Jezebel Demons Departing During Teaching Seminar in Denver

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s well after 3am and I just completed another day of meetings where we saw souls set free from demonic bondage.

We have been witnessing powerful acts of the Holy Spirit in our meetings here in Denver, Colorado. This has been our 3rd mission to Denver this year and we have seen mighty miracles each and every time we come here. Though we were small in number God did not disappoint as He displayed His power over sickness, demons, and various kinds of demonic afflictions.

Earlier we conducted a training seminar, “Removing Demons, Healing Hearts,” where I spent more than 4 hours teaching those attending the seminar how to cast out demons, to heal the sick, and to minister to those broken in heart. While in the midst of the teaching from God’s Word, a lady named Helen, was being supernaturally touched by Jesus to the point to where the demons within her were coming to the surface and were departing her body. At one point, during the teaching from the Scriptures, the incredible spiritual pressure upon the demons were so intense that they were exiting this woman’s body. Helen actually left the meeting hall at one point because she was needing to vomit. As she vomited she was feeling spiritual relief and could breathe much better. In fact, while encountering some more demons, within her, moments later, it was revealed by one of the demons that it was Jezebel that exited her body while she was vomiting. 

We see this quite often in our public seminars and meetings where people are testifying of being delivered and healed by simply being present during the teaching. The presence of God is driving demons, infirmities, and other kinds of afflictions out of bodies and souls. 

After the teaching session I continued demonstrating, to those attending the meeting, the very principles I was instructing on. Helen who had just been liberated from the powers of Jezebel, shared with everyone she had been terribly afflicted with arthritis for more than 23 years! Severe pain, throughout her body, had brought great suffering to this dear woman. I began to minister and pray for Helen. Within seconds, she began to shake and a demon surfaced named, “Arthritis,” who boasted how he was causing tormenting pain. He loved the fact that he was able to afflict her with such great pain however he was frustrated in that she was “stubborn for God,” (the demon’s words) and that she was fighting them. There were demons of death, fear, and sickness within her that had brought such suffering to this woman and her family. I immediately called forth holy angels and more than 10 arrived (the demons were revealing how they could see these 10 mighty angels) to assist me in battling these evil spirits. Many of these spirits were generational and been in the bloodline for many years and yet no one came along to offer deliverance and curse breaking to this lady. How disappointing this is to hear of no church offering intervention. God sent us and we intervened. 

In battling the spirit of arthritis and some spirits of sickness we commanded them to take upon themselves the pains, the infirmities and the other afflictions and they were commanded out in Jesus name and we ministered healing to this woman. She was nearly instantly healed and could walk around the meeting hall completely pain FREE! This is amazing, 23 years of pain vanished within minutes! Our God heals! 

Many of the demons also revealed, during the exorcism, they had been holding captive many parts of her broken heart. They were forced to release the parts of the broken heart. One little 4 year old part surfaced and along with many others. They were sent to Jesus and Helen was miraculously healed from a broken heart! She even testified of how happy her heart felt! Imagine the new life this woman will now experience as a result of this ministry session? 

Also, during this spiritual war it was discovered that one spirit named Fear had gained access to her as a result of her being fearful in a home she lived in back as a little girl. The spirit of fear revealed, “We were in that house, she lived in, we were there because the prior owners abused innocent children.” They were simply lingering around (the abuse in this home allowed the demons access to the property) waiting for the opportunity to attack this young girl. When she experienced severe fear, that allowed the demons access and then they simply followed her when her family moved to another home thereby continuing the torment. 

These tormenting demons were driven out in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ! Helen had been truly transformed by the love of God!

While leading everyone in deliverance prayers, others were experiencing freedom by breaking generational curses and demons. One lady, named Jackie, that started manifesting while we broke curses was brought to the front. She mentioned she was growling like a wild animal as we were breaking curses and heard a voice within her head to tell me to, “shut up, shut up, shut up.” These were demons who were furious that I would dare to expose them and defeat them by the power of Jesus! 

While ministering to her many generational Jezebel spirits surfaced along with a Arabic spirit that revealed to us that her ancestors had opened many doorways to the demonic including:

  • animal and human blood sacrifices
  • orgies
  • sexual perversion with animals
  • incest
  • witchcraft
  • casting of spells, hexes and curses
  • satanic ritualism

These were renounced and we confronted the demons within this lady. As we battled the demons it was discovered that more than 40 ancestral parts existed. I spoke to a little 2 year old and sent her to Jesus. They were all released and experienced Jesus. 

Many of the demons within her were ancient spirits stemming from ancestral participation in the dark arts. Some of the demons were rooted in more than 2,400 years of generational ties. These wicked spirits were defeated. All of them were defeated in Jesus name and sent to the pit. Furthermore, after she was being liberated Jesus appeared to her and exclaimed: “You are set FREE!” She was indeed free and experienced deep inner healing of various broken parts of her heart!

We also ministered to a young 10 year old girl who was on crutches as she was in such great pain from a accident that occurred earlier. We prayed for her and commanded the pain to be gone in Jesus name. The pain instantly vanished. She testified of feeling zero pain! She was able to walk around without the aid of the crutches and gave glory to Jesus for He truly healed this woman! We also ministered to a young man who had been experiencing some spiritual hardship. I placed my holy cross on his chest and he revealed to me that he felt a very warm supernatural sensation as a result of the holy cross being placed upon him. God granted him his holy presence! 

So, many miracles, so little time to report on this mission. Others experienced a measure of divine physical healing. Please pray for our meetings in Southern California later tonight!

By the way, check out our powerful video testimonies from those healed and delivered from evil spirits. Jesus performed many signs and wonders and I look forward to seeing more miracles as we continue this North American mission where we will be ministering some 13 days in a row in multiple cities across the continent. Appreciate your prayers for this mission that seeks to win the lost, drive out demons, heal broken hearts and bodies! 

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