Massive War with Mormon Demons (Public & Private Exorcisms)

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Yesterday, here in Salt Lake City, Utah, we met up with a family being targeted by the powers of evil. For many hours associate pastor Peter Toler and I battled numerous demonic spirits including: Mormonism Mind Control, Jezebel, Death, Anger, Moroni, Astrology, and a host of others. For years this precious family has suffered greatly at the hands of our spiritual enemies. In particular this Christian mother of three whom I’ll refer to as Mandy. As some of you might be aware, Salt Lake City is dominated by the powers to be with the Mormon Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as LDS) and one can easily pick up the spiritual oppression that emanates in this region of the nation. Many believers in Christ have personally testified of this reality. Salt Lake City is a hotbed for satanic ceremonial trauma. Why? Because this city serves as the chief headquarters of the Mormon Church that functions as a cult group that not only denies the essentials of historic Christian faith namely that Jesus is God in the flesh but also participates in very eerie metaphysical ceremonies involving raw demonic elements. Moreover, the cult group operates temples where known Luciferian ideals are being promoted. It was here we in this kind of environment we conducted an exorcism.

At first we led Mandy to renounce numerous occult sins and curses her family participated in through the generations. Then the various Mormon acts she participated in –being baptized, submitting to the unholy upon of hands, being baptized for the dead, various confessions that she formally verbalized affirming Mormonism and the generational curses of Mormonism that go back several generations. As Mandy renounced these acts a number of demons surfaced. Powerful spirits. Her body began to contort horribly. Her body was twisted like a pretzel. The first group of demons that surfaced were named, “Mormon Mind Control,” these numbered well over a million. 

I have spent a life time looking into the dynamics of mind control and can speak with authority on this subject. I grew up in a family that was involved in a mind controlling secret society and have ministered to thousands who have been enslaved by cults and led them into freedom through Jesus! I know of the strong powers that exist in mind controlling sects. These Mormon mind controlling spirits were hell bent on blinding this woman however because Mandy had surrendered to Christ and was actively seeking to serve Jesus these spirits were now very concerned about their very existence within this woman’s mind. What we discovered, as we continued on with the exorcism, was SHOCKING:

  • Mind controlling mechanisms were implanted within her soul to control her when she was involved in Mormonism so that the church leaders could sexually abuse her.
  • The Mormon Bishop purposely created dissociative states, via gruesome satanic ritualism, so that they could be accessed when needed to further the sexual abuse.
  • The Bishop’s laying upon of hands, the baptisms, the confessions, her attendance furthered and deepened the mind control within Mandy’s soul.
  • While under various altered states of consciousness Mandy was placed in horrific satanic ceremonies including some that allowed the Mormons to cut her and drink her blood.
  • The oaths, the vows, the ritualism, the ceremonies, the affirmations, gave the mind controlling spirits great strength and that provided them the ability to greatly resist our efforts.
  • With the mind controlling spirits were various dissociative parts of the Bishop. Allow me to explain.

As Mandy submitted to the Bishop, for example, in the laying upon of hands, that allowed the Bishop to control her mind to access her mind. Much needs to be said about this spiritual act. Because he had access he was able to transfer into her soul and body various elements that furthered her demonization. This is how Mormons are largely controlled. It’s difficult for many Mormons to escape (I have been able to lead many dozens into freedom however by the power of Jesus) because of this very fact. Various dissociative identities (in this sense human interjects) are now within Mandy. I spoke to the Bishop and he was petrified. He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe I was able to access him. You should have seen his look! Stunned! He was commanded out along with the demons with him and they immediately departed.

Furthermore, this is how the Mormons were able to sexually please themselves using Mandy, at the time a young lady, as they were able to access the various parts and they placed in her a trance state. This is how satanic cults, false religious groups and sadistic sects are able to accomplish so much in the realms of human and drug trafficking is through the manipulation of the soul via abuse and trauma. When all of this was discovered and revealed you should have seen how the spirits reacted. They took their physicality to another level –they were becoming more violent and aggressive as their secrets were now being revealed.

