In LA: Violent Warfare in Russian Jewish Service

Last night I held a powerful public exorcism meeting during a Shabbat service at the Temple of Salvation which is congregation comprised of Russian Jews dedicated to the apostolic ministry of casting out evil spirits and healing the sick. The meeting hall was jammed packed with precious souls from various cities throughout Southern California. We also had families and individuals arrive to the meeting from Seattle, Washington and even as far as Wisconsin. After the Shabbat meal we began teaching from the Holy Scriptures and with great anticipation and enthusiasm the Body of Christ applauded as we learned who we are in Jesus. The people were truly joyful. I then I led everyone is mass deliverance prayers resulting in many demonic manifestations. There were screams, very strange animal like manifestations, and convulsions. What a good start to a public exorcism service as the evil spirits were very threatened by the presence of our King Jesus. For many hours until deep in the early morning hours I taught, prayed for the sick, and drove out demons. 

This mission is truly welcomed in Southern California and this brings joy to my heart. Moreover, many Jewish communities throughout the globe also accept this ministry. As a disciple of Christ with Jewish ancestry I marvel how the Holy Spirit lines me up with fellow Jews from across the earth. Not only was I welcomed by the Russian Jews in Los Angeles I was also welcomed by Jews in the city of Azusa where we held another deliverance meeting earlier today. We are planning on being in Israel next month and look forward to more doors being opened to this mission among the Jewish communities of the world.

We dealt with many Jezebel spirits, spirits of death, murder, violence, and sickness. On this night, while we broke generational curses, many within the meeting hall were being freed from demons –with yawns, burping, crying, screams evil spirits came out of many. A handful were even physically healed from various pains and afflictions. Moreover, a number of broken parts surfaced and spoke with me and were healed. Furthermore, some of these broken parts saw the risen Jesus. 

Towards the end of the evening, I encountered a violent spirit named Python who was within young Russian woman who had participated in cannibalism (she was forced to eat parts of human bones). These strong spirits had been staring me down all night and on this night the battle was on. The spirits threw the Holy Communion cup into my face, they kicked me and shouted they hated me. It took several disciples to assist me. We were able to wear the demonic spirits down to the point where there were greatly weakened utilizing various spiritual weapons–holy water, the blood of Jesus, and the Scriptures. Many demons were expelled from this young woman and parts were healed. Obviously more work needs to be accomplished however incredible ministry has begun in her life and we rejoice in our loving God as He has rescued this precious saint. 

After a few hours of sleep, we had another meeting in Santa Monica, California, where we battled thousands of evil spirits within two ladies. They were expelled in Jesus name. We also encountered animal spirits that held onto soul parts of the animals they had possessed. These generational spirits came into the bloodline as a result of the sins of bestiality many generations ago. As the result of the trauma to the animal’s soul, due to the sins of bestiality, the various animals experienced a form of dissociation–their soul was fragmented and a demon took a part of the soul nature of the animal and transmitted the part of the soul generationally through the years thus ending up into this one woman we ministered to in this private meeting. As we battled these vile animal spirits they manifested through their victims in a like animalistic manner. The one spirit we encountered was a demon named, “Dog,” He barked and made other animal like noises. Her hands became claw-like. It boasted, “we are eating her from the inside.” Over the years I have encountered many animal like spirits and there’s much to be said about these kinds of spirits….

I’m about to board so I will finish the email when I arrive into Australia.

Jesus has proven Himself as Lord!

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