Apostolic Miracles & Wonders in China, North America, Australia, Africa

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have been unable to sleep as I’m so fired up for Jesus! As I go through all of my recent emails I’m seeing so many testimonies from around the globe of precious souls being touched in some manner by this mission –our YouTube videos, our many volumes, our radio broadcasts, our public meetings, our Extraordinary Encounters, and other avenues of outreach. Through all of these outreaches we have been able to touch thousands of lives in a significant way –by encouraging souls to serve Jesus first and foremost and by training the Body to carry on the works of Jesus. 

Because of the light we bring to the subject of deliverance and inner healing, precious souls are now casting out millions of demons throughout the globe. People are being won to Jesus and hearts are being healed! Our ministry coordinator in Australia, Joan Smale, is reporting continued ministry to the demonized even well after leaving Australia. Same can be said here in North America as pastor Tony and Betty (whom I installed as a pastor recently) have been casting out demons on a weekly basis. My dear brother and ministry partner, Steve, in China, is reporting apostolic miracles whenever he holds public meetings. Our ministry team members in Michigan, Jeff and Lally, are reporting stunning deliverance sessions where millions of demons are bring cast out (Steve has also reported the same in China). Same in South Africa as numerous disciples are now casting out demons regularly because of our recent mission there. 

We are literally being used by the Holy Spirit to set the world on holy fire. Yes, we are a small mission but we are making MASSIVE spiritual impact!

Allow me to share a few testimonies with you:

“Hi Jay, God bless you. Just wanted to share with you a testimony. I have been to 2 out of 3 workshops you have had in Florida (West Palm beach and Ocoee at the cross shaped church) with my husband and my aunt. I have to tell you I put to the test what I learned through you and it worked!. On a Sunday service, the Pastor made the altar call and one of my youth (I work with the youth at my church) went to the front to receive Jesus. And the pastor prayed and prophesied over her also told her that she had pain in her heart and she needed to forgive. Well after the service, I noticed she was sitting by her self with her head down, I asked her if she was ok and she said she felt like there was something inside of her that wanted to come out!!!! I got exciteddddd. I said to her, that sometimes when we have a demon inside, and is coming out you feel like you have to throw up, go back in the bathroom and throw up. Well I went behind her and she threw up a little but said it was still there so I started praying for her and commanded the spirit to come to the surface, I told the girl that I didn’t want to talk to her, but to the spirit. I asked its name and it answered PAIN… oh men, I got up on its face an commanded it to come out in the name of Jesus, after it confessed it had been there since she was 8 and that it was there by itself. After just a few minutes it came out and the girl felt instant relief. Glory to God. Thank you Jay, God bless you.”

~Sister in Christ from Florida who attended our public training seminars and deliverance services

“My son and I both have been praying for you and cant wait to see you guys again!!! He told me the next time I talked to you to remind you to thank the angels that are assisting you and he said you would understand lol He really misses you and cant wait to talk with you again! I am praying and believing for the funds so we can travel with you and the team to Australia next time you go. We want to assist you and help set the captives free!!! We have also partnered with you on the missions fund. I can never thank you enough for changing me and my sons lives and healing Hunter! The time you spent with him made such an impact on him and when I pray and thank the Lord for putting your ministry and friendship in our lives the Lord reminded me that what you did for Hunter , He will bless your sons for it!!!!! God is so good! Again proud to see everything the Lord is doing and pray for you always!!!!!”

~Sister in Christ from Tennessee who attended our Extraordinary Encounter in Atlanta, Georgia

“We had another lady drive 10 hours just for freedom, as we knew this person was coming weeks in advance we knew in the spirit there was going to be something ….well just a bit different with this deliverance. So we began at 6 on a Friday night , this person had been to over 20 Psychics multiple “deliverance ministries , and the wrong people laying hands upon her , so for 5 hours we were just spinning our wheels ..until the Holy spirit promoted us to ask a certain question … . and there was the break through, what you ask ???? SHE HAD CHANGED HER NAME YEARS BEFORE !!! She was renouncing with her new name , but had given rights in the past with her given name . You and I know it doesn’t work that way . The demons were laughing ,. but not for long . She then started to renounce all over again in her given name & the tide changed quickly !! 45 levels of spirits and 2.7 million demons later she was FREE ! Praise be to GOD ! He is faithful !

 A young mother who had showed up in the Grand rapids meeting  months ago had came to us for help. We first sat outside in the park for a peaceful setting , but then the rain started and in to the van we went. Van you ask? We have been turned down by many churches for just asking to use a room for deliverance ,They must not have read the verse ” Having a form of Godliness , but denying the power there of ….from such turn away” . So for 4 hours this young mother sat in the van staring at the heavenly`s . With every question to the spirit came a direct answer , and hundreds of thousands of spirits later she was free indeed. Joy came upon her like we had not seen . Gods is always the Victor !


Weeks later we dealt with her young son of 9 ….. knowing her husband was heavy involved in occultism, video games & satanic music the meeting was a very cautious one and once again God prevails . the boy smiled with happiness , and mom was pleased. A few weeks later we dealt with the sister a mere 10 years old .  As we began we realized very quickly the spirits that are within are not doors this child of God could have opened , there was something else going on here . After an hour and binding 2.3 million spirits we realized the dad had been transferring them to his little girl through his touch and hugs . We stopped at that point and spoke with her mother sitting beside her , we need to get your husband set free first . we are still in the process of that victory .God will prevail!”

