Miracle Reports: “I have never seen anything like that in my life.”

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m deeply humbled by all of the miraculous wonders that we have witnessed on this North American Deliverance Tour that has literally taken us across America, in many different cities setting captives free. Though we are not completed with this tour, thus far we have witnessed these amazing miracles:


  • Six or seven souls healed from poor eyesight and freed from spirits of blindness (individuals reported being able to see clearly without needing glasses)
  • Five souls being healed from ringing of the ears and freed from spirits of deafness (in nearly every case it was instantly healing)
  • A 10 year old girl instantly healed from pain (she was on crutches but dropped the crutches and was able to walk around with zero pain)
  • About ten or so souls supernaturally healed from arthritis and associated pains. In one meeting alone, we saw about 6 instantly healed from arthritic pain
  • We removed numerous animals out of a woman including parts of a raccoon, butterfly, rat and dog
  • Many ancestral dissociative identities, human interjects, animal soul parts, and dissociative identities were encountered resulting in either removal, healing or deliverance
  • Some powerful encounters with holy angels where they assisted us greatly in ministering to those bound by evil spirits
  • Dozens of souls powerfully delivered from demons as we have conducted dozens of exorcisms
  • Hundreds have been equipped in the area of deliverance and healing ministry

Even in our morning training session in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I taught from the Scriptures and ministered to a young lady in front of me bound by Masonic spirits. I was able to reach a number of dissociative identities within her and each of them experienced the healing of Jesus. Furthermore, some of them experienced deliverance as demons were expelled from them. Moreover, I spoke to an ancestral dissociative identity born in 1920 whose body died in the 1970’s. This ancestral part was guided to Jesus. Even after I left the training session, our mission contact for Michigan, Jeff and his wife Lala, continued the ministry resulting in many demons being driven out in the name of Jesus.

This has been a rest day for me and as I have been looking at my emails I have marveled at some of the powerful testimonies that have come through. Including a email from a pastor whom was impacted by this mission more than 10 years ago! Read this:

“Jay, God bless you my friend. Its been a long time. I have read many of your emails. I see God is still using you in the ministry of deliverance and casting out devils. l know you are busy man of God. I thank God for your ministry. I thank God as 10 years ago I was at a low point in my ministry doing ungodly things, you did not judge me, you did not beat me up with the word and today I am free pastoring a small congregation in New Jersey. We are doing good we are building and God is moving each week.”

Jesus is worthy to be praised! This mission has been assisting souls for more than 25 years! We are consistently walking the talk. I have seen many ministers come and go however few stay the course. God has sustained us and we continue on as this dear pastor mentioned, “God is still using you…in casting out devils.”

This other email victory report came in from California. As you will read this believer is a Catholic and is being challenged (note: we have quite a few Catholic brethren who follow this mission, as they see we are interdenominational, whom we adore and we appreciate). 

“Jay, that night after the deliverance meeting, I was able to sleep soundly. Praise Jesus and thank you very much for doing what you did to help me. I never told you this but for about 4 years I have been suffering from insomnia and panic attacks. I have to tell you Pastor Jay, I truly felt not only the power of the Holy Spirit but also the love of Jesus in your seminar. Something inside me has changed.  It kind of scares me because I have been a Catholic all my life,  strongly believed my church teachings. Now, there’s a part of me that wants to seek the truth and questions the validity of my church doctrine.”

I just think this part is the best: “I truly felt…the love of Jesus in your seminar.” It saddens me to hear some people attack this mission (though they are a small minority) when multitudes are being deeply impacted by the love of Jesus through the work we conducting globally. This is the balance we seek–the power of God and presenting the love of Jesus!

Here’s another short testimony from the Eastern Coast of the United States:

“It was good to see the Holy Spirit at work thru you. I have never seen anything like that in my life! Sight restored!!! Praise God!

As I reported a number of souls were healed including a handful having their eyesight restored!

We are still getting amazing reports out of Australia where I have traveled to many times in recent months. Read and rejoice:

“Dear Brother Jay, thank you so much for the Freedom Fighters teaching/training, I have been so blessed through it, I’m feeling that God is truly equipping me  through your sessions for His healing, deliverance, evangelism ministry for His Glory in Jesus name. I’d also like to mention that Joan and Kobus (our Australian and Southern African mission contacts) have also been a blessing, God is doing exciting things here in Perth, setting captives free in Jesus name. I’m looking forward to the Intermediate level training, I’m very hungry to learn more to be fully equipped for His service. God Bless you Jay.”

This email report from a disciple in Maryland:

“Hi Jay, thanks so much for coming to Baltimore and teaching on deliverance, in addition to freeing some people!  I want to thank all 3 of you, including Sharon and Peter, for taking time out of your lives to help others!! I was very encouraged by everything I learned and can see how many, many people need to hear this message.  Please keep teaching!!!  God bless!”

This from a disciple in Southern California:

“This is greetings.  It was so great seeing you Brother Jay, to see your are well and to see so many victories for Jesus in San Diego! I feel great and stronger after this past deliverance session, your rebuking of Jezebel really makes a immediate difference….I feel a great vision to be able to help more when I am more ready and when the time is right.  I feel strongly that your work is the front line of the battlefield. I am grateful and I love you Brother Jay as my brother in Christ 100% and I know your work is very precious to Jesus.  I recognized your work as godly as you did not refuse seeing me.”

The testimonies speak for themselves. I could easily keep on sharing as there have been so many! We are hearing many testimonies at our public seminars and meetings. Some reported hearing of the mission on television, on radio, via our books and other speaking events. What an honor to serve Jesus. He deserves the praise! 

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