War in Los Angeles, Many Jesus Victories!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

These past several days in Southern California have been constant warfare. We have had to really fight the good fight. A few nights ago, upon arriving from Denver, Colorado, we had a public deliverance service in the city of Arcadia. It was amazing to see even after 3 hours after the meeting had started individuals were still arriving in from other areas to receive healing and deliverance. After leading everyone in Holy Communion, we began to pray for those who had assembled.

The first lady we ministered to was a woman who had been invaded by the spirits of death. They threw her head back and shook her body. They spoke and said they had been within her bloodline for many generations and had brought premature death into her family. This dear saint had already renounced the curse so we simply commanded the demons of death out of her and they departed quickly in Jesus name. We also ministered to a Asian woman, in her 70’s, who had an ancient ancestral dissociative identity, that was sent to Jesus. We also dealt with this woman whom also had a host of bloodthirsty Japanese Samurai Warrior spirits that had been in her ancestral bloodline for centuries. They were defeated and sent to the pit in Jesus name! 

In this public meeting many evil spirits were commanded out of bodies and souls in the powerful name of Jesus. In fact, the next morning while leading everyone in the “Removing Demons, Healing Hearts Seminar,” I heard a handful of powerful testimonies where it was revealed that during our evening mass deliverance prayers that many were touched by Jesus to where many demons were being removed. Testimony after testimony spoke of evil spirits coming out of bodies and souls. Testimonies spoke of healing, liberation, relief, and inner peace now. This is why we conduct public meetings as we are fully aware that many are simply delivered from demons by simply being present in our meetings. In this I give God praise! 

Last night’s meeting was tough however. We had great difficulty breaking through. This happens. There were many spiritual walls that greatly hindered us. We pressed on and disciples reported great healing and deliverance. One Asian lady that attended our meeting encountered something she had never experienced before in her life. As a number of Jezebel spirits were surfacing from within her, I had her hold onto my holy cross. Mind you this dear lady, a mother of two, was experiencing extreme cold and was shaking as a result. I had her hold my holy cross and as she touched it she withdrew.

“Ouch, it’s hot!” she told me.

Try it again. So she reached out attempting to hold my holy cross.

“Ouch, it’s hot, I can’t seem to hold it,” she hold me again.

I was persistent and asked her to try one more time.

“I can’t believe this. I can’t touch the cross. It’s hot,” she said while looking extremely baffled.

Why couldn’t this dear lady hold a cross? It was because the demons within her –the Jezebel spirits– didn’t want to experience the power of the shed blood that laid upon the cross. I have seen my holy cross drive out and weaken thousands of evil spirits around the world. Here was another dramatic example of this. Eventually she was able to hold it and was able to drive out many demons from this woman. She still needs ongoing ministry however we also ministered to a handful of broken pieces of her heart that also surfaced ranging from the ages of 4 to 9. They surfaced with great grief and pain. They were sent to Jesus and her heart experienced a powerful healing. These parts even said they were able to see Jesus. In this I praise God.

I was astounded by the amount of people, in this meeting, who had revealed that they had prior involvement in the occult (this would explain the difficulty in ministering on this night). I would estimate 70% of those assembled had been involved in rather deeply in the occult. From visiting witchdoctors to reading one’s Tarot Cards, to reading New Age books to being forced to attend ceremonies. There was a high level involvement in the occult in one way or another. This deeply troubled me. We pressed on and had everyone renounce, in public, all forms of the occult and witchcraft. As we did many demons departed including some from a African young lady and a Catholic believer. Other broken hearts were healed supernaturally by the Lord Jesus. 

I’ll be honest with you my friends it was difficult to minister on this night. However, we simply pressed onward in Christ. Knowing He had the victory! It was encouraging to hear that though we were strongly resisted Jesus still healed hearts and delivered souls from bondage. One young man who attended the meeting was trying to escape his family’s involvement in the Illuminati. He testified of being forced by his own parents to immerse himself in their satanic activities. However, he has recently come to know Jesus and he has fought back these powerful spirits in Jesus name. Though we were not able to spend too much time with him as there were so many others needing assistance he shared with me personally that he feels much better as he could feel some of these Illuminati demons leave his body. 

Over these past few days in the Los Angeles area we have witnessed the power of God despite the opposition of the enemy. I was also encouraged by a testimony, I received while on this mission, from a disciple whom recently purchased my small volume on the subject on the deeper mysteries of the deliverance ministry. As a result of reading this book he received a measure of freedom and deep healing. He writes:

“Jay, as for me- more broken parts were brought to Jesus and Healed and restored. I read your booklet on ancestral dissociation, and gave it a shot after reading. One ancestral part was found, left (I heard that part say ‘Oh, is it time to go?) And went to Jesus.”

After reading the book, he reported, he decided to try to investigate whether there were ancient brokenness in his own life. No doubt, to his surprise, he dissevered one ancestral part that actually spoke. It was sent out and met with Jesus. This is truly exciting. Yes, we minister in these public meetings however we also minister via our many volumes and small publications. In fact, here in California, I have distributed perhaps more than a 100 of my newest publications with the hopes of reaching many more souls for Jesus. God is pleased to display His liberating power to many who are reading these volumes. 

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