3am Deliverance Meeting in Memphis, Now Pittsburgh

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in snowy and cold Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I have been conducting more ministry meetings. We arrived a few days from Memphis, Tennessee where we held a few meetings for those needing deliverance and healing in Memphis, Tennessee and Mound Bayou, Mississippi. Thus far we have seen some amazing works of the Holy Spirit in the lives of many souls. In our group meeting in Mound Bayou, which was held in a public school hall, we experienced some supernaturally thrilling acts of power of the Holy Spirit including:

~Souls being delivered from demonic spirits

~Souls physically healed

~Holy angels assisted us in ministering to those bound by demons

~Many broken heart parts supernaturally healed by Jesus

~Holy Spirit descended in great power to drive out evil

After teaching from the Scriptures for several hours I began to pray for those who assembled in this school hall. Within seconds evil spirits manifested from within a young girl –perhaps 10 years of age– and immediately we drove the demons out of her in Jesus name. She testified of feeling released and relief. We also noticed another young lady manifesting demons. There were some vicious spirits within her named Destroyer who had entered through the ancestral bloodline some 160 years earlier because of the sins of murder, bloodshed, and destruction. These curses were renounced. Furthermore, we discovered many other evil spirits named Infirmity, Mind Control, Defiance, and Witchcraft. All of these were commanded out of her body in Jesus name. She also testified of feeling released and comforted by the Holy Spirit. I should also add that this dear woman also experienced deep inner healing as a few parts of her broken heart surfaced –a 7 year old and a 12 year old and they were both were honored to see the risen Jesus and were healed.

While ministering to that young lady, her younger sister, surfaced demon spirits. Within seconds of praying for her, the demons violently threw her to the floor. She rolled from my end of the hall to the other in a frenzy. With great strength the spirits surfaced to the point where they turned over a table in the hall and chairs scattered. While she rolled I asked for the fire of the Holy Spirit to descend and to fall upon the ground. When the fire consumed the ground the demons immediately got up as they didn’t want to be consumed by the holy fire. It was also beautiful to see the holy angels come into the hall and assist me in restraining the violence of the powers of Satan. I even, at one point, asked for the angels, to place her back in the chair which she was sitting on prior to be thrown to the ground, they obeyed and lifted her back into her chair without human aid. 

This precious lady also had a spirit named Destroyer. Along with this violent demon were spirits of Jezebel that held onto her eyes. In Jesus name I commanded the demons to depart from the eyes and she immediately testified of being able to see in her eyes where previously she was not able to without the aid of glasses. This year we have see so many healed of varying degrees of blindness and I am astonished to see the powerful work of the Holy Spirit move in this area of healing. All of these vile spirits were told to leave and they entered the pit in Jesus name!

Another woman present was liberated from the powers of mental illness, insanity, trauma, Jezebel and torment. Others experienced freedom from various kinds of torments, afflictions and curses by the power of the blood of Jesus.

There were some very unique encounters with the supernatural on this night –at one point an mighty angel pulled out a spear and struck a stubborn demon which resulted in the demon being greatly weakened. Another time, the Holy Spirit powerful fire fell upon my right hand and I placed my right hand upon the demonized and immediately demons weakened and departed! Awesome God we serve and worship! 

Then we drove back into Memphis for a 3am deliverance meeting that involved in ministering to a young man enslaved to powerful mind controlling spirits as a result of participating in Eastern Mysticism and the occult. He renounced the sins and God was faithful. The demons were were quickly commanded to leave in Jesus name and they departed fro the pit! immediately the man exclaimed: Jay, I haven’t felt this good in years! 

He was happy in Jesus. I am equally happy in Jesus.

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