Public Deliverance in French Montreal, Demons Angry About Teaching!

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

Still here in Montreal, Quebec. One of my mission partners had his flight delayed and cancelled a number of times. He ended up back at the hotel. The winter storm has caused some disruptions. Hopefully he’ll be able to get home tomorrow. I hope and pray I can too! My heart grieves that I wasn’t able to continue on to Vancouver (I perhaps postpone a handful of meetings out of hundreds I conduct every year). I do offer my apologies. Same with the South Texas meetings. I’m needing to rest with my family. This has been an extensive mission throughout North America involving many meetings, cities, and flights! I will reschedule the meetings for a future date.

Our public meeting last night was powerful in the Holy Spirit as fellow disciples who recently were delivered themselves are now assisting me in driving out demons in our meetings! I love it! More on this in a moment however I want to share something quite fascinating with everyone…..

I just received a email report from a dear brother in Christ, who is enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center, who has been ministering to those with dissociation, ancestral dissociation and demonization. In fact this disciple is winning people to Jesus and healing the sick also. He has reported to me that the demons are referring to me as they are furious that this disciple is putting the information we have been providing into practice. He writes:

“Jay–I just got finished praying for my friend again and there was a 38 year old part, 14, 16, 28, 45 again and maybe a 15 year old. I lost track. I dealt with a snake spirit, that was generational and caused infirmity. Moreover, a Jezebel spirit with 18 in her court, a spirit of disappointment, and others. I thought I would let you know that at one point one of the demons said how do you know these things?  Then stated I was brave and that I was a Nazi, (I have German descent) I rebuked it and said I was a son of Jesus. Then a spirit said that Jay taught me well! So obviously they know you are training the church! I put the blood of Jesus Christ over you and your family and your school right now in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Is that amazing or what? I’m telling you my friends the Kingdom of Satan is furious with me for developing the Freedom Fighter International Training Center, as this international training center is equipping many souls on nearly every continent of the world. Disciples are putting what they learn into action and supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit are taking place! It’s rather exciting. 

What I hear often is the teachings are practical, authentic, and disseminated by someone (myself) who actually lives out the gospel year after year! What I share in the training is what I have learned in many years on the mission field world-wide. The spiritual secrets I have discovered are powerful to setting the captives free. For example, one lady recently wrote me and stated:

I want to thank you for the teaching about human interjectsYou have confirmed what I have seen previously but no one teaches about this. You have no idea how much that helps me in a situation I have been seeking an answer to. My 81 year old mother and I just sat and had a conversation about your email because we both know that happens. It’s nice to hear from a deliverance ministry perspective. My ex is under demonic control, which I sought help on, but also has a man controlling him stemming from several centuries back. This one is evil, however. I enjoy your material.”

God has gifted us with knowledge and understanding that allows us to minister to the complex cases. All of us should be in a position to minister to those in need. Be sure to sign up TODAY for the Freedom Fighter International Training Center with it’s 100+ courses. Click here to locate more information:

We are receiving so many other testimonies concerning our training ~

“We know that your ministry is anointed by God and will bare supernatural fruit in 2014. Thank you for your incredible work in the Freedom Fighters training we are truly learning so much in order to equip us to fulfill the great commission.”

The training I have received from the Freedom Fighters School has given me a deep unexplainable soothing as it has given me answers to so many questions. I know it’s the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit and the comfort of the Living God teaching me to observe all that He has commanded. To Love God and my neighbour as myself, the greatest Love to love one another. Thank you Jay for loving me and for loving the lost, broken hearted and afflicted! I too love them, my hope and desire is to set the captives free in Jesus name.”

Join the school today and threaten the powers of darkness!

It was a supernaturally charged meeting last night as I taught from the Scriptures and prayed for those whom are demonized. Demons cried out and convulsed. They shook their victims violently however at the end of the meeting souls were freed from evil spirits. One Canadian Indian lady was freed from Jezebel spirits. Her mother also experienced a measure of deliverance too. Another lady from Africa was freed from Santeria demons and spirits of Lucifer. 

What was truly refreshing to see was those whom were recently ministered deliverance to are now FIRED up to serve King Jesus! Several of these disciples assisted me in driving out demonic spirits in Jesus name and praying for those broken in heart. Evil spirits were cast out and many heart parts were healed on this night! Moreover, after the meeting, I performed a marriage, on two individuals whom I ministered deliverance to. This dear couple now desires to serve Jesus!

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