified of feeling no more pain in her back or body. It was truly remarkable to witness!

Moreover, we battled for a long time all of the demons attached to her eyes. They did not want to lose her eyes so they furiously fought for them. I utilized a number of spiritual weapons to weaken these spirits including holy water, sacred oil, the blood of Christ, the Word and and holy angels. Furthermore, I allowed the Holy Spirit to descend upon my hand and could feel the fire of the Holy Spirit and burned many demons within this woman. They cried out in agony and terror. The wrath of the Living God was upon these vile spirits.

“We will only let go of 40% of her eyes,” the demons gleefully informed me.

“No, you must release 100% of her eyes,” I informed the demon powers.

Then the ascended Jesus appeared to the spirits (including a powerful serpentine spirit of witchcraft) and said, “Release my daughter.”

So many came out of her body and mind including some very powerful spirits called “Lies.” These lying spirits had told her a number of lies which she believed. She believe lies concerning who she was in Christ and the promises of healing for her life. I led in prayers to reject the lies of the enemy and I spiritually dissolved the mind controlling mechanisms. The demons really were angered when I broken off their control mechanisms and their lies from her mind. In fact they groaned and moaned in agony as this was key to their control in her life. Think about this: what you believe or don’t believe is the critical aspect of spiritual warfare. Knowing who you are in Jesus is the KEY!

I also confronted many ancestral demonic spirits as a result of her previous generations participation in the pagan practice of ancestral worship. These demons were commanded to the pit along with spirits of witchcraft and the serpent spirits. So many evil spirits cried and out and left –like Jezebel, serpent spirits, witchcraft, and so many others. As the demons were exiting many heart parts surfaced including some very young ones and in each case they witnessed the Lord Jesus and experienced His deep healing. Even after the deliverance she testified of experiencing a deep healing within her heart.

After all of these spirits were confronted and forced out I had this lady her take off her glasses. She could see much better. We even tested her healing as several people rose up their hands and asked her to count how many fingers that had lifted up. She correctly numbered them. We just need to pray that her eyes would continue to be strong and that the enemy would not try to take her healing away through a variety of ways.

What truly touched me was her coming up to me after the meeting (without her glasses) and said, “I’m going to leave my glasses off.” WOW, Jesus be glorified.

Jesus is God!

Jay Bartlett

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