Miraculously Cured from Insanity, Now Desires the Mission Fields of Africa!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I arrived back home after a very long but fruitful mission to Southern California and to Australia. I was at home for an overnight stay and now back on the road, this time with my entire family, back in California. Been enjoying the beautiful beaches on Coronado Island with my kids earlier today. Being out near the ocean is a powerful means to recharge ones spiritual batteries as these long journeys to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia are at times simply mind numbing in that you are stuck in a very small cramped environment for hours on end with little relief. God is gracious and provided strength and protection.

For the past few weeks I have been conducting more than 20 meetings, private and public, in more than 8 different cities, across Southern California and Victoria and we are witnesses of the fact that Jesus is superior to any other spiritual force in our day. The amazing miracles point, demonstrate, reveal the victorious nature of King Jesus! Many experienced salvation too as they were captured by the love of Jesus. Some of the testimonies we are receiving are stunning! So many freed from various kinds of torments, demonic spirits, and afflictions of all sorts. Moreover, many equipped to carry on this work of the Kingdom. 

A few nights ago while teaching and ministering at the Revival Centre, in Victoria, I came across a man who have been deeply troubled by very strong spirits of madness and insanity. While in the midst of our mass deliverance prayers, demons within him surfaced (his father was in utter shock) and boasted how they had been tormenting him for a very long time and they were not finished yet with the work they had started so long ago. They were quite animated and vocal about their intent on destroying this young man. These spirits of insanity were glaring out of his eyes with such mental depravity. They wanted him to believe he was insane when in reality he wasn’t at all. He just needed an exorcism. We performed the exorcism and he was freed from these vicious spirits that sought to enslave him with the bondage of insanity. Not only was he freed from many demons but he also LOOKS different. In the following evening meeting which he attended I noticed how different he looked. His eyes spoke of clarity, purpose and peace! I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to conduct the exorcism. This is what we did and he was miraculously cured from madness and insanity. He recently emailed me and to share that since his deliverance, he now desires to serve Jesus on the mission fields in Africa.

“Hi Jay its John here, the one who was delivered of insanity, any way I have done a lot of praying and I feel as though going to Africa is a HUGE step in the right direction and I talked to my fiance and she also wants to come along as we both feel that this sort of thing is what God has planned for our lives. God bless you.”

This is very refreshing to hear! Here’s a man just recently liberated from the mental chains of insanity now desiring to enter the mission field to impact others with the message of freedom. I know God will use Him greatly for His kingdom purposes.

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