~A family whom has attended numerous training seminars and deliverance meetings and now serving as our contact in Michigan

“Hello Jay, This is stirring me so much, I am crying as I sit here at work. Thanks Jay, this is really good for me to read. A clear example of what I am called into by our Lord Jesus. Go for it brother!”

~A dear disciple in South Africa who is now being equipped via our email updates.

“Jay, I went street evangelizing with a friend for the first time! God gave my friend a vision of a location, and when we came to the location, we prayed for a Christian, homeless woman who was there and she got healed of asthma. A demon of infirmity manifested and we cast it out. It tried to hide at first, but soon came out after a relatively brief struggle. She cried afterward and said, “I feel good. Oh I feel good.” She said “God just healed me of asthma and just restored me back to Him.” Not only had her nasty, relentless cough left completely, Jesus had wrapped His arms around her and spoken to her through a word of knowledge. The best part of evangelism is getting to bring Jesus to people and watch as He touches their hearts with His love.”

~ A dear sister in Christ who attended our Church of the Cross services in Texas

“Hi Jay, I write so soon again just to keep you updated. We returned home from the meetings in Sydney, feeling blest and some level of freedom. Michelle, our youngest daughter, who received some inner healing and  who also manifested the spirit of Jezebel at the meetings was happy, I heard her laugh for the first time in a long time, she put on praise music in her room and read the bible, it was so encouraging to see.”

~A dear sister in Christ who attended our recent Australian meetings

“Anyway.. here’s where it gets interesting.  God had lined up a practical example.. DIRECTLY at the end of my teaching (I was teaching for about an hour and a bit), a lady in her 50’s,  two rows from the front starts screaming in despair, so I was able to get a microphone to her (not that I really needed it!) and she said she was 2 years old and her daddy left her… Jesus healed that part, then 4 other parts came up.. a man had put his hand up her skirt in the bus at 11 years old, and her grandfather left her and died at another age… then it went on for an hour or more.  She had tears flowing down her face and her parts were screaming in the pain that she had held for so many years.  Parts came up one after another, and were healed by Jesus. The parts also told us (into the microphone so everybody could hear) what Jesus said to them, and what He spoke into the situation, and it was so touching.. many people were obviously deeply moved by what Jesus said, and the supernatural healing that took place in her. This particular lady had rejection that had plagued her for her whole life.. she was in her 50’s or so.  She never knew the root of it was the hurt held in the dissociative parts.  People were watching on with amazement.. one person said they will never look at the world the same way again (Jay; this is what I said to you when I first saw dissociation.. right?!)

 The manifestations were full on, and interestingly, mainly just parts, not demons.. as Jesus healed the parts, demons coughed out, but the night was99% parts and only 1% demons (which is perfect as I wasn’t training on demons).. Jesus lined up a perfect practical example (actually a few of them.. but the first one was amazing) to show everybody how D.I.D is real, and how Jesus heals it.. We serve an amazing God!    This lady looked COMPLETELY different at the end of the night.  Her face glowed and she had the most amazing smile and her eyes,.. wow.


There was a pastor present from another church and his jaw was on the ground watching.. I noticed he’d conveniently shifted next to the people that were manifesting at the time to watch intently!  We didn’t finish until  2am as probably 20+ people ended up manifesting spirits and dissociative identities.  Wives were bringing their husbands up for prayer!.. one example is one wife’s husband was a compulsive spying/eavesdropper.. would spy on people through their windows, but couldn’t help it, and he was delivered as demons belched out of him… lots more like this,.  the room was full of the sounds of demons leaving by uncontrollable belching, coughs and dissociative parts crying out to Jesus for healing until early morning!  By the end of the night, there were many helping out, praying for people, seeing Jesus heal parts, and casting out demons for their first time!  I looked around at one point and saw three of four groups of people healing parts and casting out spirits, and I’m sure they’d never seen or experienced this before that night.


There were two unbelievers there too, and I had the opportunity of sharing the gospel with them. The wife had anxiety and their son had a weird disease that made his left side of his body weak.. They allowed (our developer) and me to pray for them too for healing, and God to show them truth.


 China is very void of the Holy Spirit in churches… nothing spiritual allowed or encouraged, and often the churches here are for the rich with “no trespasser” signs at the front; there for the elite, and well connected people that are given the front rows to sit in… The Holy Spirit is changing this now though!


One thing we can be encouraged about.. Wherever we go and touch people, Jesus is with us.  I felt so powerless last night, not knowing how to teach dissociation in a second language to people that most had never seen a deliverance or anything supernatural, but God showed up in the most amazing way… with practical examples, lined up in advance!.  i was completely out of control, and feeling awkward, only to discover it was all completely in Jesus control.   I was told once that God goes with us no matter where we go, and He touches the people we touch.. and that was so obvious last night.”

~A dear brother in Jesus, in China, now serving the people in the ministry of deliverance and healing

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