Demonstration of the Power of God in Australia

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

We are seeing the demonstration of the power of God over evil, disease, death and the devil in all of our many meetings here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia these past 8 days on non-stop ministry. This has been my 4th visit to Australia just in the past 8 months and in each and every visit I’m seeing the power of the Holy Spirit being unleashed upon in every public meeting. 

The apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 2:4, “My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power…” This is my heart’s desire to demonstrate the power of the cross in public gatherings so souls might see the power of Jesus. Tonight’s meeting we witnessed the power of God that led hearts to be opened to the gospel. A handful of souls were won to Jesus as a result of them seeing that our God is indeed the Living God.

Within moments me praying demons manifested from a young man. Numerous death spirits convulsed him and violently came out of him. Immediately I felt the Holy Spirit touch many hearts and as the Spirit moved people began to open their lives to Jesus! I then proceeded to deal with some demons within a young lady whose parents were devout Hindus. As soon as I began to pray over Hindu spirits surfaced and boasted how they were tormenting her. I immediately held up my holy cross and the demons bowed quickly and confessed that Jesus was indeed Lord. This holy cross has been a powerful instrument these past few days here in Australia. I have seen many demons quickly flee. As I raised the cross over the demons they were greatly weakened and backed away. I then called for many angels to quickly enter the room and to hold the young lady as the demons attempted to get the woman to avoid me and the cross. The angels came and held her so I might destroy the works of darkness within her.

“I’m scared of looking at you, I see Jesus in you,” the demons told me, “We are holding her heart. We are coming through her brother and father.”

I broke off the spiritual connections from the brother and father and led the lady in prayer to renounce all Hindu practices and their many false gods and goddesses. I then led her to call upon Jesus. I then called up the demonic spirits and they quickly surfaced. 

I told them to look at the ascended Lord Jesus and as they did they confessed: He tells us to go to the pit!

I then commanded the spirits of torment and of Satan to leave the body and to go to the pit in Jesus name. They quickly departed and entered that pit. She was FREE! The smile, the peace, the joy said it all! She was truly FREE! I then allowed her to hold the holy cross and immediately she almost fell out as the rest of God came upon her. Her heart was being healed by the love of Jesus! It was beautiful to see!

All of these power encounters allowed me to demonstrate, in public, that our God was superior to all other gods. Amen!

I also ministered to a young lady tormented by a death spirit. As I began to pray for her it surfaced quickly and shook her body. It spoke to me and said it had no right to her so I proceeded to drive it out in Jesus name and as I did it quickly entered that pit! I also allowed this young lady to embrace the holy cross and she immediately felt the love and power of the cross of Jesus! It was so wonderful to see the love of God heal so many hearts! 

As Jesus set her free, she jumped up and down so excited about the new found freedom. She shouted: Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus for setting me FREE!

This is why I travel as much as I do all over the earth. I want to see people FREE. Also during this special meeting I allowed other ministers conduct public deliverance and many other souls were set free by the power of God! Moreover, I also formally ordained Joan Smale and Maurice Chapman into the gospel ministry and commissioned them to GO to preach the gospel to all of the world. 

On this night I also received some comforting prophetic words from the Lord God Almighty! Words of love and His desire to use me around the globe. I had failed to mention that even last night the Lord graciously appeared to me in a vision where I saw myself as a little boy sitting with Jesus and Jesus loving me with comforting words. It was so nice to be sitting with Jesus! 

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