Soul Saved, African Witchcraft Demons Expelled

Dear Friends of Jesus the King ~

Yesterday we conducted our first meeting here in Melbourne, Australia, where we are scheduled to minister at multiple locations throughout Victoria with the hopes of reaching many for the gospel. It was here in Thomastown at the Revival Centre where we held our very first meeting of this mission. Though we were small in number mighty was our God. I led everyone in Holy Communion, then taught from the Holy Scriptures.¬†While teaching many demons were quite agitated. One young man sitting in the far back of the meeting hall shared with me that he felt the desires to physically attack me, to actually “throw a chair at you.” These were violent spirits within him seeking to stop me for conducting this meeting. They failed. The meeting went on as did the teaching.

After the teaching I then proceeded to lead everyone in mass deliverance prayers –breaking generational curses. When the curses were broken evil spirits surfaced and I could tell as I looked out everyone there were those being liberated from evil spirits in Jesus name. I called a few forward who were experiencing great spiritual attack and ministered to them. Two African ladies from Botswana experienced some significant deliverance and healing. One reported having been afflicted with pain for some time. She was nearly instantly healed. The other African lady revealed there were witchcraft in her ancestral background and as I ministered to her the demons surfaced shaking her body and tried to step away from the holy oil on my hands. At one point they threw her to the ground. These demonic spirits were vicious and were hell bent on staying within her. We fought and battled on her behalf and many of these demons were driven out in Jesus name and she reported of feeling much better.

There was one 18 year old lady who was sitting in the back with her brother whom the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for and I called her forward. As I began to talk with her it was revealed she had never been born again before. So, obviously, that was my first and foremost concern. I asked everyone to spiritually throw the love of God upon her and wave after wave of the unfathomable love of God poured all over her. It was beautiful to witness. She was clearly touched as tears ran down her face. She opened her life to His love and I led her in a prayer to receive Jesus as Lord. On this night the greatest miracle occurred which was a soul being birthed into the Kingdom of God. Amen!

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