Australia Mission: Jesus Wins Despite the Violence of Jezebel (More Healing of the Eyes)

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus ~

Last night was one of the most intense public deliverance meetings I have ever held in relation to battling the Jezebel spirit. As many of you know Jezebel is a wicked spirit witch hell bent on destroying men of God who seek to the further the work of the gospel. She surfaced like I have rarely seen before in all of the earth. At the very beginning of the service she surfaced within many of the women in the meeting hall. We are speaking of dozens of women having this Jezebel spirit and they all were conspiring to destroy the ministry on this night. In fact, at the beginning of the meeting, she surfaced within one woman and cursed me. Mind you I had just walked into the meeting hall and the spirit was already surfacing and cursing. These spirits were furious with me as for the past few days we have been confronting her and driving her out in the name of Jesus. Moreover, we have been teaching, from the Scriptures, on our authority that we have in Christ to overcome all of the power of the enemy. Thus Jezebel along with all of the other demons with her were extremely agitated and ready to battle me.

On this night they battled me with great strength, as so many legions of Jezebel had camped out in the hall ready to fight me. I felt hordes of demonic spirits, wave upon wave of them, assault me. I stood my ground and fought back by the holy power of Jesus. As I taught from God’s Word and led everyone in Holy Communion the many spirits were surfacing. In fact, after Holy Communion, I ordained two more people into the gospel ministry which led them to take the attacks to entire spiritual level– they began to manifest in some very foul odors I have ever smelt before. It was a mixture of sulphur, human waster, urine, and sewage. It was disgusting and nearly everyone could smell this most unholy of smells. It was Jezebel. She is a disgusting spirit. She reveals herself as being such an elegant being but she’s not. She’s vile and wicked. As the night carried on the foul smells gradually subsided as we fought back in Jesus name.

I pleaded with the people to repent as so many who were attending this night of deliverance were holding on to various sins and curses that allowed her access to their lives. The unrepentant hearts allowed these vile spirits to flourish like I have rarely seen before. It was massive, off the charts kind of demonic experience. I should note that even the holy angels had great difficulty accessing the meeting hall as there were that many Jezebel spirits –they literally camped out on this night ready to battle. So, we fought back with all of the weapons we have at our disposal –holy water, sacred oil, the Sword of the Spirit, and other spiritual weapons thus weakening the Jezebels in the hall. Hour after hour we battled her through the night (and even after I left the hall other disciples were fighting her with passion). 

The violence of Jezebel was also off the charts. It was extreme violence. Women were bring thrown around, off their chairs as the spirits manifested. There were twisting of bodies, disfiguring of the bodies, screams, loud cries, violent speech and physical violence from the demons. In Jesus name, these demonic spirits were commanded to the pit and they screamed in agony. Multitudes of demons were commanded out. I personally confronted Jezebel, Death, Baal, Ancestral Worship, False Christ, and so many others. They were driven out in the name of Jesus. There’s more work to be done however the work has indeed begun!

In this nearly packed meeting hall so many evil spirits were cast out by the disciples of the Lord Jesus. It was beautiful to see my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ assisting me in deliverance. So many were being delivered from demons. At one point, we had a handful of exorcisms taking place at once up front. It was astonishing to see and watch Jesus be glorified in setting the captives FREE! 

Many were testifying of receiving measures of freedom and physical healing as I led everyone to break generational curses and witchcraft curses. At one point, while ministering to an entire group of people with a history of ancestral worship, a young Southeast Asian lady manifested very strange and unusual spirits that caused her to enter into a very demonic kind of dance that at first she attributed to the Holy Spirit as her church spoke to her and encouraged her in this dance as they attributed it to being the work of the Holy Spirit in her life. This isn’t the work of the Holy Spirit but rather a demonic spirit. She eventually saw this as God opened her eyes. Many demons were cast out of her.

This Australian mission has been quite busy. Please continue to pray for me for supernatural strength as we are in the midst of a great war with Jezebel specially. She has been demolished by our Great God! Tonight another public meeting. We have held so many public meetings thus far on this mission and we have seen many freed from various kind of afflictions and torments. I have been receiving some amazing testimonies from our time in Perth, allow me to share one:

“Hi Jay

 Just wanted to send you a quick email as I know you get very busy….

 Firstly, I want to thank you for your time in Perth this last week. I am one of the people that got set free through your ministry, and although I know there is still a bit more work to be done, I know that I am so much different a person than the one I was prior to deliverance…. The freedom I have received has given me greater clarity about the calling I have on my life, and I am very excited.  As someone who had known Christ all of their life, with only about 4 years in the wilderness, I never would have expected to have needed deliverance of the magnitude i had!  

 It has taken me a good 2 or 3 days to recover from my deliverance, and during that time, I have been very gentle on myself. I didn’t realise just how ‘noisy’ those demons I had really were… They used a very quiet voice, but had constantly been putting me down over my life. They had fed me the lie that I was unworthy, and I had believed it. Now when I look back over the last few days, I am amazed at how much freedom I now feel! The weight has been lifted, and I feel like a new person! I think the thing that most amazed me was that I had done courses on deliverance, and had done much self deliverance to check if I was all clear… I didn’t feel like I had any demons to rid myself of, but did know that the doors could have been opened by previous generations… I had people who do deliverance tell me that I was all clear, and had no reason to even think that I had anything to be rid of! It wasn’t until we were sitting in your session closing doors from our father’s side, that i wondered if something might be happening. I asked the Holy Spirit what I should repent of etc from my Father’s side (as I don’t know him or anything about him)… A few things came to me, but then I had an experience of knowing there was more, but not able to articulate it. I then got a pain in my heart, and a few pains through my back etc that were not in character, and I felt strange… I then came forward with this, and came to find I had at least 6 demons, including 100 Jezebel demons. I manifested quite strongly with these… So now, 3 days later, I feel amazing. I feel lighter, my eye sight is clear (was a little cloudy before), I feel more confident and sure of myself and my position in Christ etc. I am amazed… Thank you for your obedience Jay.”

Dear friends, now you see why we do what we do. It’s because of precious souls like this. This is why we minister deliverance and healing. Here’s another case of someone who has received deep healing including healing of her eyes. We are seeing many with varying degrees of blindness and eyes afflictions healed by Jesus!

Jesus is worthy to be praised! Yes, He is! He is Lord!

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