Now in Melbourne, Australia! More on Animal Demons in LA

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I just arrived here in Melbourne, Australia, from another flight in Sydney. Later today I will be conducting a public deliverance service and looking forward to seeing everyone here in the Victoria area. As I mentioned in my previous email report, some of the evil spirits we encountered in Southern California were violent and aggressive. in fact, at one point, they lunged at me and drew some blood. Demons are destructive beings and murderous however they cannot touch my very spirit nature which has ascended to be with Christ in the heavenly realms. I fight these spiritual foes out of a position of victory. Sure they will fight back but we win with Jesus!

Over the past 25+ years we have encountered many animalistic kind of spirits, some have even threatened to eat me. Some of have even lunged at me in attempt to bite me and chew on me. I recall in one very violent exorcism years ago they actually got a hold of my finger and bit down on it and if it wasn’t for two dear brothers in Christ I might have lost a finger that night. Anyway, while in the Los Angeles area we encountered many of these kinds of evil entities. Some of them were called spirits of dog, crows, snakes, and frogs. The satanic theory behind this, from the devil’s standpoint, is to dehumanize men and women. To deface the image of God for we were created in God’s image. Demons are thrilled to seduce men to intermingle with the animal kingdom in inappropriate manners. Thus allowing these spirits access into lives and at times to bring into our bodies the souls of animals to torment and to debase humanity (note: animals do not have a spirit nature for that distinguishes us from the animal world). Noted author and apologist the late C.S. Lewis argued that we have a divine responsibility to alleviate unnecessary animal pain (see Proverbs 12:10). In the 17th century the French philosopher Descartes argued that animals did not possess a consciousness thus this element of ethics in regards to animal pain was not necessary to discuss. I would vehemently disagree. I believe animals do experience pain and moreover they do possess a soul nature (animals do have emotions and a mind nature as seen in Psalm 104) thus the possibility for their souls to experience a form of dissociation that many humans have experienced when extreme pain and trauma occur. 

During one of the deliverance meetings we held over the weekend, we encountered such animal spirits who boasted they also attached themselves to the various animal broken soul parts that has been passed down generationally. It’s a disgusting element of demonization. I have encountered all kinds of strange spiritual creatures through the years and their goal is to bring torment. Obviously, if you have a demon and a broken soul part of an animal within you then you will be terribly vexed and tormented. There are reasons why the devil desires to see this occur. One, to produce animalistic tendencies within humans, again to debase. There is much to be said about this subject and I will be covering it in our Premier Levels of the Freedom Fighter International Training Center online studies that start October 1st 2013. Be sure to register TODAY so you can be equipped to deal with animal spirits (and broken animal soul parts) within humans (this is very common in many African and Asian societies). 

All of these animal demonic spirits (and the animal soul parts), numbering in the thousands, were driven out in Jesus name! These precious saints were testifying of feeling so much better as a result and gave God the glory. 

After that particular meeting, pastor Gene Smith and I traveled onto Azusa where we held a small home deliverance meeting for families and individuals that came in from various cities. After teaching on our position in Jesus Christ I led everyone in deliverance prayers and immediately demons were manifesting and were being quickly cast out in Jesus name. Moreover, many broken heart parts were surfacing and were being healed in Jesus name. This small home church was excited and very enthusiastic about the deliverance and healing ministry. Elderly Indonesian women were manifesting spirits and they were quickly being driven out in Jesus name. They were so excited to be part of the work of God.

Because of the great spiritual needs of California I’m making plans for some continual extensive ministry in this part of America in the coming months. Will share more details soon!

Appreciate all your prayers for me as we now believe God to set on fire disciples here in Victoria, Australia, with the fullness of the gospel. 

I’m off to bed for some quick sleep!

For Jesus is King!

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