7 Hours of Exorcisms in Houston, Deliverance Minister FREED!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Sunday night before a jammed packed conference hall in Houston, Texas, we publicly battled the forces of Satan in the conquering name of Jesus! As often the case, in our public meetings, we had precious souls travel great distances from around the nation to attend this Church of the Cross public deliverance service for spiritual freedom. The meeting hall was filled with capacity and even with extra chairs brought in we had to add another additional meeting room to meet the spiritual needs of those who had arrived for help and prayer. 

For more than 7 hours I led the body of Christ in Holy Communion, taught from the WORD, prayed for the sick, those broken in heart, and drove out demons in Jesus name. Moreover, I was honored to formally ordain a dear brother named Stanley as a pastor. There was great participation among those who were attending. After teaching on spiritual warfare I shared the gospel and a precious 10 year old boy surrendered to the Lord Jesus before all those in the meeting hall! After his salvation experience he shared with me that he wanted to be used of God to cast out demons too! Love it!

I then proceeded to lead everyone in mass deliverance prayers and within seconds demons were manifesting within those in attendance. On this night, there were very strange demonic contortions, screams, foaming at the mouth, animalistic sounds, convulsions, and other demonic behavior on display. The Holy Spirit directed me to a young lady, perhaps in her mid-20’s– who was under great attack the entire night. As I began to pray over her a spirit surfaced named, “Hate.” 

“I’m here because she was molested by every man in her life. I’m not leaving. I’m here to stay. I make her hate everyone,” the demons of hate revealed, “I’m telling you right now, we are not leaving!”

You know, my friend, what happens next, don’t you? Yes, they aggressively and boastfully stated they were staying but Jesus is Lord and they must obey Him! They ended up in the PIT!

Not only was the spirits of hate present within her but also many vicious and aggressive spirits of witchcraft, human sacrifice, blood sacrifice, animal sacrifice, divination, Satanism, occultism, spiritualism, Santeria and so much more. They growled. They groaned. They moaned. They sought to battled me however the power of the cross was too great for them and they literally bowed to the ground in the presence of the power of the cross! As I led this young woman in prayer to renounce these generational and personal sins the demons had no hope of winning this battle. All of them were expelled out of this woman’s body. 

I had the demonic spirits release the ancestral parts and the dissociative parts of the heart and all of them were swiftly sent to Jesus. In this particular battle we had to fight so many kinds of spirits –trauma, abandonment, rejection, bitterness, anger, murder, Jezebel, death, suicide, rage, shame and so many others. They fought as hard they could to stay within this young lady for you must understand her ancestors had participated in sadistic satanic sacrifices involving animal and human blood. So many generational curses were renounced and broken in Jesus name and the demonic spirits screamed out of her!

“Jay, I feel so much lighter now,” as her face shone with deep peace, post deliverance!

Obviously, more work needs to be done but significant deliverance has taken place in her life and I rejoice in this! 

That powerful public exorcism was simply just the beginning. All night long, well past midnight (we started the service at 5pm) we drove out untold numbers of evil spirits, healed broken hearts and various kinds of physical afflictions were healed also in Jesus name! 

There were a handful of believers present who had been affected by witchcraft curses and spells by enemies of the cross. These precious believers were freed! One young lady, a teacher by profession, traveled with her family to the meeting and experienced a dramatic deliverance. As soon as I began to pray over her, very strange kinds of devils surfaced from within her including some strong voodoo spirits that twisted her body like a pretzel. Seriously, these spirits were hell bent to ensure her body was contorted. At one point I had the demons hold onto my holy cross and immediately they inverted the cross in mockery. I rebuked the demons and they obeyed the commands of Jesus. 

This precious lady had been invaded by numerous voodoo, African witchcraft, Jezebel, Baal, and idol worshipping demonic entities. They fought me aggressively but they were forced out in Jesus name, as all of these sins and curses were broken over her life. Moreover, it was interesting to note that many of the demons gained access to her life because of various individuals whom she works with had been sending voodoo curses to her with the hopes of destroying this woman. My friends, you just never know who might be trying to hinder, to afflict, to destroy you. This is why we must remain on guard and be pro-active in spiritual warfare! 

Another woman in the meeting was surfacing powerful Buddhist spirits hell bent on staying within this prison evangelist who was herself a deliverance minister. Throughout the night she received freedom as spirits were confronted and expelled in Jesus name. Only a few members of her family have trusted in Christ so the generational bloodline was dominated by ancestral worshipping, idol worshipping, and Buddhist spirits. Many of these demons were confronted and expelled in Jesus name!

Yet another woman in the audience manifested spirits —demons of rejection, cruelty, and trauma. Along with the demons were many various broken heart parts that were deeply hurt. Many of them were healed by Jesus and oneness occurred within her formerly shattered heart. The spirit cruelty, at one point, even threw this precious woman to the ground in an attempt to harm her. All of these vile demons were driven out in Jesus name!

Others in the meeting hall received deliverance from demons and healed from various afflictions. The warfare was intense however the grace and mercy of our God was very much present. Many were trained now to minister to those especially in the areas of inner healing where there is a real deep need to offer spiritual healing to those broken in heart. For the past several years we are seeing many broken heart parts healed very quickly by Jesus and many experiencing a whole heart for the first time in a very long time. Jesus has come to heal the brokenhearted this we know!

It was well after 3am before I was able to get back to bed to get some rest then back up to catch another flight. It’s been a hectic few days catching flights all over America. While in Indiana we were able to remove more than 7 bags full on cursed objects out of a elderly man’s home that had been experiencing night attacks. All day ministry there and then non-stop ministry in Houston. Please pray for me. I need supernatural grace and strength. Pray for my health. The pace I’m on is astounding. I’m really praying for the Holy Spirit to fill me with His fire that will sustain me.

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