Miracle Report from Greece, 500 Jezebels Defeated!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s well after 3am and I am rejoicing in the amazing miraculous works that were experienced by so many on this European mission. This entire Sunday was filled with amazing ministry here in the city of Athens where I conducted a morning and evening service at the Covenant Disciples Fellowship. In the morning service I had the wonderful honor to formally ordain 4 men into the gospel ministry. I always count it a sacred privilege to participate and lead the sacrament of Holy Orders which involve the laying upon of hands of those whom the Holy Spirit has called into the work of the Kingdom. This year around the globe I have been fortunate to see many men and women of God placed into the work of the gospel and seeing the grace of God being extended to these disciples. They are now, in return, reaching souls for Jesus. Not only did we ordain precious men into the ministry I also taught from the Scriptures and the people were greatly encouraged by the message of the WORD. 

In the evening service, I taught from the Scriptures, prayed for the sick and drove out demons in Jesus name. While leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers, specifically targeting generational curses, God liberated precious souls. The first lady I ministered to revealed to everyone that she had idol worship in her family background and she wanted freedom on this night. As I began to pray over her, she began to experience various kinds of demonic convulsions. After renouncing the curses these generational spirits had no opportunity in staying within her so they were swiftly commanded out of her body. Immediately the demonic shaking ceased and she testified of feeling the freedom of Jesus in her life. I also prayed for many others and was astonished to hear of so many reports of miracles as a result of attending these public training seminars and deliverance services. Many experienced deliverance from evil spirits, healing of their broken hearts, freed from various forms of demonic afflictions and were deeply encouraged to serve Jesus. 

One dear lady was so deeply impacted that she came up to the platform I was standing on and fell to my feet, her face covered with tears, she cried out saying how as a result of these meetings she is NOW free from the powers of Satan and now able to serve King Jesus with no more barriers in her life. Other men and women approached me with similar testimonies which, obviously, encouraged me greatly. Even the host pastor testified before his congregation that as a result of following this mission for years he has also been inspired and motivated to be more involved in the ministry of casting out demons. This is a critical aspect of what we do. We desire to not only free people from satanic bondage but we want to motivate the Body of Christ to carry on the works of the Kingdom wherever they might find themselves. I have seen the fruit of this aspect of the ministry on a global scale. So many pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and fellow apostles, have been lifted up with holy inspiration as a result of our work among their churches. They are dedicating more time to this integral part of the gospel –the driving out of demons. Result? Many countless souls finding freedom from evil spirits. 

After the evening service the spiritual warfare continued on as I met up with a Malaysian disciple whom I’ll refer to as John. For a number of years, John has been following this ministry and listened to our global radio presentations. He has been touched through these outreaches and made the decision to travel from the UK where he currently lives with his wife and to journey to Greece for liberation from the tormenting spirits operating his life. For years this man has been suffering. A victim of horrific childhood sexual abuse, violence, word curses from his own mother, emotional abuse, strange scratches on his body, mental torments, sexual dysfunctions to the point where he has not been able to enter into any martial relations with his wife for many years. This is horrible what John had been experiencing. 

John has been so desperate for deliverance and healing that he traveled all over the earth looking for assistance. He traveled to New Zealand to meet up with a deliverance minister. The minister simply identified the spirits but that’s all. He never exorcised the spirits from John. This is so puzzling to me but not entirely surprised. As many ministers of the gospel are simply ill equipped in the ministry of deliverance and inner healing. So John suffered year after year with no relief. He then traveled onward to the United States to attend a large healing crusade where again he was met with disappointment as no one offered to drive out the demons from his body and mind.

Since he was familiar with the our mission as a result of the radio presentations and our email updates he decided to make arrangements to travel to my next European mission. So he flew into Athens and attended every meeting I have conducted here. I was also determined to see him set free. God did not disappoint.

During the ministry session, with John, more than 500 spirits named Jezebel surfaced along with more than 10 Eunuch spirits (you might recall that a few eunuchs were present with Jezebel prior to her death). Jezebel operates closely with her henchmen –the spirit of the Eunuchs. As I confronted the Jezebel spirits it was revealed they had been within John all his life as they passed through his mother. 

His mother, sadly, simply strengthened the demons within her own son as she would often curse him: “You are so stupid, you are deaf and dumb,” sayings of this sort. No wonder John was mentally bound. Who wouldn’t be if one’s mother cursed in such a manner. He had been sexually abused by a nanny, a piano teacher and abused by others. This brought fragmentation within his soul that no previous minister discovered. One wonders what are ministers discovering in counseling sessions with those hurting if not a broken heart? Yes, demons but also broken heart parts that need healing from Jesus. 

“We are the ones afflicting him with the sexual dysfunctions, the scratches, the mental torments and the oppression,” Jezebel readily acknowledged. These vile spirits also revealed that there were 10 other spirits named, Eunuchs. They too were responsible for causing the sexual dysfunctions within his marriage. 

Not only was Jezebel afflicting John in this manner, they were also holding in captivity more than 20 parts of his broken heart. I commanded the spirits of Jezebel to release the 20 heart parts and quickly they were released. I spoke to a few of them and they possessed such grief, sadness and hurt. Some of them said that all the parts were scattered about so I had the angels assist in locating all the broken heart parts and to bring them together so I might speak to each of them. Within a minute the angels had gathered all 20. I sent them to Jesus and immediately Jesus appeared to them along with His holy angels and offered amazing words of comforting love, assurance, and peace. The parts were very ready to be unified and were swiftly sent to John’s heart and for the first time in more than 40 years he experienced a whole, healed, and restored heart! The peace was very evident on John’s face

I then proceeded to drive out all of the demonic spirits, all 510 of them and they quickly departed in Jesus name. Again more peace on his face. His face shone like an angel. He finally received peace in his heart and body and one could easily SEE it too! Jesus prevailed and Jezebel was once again put to flight. 

It’s been an astonishing mission in so many ways ending on a very positive note as another disciple was freed from the spirits of Jezebel. These past few nights, we saw explosive appearances of Jezebel. Some very violent manifestations. But the power of God was demonstrated for all to see –Jesus conquered Jezebel and placed her into that pit! 

I truly believe our work here in the Mediterranean has just only begun. They have already invited me back to hold more public deliverance meetings. I am grateful for God’s grace and mercy on this mission as it’s been difficult in some ways. I have not been 100% on this entire trip and look forward to getting some more rest as this kind of ministry along with the extensive travel I conduct can be grueling. More then people realize. It’s amazing I have been able to accomplish so much, in so many nations around the world, in 2013. God to be praised!

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