Remember, there is power in secrets. There lies deception and the ability to work undetected. We must expose the unfruitful deeds of darkness as the apostle Paul stated in Ephesians 5:11. We continued on with the exorcism and as Mandy renounced the mind control and all the various controlling elements we were able to drive out more than one million of these spirits. It was difficult my friends, trust me. We had to systematically, go through the various oaths, vows, rituals, ceremonies, to lead her to formally renounce all aspects allowing us the ability to cast out these million demons. It was a war!

These mass numbers of demons fought me and the holy angels. I called for 3 archangels (there are numerous archangels within the angelic kingdom) and 3 of them showed up and assisted me in the spiritual battle. All of us raised our swords and struck the demons. They resisted us. They used their weapons. Peter and I could feel the battle waging around us. We continued to strike them and used all of the spiritual weapons at our disposal. Finally the spirits bowed before the cross of Jesus!

It was then discovered that these many spirits held unto various dissociative identities of Mandy. As I led one young part to confess that Jesus is God the entire army of 1 million mind controlling spirits flew out of her mouth and entered the pit! Mandy testified of feeling so much better. 

We also were able to access an ancestral dissociative identity that held ancient Mormon curses and demons. These were renounced the part was sent to Jesus. We also met up with a little prenatal part that was present because when Mandy was only a months in the womb her twin suddenly died resulting in her little soul being traumatized thus this little part. It met up with Jesus and healed. We also dealt with other little ones and they were sent to Jesus quickly for healing. So much healing transpired! Jesus truly heals broken hearts as revealed in Luke 4:18.

A more powerful spirit surfaced named Moroni. As some of you might be aware Moroni is the so called angel that appeared to the founder of Mormonism Joseph Smith to reveal spiritual teachings that would lead to development of this global cult. Moroni, is not an holy angel. He is a powerful spirit. He is a principality. As I write this I am being attacked. I am feeling dizzy. He is overseeing the spiritual activity that occurs here in Utah. Let’s not be surprised. He is placed on all the temples and such is in a high place. He is a prideful demon and he fought me but he knows who Jesus is!

I asked him: You know Jesus is God don’t you?

“Yes, but I’m here to deceive Mormons, to ensure they believe he isn’t,” Moroni told me.

There were so many of these Moroni demon spirits within this woman, numbering into the hundreds of thousands. I really had to battle these forces. Wave after wave they came against me. However they were no match for King Jesus! Our great God defeated these armies and Moroni confessed Jesus is LORD! Moroni was sent to the pit. 

By the way, I encourage you my friends, to be effective in battling the cults you must be of good and sound doctrine. This is a key element of the Freedom Fighter International Training Center. I spend considerable amount of time teaching, instructing on Systematic Theology. We must be of sound doctrine as the apostle Paul instructed. I would encourage everyone to register for these courses today so you can not only learn how to cast out demons and heal the sick but also be equipped in the mind. This is key element of warfare. This is not merely a power encounter but also a truth encounter. We must counter lies with truth. This is what I term as a Jesus encounter –a balance of power and truth!

Obviously, Mandy, after the expulsion of these demons, was feeling much better however, we discovered a group of Jezebel demons that was above Moroni. Today, we battle her. Please pray! Jesus will win!

After the home exorcism Peter and I traveled to the Temple Square, in Salt Lake City, and there was that demon angel named Moroni placed so prominently above the main temple. I felt the anger of the spirit as I drew closer to him. Oh, well. Jesus is God, He is LORD! In the shadow of this wicked demon and with the Temple looming above us, we ministered on the streets, in public. We encountered a 52 year old Danish woman who revealed she had been water baptized by Mormons. We shared the gospel and she readily opened her life to the fact that Jesus is God and was born again. Moreover, I led her, before the public, to renounce the Mormon baptism. She did and then conducted a public exorcism upon her. Demons flew out of her quickly! Not only was she was born again but she also was delivered from demons on the streets! She exclaimed: “I really feel good! I felt the demons leave me. Thank you so much.” God is awesome!

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