Unusual Miracle in Alabama: Removed Raccoon from Human!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m still receiving amazing reports from our recent Southern California mission. In fact, our Los Angeles mission contact texted me earlier to report others obtaining freedom from evil spirits and a victory report of her friend receiving a miraculous healing, as she now reports her eyesight improved from our last meeting. God truly met the needs of the people and I rejoice in His love!

I’m currently in Mobile, Alabama, where I arrived late last night from Southern California. It was a very long journey from San Diego to Texas then onward to Louisiana. I then drove from New Orleans, Louisiana through Mississippi onward to Mobile where I arrived at nearly 3am. This most recent mission is literally taking me across the continent where we are seeing many souls being set free from demons in the name of Jesus. While here in the city of Mobile we have been ministering over a 12 hour period to a satanic ceremonial abuse victim who has been suffering greatly for many years. Linda pleaded for me to intervene while I was recently in Denver conducting a mission. After hearing some of the horrific demonic attacks she has been suffering from I was determined to assist in Jesus name hence all the intensive traveling! 

There were several key dates in Linda’s life that left her open to demonic invasion. The days she was cursed by a witch whom she worked with. Classic Jezebel. Another day was when she was sodomized. Another key date was when she was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy. How did the demons use this medical procedure to invade Linda’s life you might wondering? Well, as with many invasive medical procedures of our day, she was under anesthesia. While under anesthesia, the doctor attending her, used the opportunity to rape her. Moreover, he cut her and drank some of her blood. He performed some standard satanic rituals –a destruction and lust ritual– while attending to Linda. Mind you he was a satanist with ancestral roots in sorcery that goes back more than 400 years. Not only did he sadistically abuse this dear woman but he also inserted within her body nearly two dozen dead animal parts. Without getting into all of the gory details you can imagine how this evil doctor inserted these creatures in her body. It was disgusting to hear of the horrific event that occurred. 

This powerfully controlled satanist inserted all kinds of animals within her, during that surgical procedure, from a rat tail to a butterfly wing to a dog ear. We had a battle on our hands and I was determined to fight these strong satanic forces with the weapons of Jesus. For more than 12 hours I battled many thousands of demons, human interjects, animal soul parts, and so much more. The exorcism was violent. The exorcism was gruesome. The exorcism produced the power of Jesus over the demons! 

In the midst of the exorcism we encountered 100’s of demons that were rooted in Santeria, ancient pagan religions, Jezebel and multitudes of other kinds of demonic beings. Some of them boasted how they had kept in place all of these years parts of dead animals. Specifically, they revealed they held in place, in her stomach, a piece of a dead raccoon. As you can imagine, the imagery that immediately came to our minds made us uneasy. I have encountered and extracted dead animals, a fetus, and cursed objects from bodies before and in each case the battle was intense and this exorcism was no different. 

For many hours, we warred against the demons that held onto the raccoon. In a very dramatic fashion, we forced the demons holding captive the raccoon to depart in Jesus name. With blood-laced vomit the animal was seen being carried out by the evil spirits. As the demons departed so did a piece of the dead raccoon. The color of the raccoon was clearly discernible as was it’s fur. Little chunks of the raccoon was removed by forceful commands in Jesus name. The chunks of the dead raccoon landed in a basket and removed from the home. It was disgusting to witness I assure you however immediately Linda revealed she was feeling so much better as a result. There’s much more to this most unusual case as thousands of strange kinds of entities and powers exited her body on this night but I must end it here as I’m extremely tired and will be departing the city of Mobile for a series of meetings and training seminars in Charlotte and Baltimore. I hope to share more of this encounter soon with everyone. Jesus conquered the powers of evil!

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