Defeating the Illuminati in Quebec

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This is day 11 on this most recent North American mission where we have traveled to multiple cities in the United States and Canada ministering to those enslaved to evil spirits and those broken in heart. We are currently in very cold Quebec where we have witnessed powerful miracles.

It truly has been an extraordinary mission here in the French-speaking city of Montreal, just steps away from the Nortre Dame Cathedral. Our first meeting was filled with intensity as we met with a missionary from China who took a flight from the UK to be present in one of our meetings. One might wonder why one would travel so far? It’s because this missionary has had a difficult time locating someone who understand the complexities of his case. He reached out to us and we have intervened thus offering hope.

Raised in a few orphanages in Scotland and left for the Catholic charities Dave was literally left to rot. This abandonment and deep rejection left him vulnerable to the attacks of Satan. Left at a nunnery convent at the age of 2.5 years of age, Dave, as you can imagine was left for anyone to come along to take advantage and they did. Allow me to explain.

Because of the dysfunctional family situation he was in the courts ordered for him to be left at the Catholic convent where unspeakable horrors and sadistic acts were performed on him. Truth to be told, he was actually taken to a Luciferian convent where on a nearly daily basis we was subjected to sadistic beatings and sexual assault at the hands of the priests and nuns who were responsible for his care. I need to stop and preface by sharing that just as there are cases of abuse in Catholic charities they are equally a number of cases of abuse in Protestant charities. I do not want anyone to think that we are desirous of speaking against the Catholic Church. This isn’t the case at all. We are simply reporting the events that occurred earlier today as we ministered deliverance to the captives. Though it should be noted that many cases of child abuse are being discovered within the Catholic Church in recent years which raises many concerns.

As we began to pray for Dave, evil spirits surfaced. The first set was named, Amakada, meaning “Sacrificed One,” and he spoke to me angrily. 

“We are here because his great-grandfather was a pervert. His ancestors committed sodomy, murder, rape, hatred, goat sacrifices, Druid sacrifice, idol worship, sodomy with animal,” the devils revealed, “There was abortion, fetal sacrifice and the shedding of blood. Their ancestors burned babies.”

However, this it only gets deeper as we continued on. While praying we discovered Dave was also inhabited by an 18 year old ancestral dissociative identity that was born in the 13th century in the year 1212. It was revealed that this heart part was birthed in Romania and was buried alive. Horrific! This would explain the reason of the fragmentation –the terrible hurt from being placed underground to die. Not only buried alive but also sodomized just prior to being buried. 

We were able to reach this 18 year old and drove out the demons that were holding her (her name was Mary) captive all of these many hundreds of years. She was set free to go to Jesus for healing. 

Another ancestral dissociative identity surfaced by the name of Henry who was Dave’s great-great uncle. He surfaced and revealed he had passed away because of being stabbed by a pitchfork. Henry was sent to Jesus also. 

There were another group of demons named Amakada however these spirits were rooted in the abuse and trauma from the orphanage. 

“We are here because Father Peter! It was his semen that we were attached to. He abused Dave so we entered his body. He was so young. He was only only a few years old. Father Peter was a Satanist and he sodomized him. We are here to because they terrorized the child,” the spirits named Amakada revealed.

Father Peter was a clandestine Satanist. He was not alone. There were many others that controlled this European orphanage. The priests, the nuns and the staff were conspiring to birth Illuminati controlled human-robots. More on this in a minute. Should we be surprised? The Satanists forcefully took control of the orphanage and turned it into a secretive facility to implement Monarch Illuminati programming through sadistic acts. So many hundreds of children were targeted. Dave estimated, perhaps, 300+ young people were in this orphanage back in the late 1950’s through the mid 1960’s. The children were enslaved and were subjected to horrific beatings, night terrors, and sexual abuse. Some of the children were even sacrificed to Satan. What I heard in this deliverance session was devilish. Words do not do justice to describe the depths of evil. 

Father Peter as directed by his presiding Bishop ensured that little Dave was initiated into the Illuminati through a disgusting ceremony called, “Sacrifice of Puberty,” which involved sodomy. This kind of evil brought upon deep and complex trauma that created many little dissociative identities. Moreover, we discovered that even prior to his birth, while in his mother’s womb, Dave endured such trauma that brought about numerous little baby parts. We had to battle monsters (demons) that held the little pre-natal parts in captivity. They were freed from their dungeons and experienced the love and healing of Jesus!

As you can imagine all of this involved intense warfare. As we battled on the behalf of Dave it was also revealed there were 6 levels of Monarch programming:


  1. Alpha–which involved complex programming that consisted of being attached to the neurological system. I spent considerable time, systematically, extracting the spirits from the neurological system. 
  2. Quantas–which involved trigger words that were implanted within the soul nature to bring about a specific emotional and spiritual response that allowed the priests and nuns to exert control. Quantas was specifically located within the spine. 
  3. Meredith–this level of programming was located within the ear gate that allowed the Satanists control over his hearing.
  4. Sefra–this complex programming was to bring about silence. This allows the satanic acts continue without anyone ever knowing.
  5. Supra
  6. Herzon

Allow me to stop here and explain something. Dave, during the exorcism, inquired why nobody was able to speak out and expose this evil. We are speaking of several hundred young people never revealing, to even each other, the depths of the evil being perpetrated. Even years after escaping the orphanage he was never able to reveal the secrets. It’s because the Illuminati employs sophisticated mind controlling techniques and mechanisms to ensure silence is enforced. 

While dismantling the programming a human interject surfaced, by the name of Manuel, who was able to invade Dave’s soul as a result of his living with him after Dave’s escape from the orphanage. Manuel was a cruel man intent on controlling Dave. He was able to control because of his supernatural ability to interject within Dave’s soul nature. We removed Manuel in Jesus name and the demon attached to him, named menacing. 

As we entered the deeper levels of the programming we discovered that Herzon held onto multiple programmed mechanisms, some of which were rooted in Rosicrucianism. I have spent many hours deprogramming, over the years, those enslaved to Rosicrucianism and know it involves intense warfare and persistence. The programmed mechanisms include rica, penton, uzin, parma, filon, pontac, narac, and raco. These were demolished in the name of Jesus along with the many evil spirits attached to them. 

We also encountered many more evil spirits, broken heart parts, ancestral parts and mind controlling programming. The demons were expelled. The hearts were healed and many physical pains healed by Jesus! As you can imagine, this ministry took much spiritual effort and was needing rest however less than an hour later I was scheduled to conduct a public meeting. What was beautiful about this public meeting was Dave was involved and ministered, after just receiving deliverance himself, to those broken in heart and witnessed mighty miracles. 

This is the master plan of Jesus work –set the captives free and allow them to minister unto to others! Developing ministers so that more workers can be raised to battle the forces of evil. After the meeting, Dave approached me and now desires to be ordained (he’s been on the mission field in China, for the past decade, working a full time secular job and ministering). I look forward to sharing with everyone the amazing miracles that took place in Montreal during our public meeting! 

We were scheduled to be in Vancouver, British Columbia and had great difficulty obtaining a flight thus forcing us to cancel. Many delays, cancellations and disruptions because of this massive winter cold front that is brining the temperatures below zero. Moreover, we have postponed our South Texas meetings until a future date. Thank you for praying in the name of Jesus. God has been faithful to perform great works in our midst!

Jesus is Lord!

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