Victim of voodoo inquires: “Pastor Jay do you use black or white magic in your exorcisms?”

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Here with the family enjoying Southern California. We have been spending a lot of time on Coronado Beach on Coronado Island the past several days enjoying the cool waters of the Pacific and the sun drenched sands. The kids are absolutely loving it! We also journeyed out by boat for some whale watching. We were told it’s been a hit and miss season with the whale sightings however on this trip we were able to see a handful of whales, dolphins and some sea lions too. It’s been a refreshing vacation and yet I still find myself casting out demons. Allow me to explain.

We have been visiting various coastal cities here on the West Coast and while driving the Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me that I was needing to call back an elderly lady who lives in Queens, New York, who has desperately reached out for spiritual assistance. As some of you know, I normally do not conduct phone ministry as it can be so time consuming, as one call can easily last for hours. However the Holy Spirit told me to call this woman, so I obeyed! I’m sure I glad I did because I received a massive blessing!

This dear woman was so excited that I called and began to share her story. She started off by telling me she had recently visited a voodoo priest and undergone a ritual in the ocean. She then inquired, “Pastor Jay, do you use white or black magic in your exorcisms?”

I abruptly stopped her and shared with this woman that it is forbidden to utilize black or white magic in an exorcism and that the power I use derives from the Lord Jesus Christ. Obviously with the kind of inquiry she offered I immediately wondered to myself if she had ever encountered the Lord Jesus in an salvation experience. 

“Have you ever been born again by the power of the Holy Spirit?”

“Well, no, I have been water baptized, tho, but never by the Holy Spirit,” she replied.

There it was. No wonder this woman has suffered so much, for so many years. No Jesus, no peace. I briefly shared the love of Jesus with her and she began to weep. For a very long time she has suffered at the hands of witchdoctors, voodoo practitioners, sorcerers, spiritualists, and occultists. Many of them have lured her into participating in dark rituals and satanic ceremonies leading her into deep demonic bondage. The deep cries spoke of her intense spiritual pain. 

I led in a prayer to receive Jesus and this precious woman was born into God’s eternal Kingdom. She kept on crying and immediately a little girl surfaced within this woman and spoke to me with such sadness and despair. I led this little one (a dissociative identity who took upon the pain for all of these years) into the arms of Jesus for healing. I then began the warfare and with great screams, coughing and chocking many demons left this woman’s body in Jesus name. She was so relieved and peaceful after this powerful deliverance. I encouraged her to rest in the presence of God and she readily agreed. 

My friends, in season and out of season: preach Jesus! On holiday, on vacation, wherever you might be, God is always wanting to rescue souls. Be ever aware that the Holy Spirit desires to speak to His children! Here I was with enjoying my family on a beautiful vacation and yet experienced the joys of leading a soul to Jesus, seeing her healed and delivered from demons! Can it get any better than that? This is the LIFE Jesus desires for all of us to experience.

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