9 Hours of Mighty Demonstration of God’s Power in Houston

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

What a POWERFUL way to start off 2014 in our monthly Church of the Cross services! This was incredibly intense and powerful meeting where many received instantly healing and deliverance! This meeting ranks right up there as one of our more powerful Church of the Cross meetings we have held in Houston.

For the past several days I have been traveling, throughout the United States, conducting meetings. Our first stop, however, on this mission was Houston at our monthly Church of the Cross service. It was jammed packed with precious souls who were needing deliverance and healing. Even deep into the meeting souls were still arriving in for deliverance. In fact some traveled more than 16 hours to be present to receive a miracle. Think about that for a moment! 16 hours! God did not disappoint as many souls were set free powerfully from evil spirits, many were instantly healed and many broken hearts were repaired. I would like to chronicle some of the miracles in this report as what we witnessed was stunning on multiple levels. 

Demons of death, Freemasonry, sorcery, anger, Jezebel, and so many others were defeated in Houston. However, we had a battle on our hands as the enemy fought us fiercely. The power of the blood of Jesus truly prevailed and souls experienced incredible miracles.

In Matthew 4:23-25 there is a dramatic record of numerous miracles taking place in Galilee. In verse 23 it states, “…Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people. Then His fame went throughout all Syria; and they brought to Him all sick people who were afflicted with various diseases and torments, and those who were demon-possessed, epileptics, and paralytics; and He healed them. Great multitudes followed Him…”

We desire to see this come to pass in our private and public meetings —preaching and healing resulting in great multitudes following Jesus! As I went about the room introducing myself, before teaching, I was surprised to hear so many wonderful testimonies of disciples being encouraged and equipped by our work for the gospel. In fact, one family who had traveled some distance to be present in our service was so deeply impacted by our previous public meeting they decided to bring a larger group from their church so that they might be equipped to minister deliverance and healing to the captives. In our service we were able to demonstrate, to those gathered in this meeting hall, the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, thus training many. 

The precious lady who had traveled more than 16 hours to be present in our meeting has been following our mission for a long time and had been persistent in meeting me. Not only did she receive some significant deliverance but also a nephew who was dramatically delivered from a Masonic spirit that had been chocking him during the service. It was discovered that there was a strong Freemason noose around his neck (due to some family’s participation in Masonic cults) that disrupted normal breathing. It was removed and immediately the demon was expelled. Moreover, several strong spirits of anger, hatred, rage, rejection and violence surfaced. Each of these were removed and cast out in Jesus name! 

As I ministered a number of little heart parts surfaced, some were present as a result of being traumatized by his parents divorce. This brought deep pain and hurt resulting in his heart breaking. I spoke to the little ones and they were more than ready to be healed. They immediately went to Jesus. 

What was special is this young man is only but 15 years of age and yet he desires to serve Jesus and to be free! Several disciples prophesied over him and spoke words of a mighty calling upon his life in service of the gospel. He was truly excited and grateful. He was also very relieved to be free from these ancient curses and strongholds that held him captive.

Even while leading everyone in a mass deliverance prayer souls throughout the meeting hall were being set free by Jesus! Some were vomiting, some were coughing, some were burping, some were yawning, some were deeply sobbing –as many demons were exiting their victims as the commands were given in Jesus name to release the captives! It was an enthusiastic gathering of souls deeply interested in teaching and divine instruction. It should be noted that even prior to the mass deliverance segment of the service I taught for more than 3 hours straight from the Scriptures. Imagine visiting most churches where most people would be complaining after 30 minutes of preaching. Not the case here in Houston. For 3 hours I preached the WORD and I do not think anyone left! Why? Because, these people knew that I would be demonstrating the power of God for all to see after the teaching. People desire to see God at work! We should be displaying the power of Jesus for all to see! Amen! 

After partaking of Holy Communion –which was rich in the presence of the Holy Spirit –I began to minister. So many souls were being delivered from various pains, afflictions and unholy spirits. One young man in the back of the room manifested very violent demons. He had mentioned that he desired to “throw some chairs around.” Others were being terribly attacked. One lady I ministered to –perhaps in her early 50’s– traveled a great distance too. There were very powerful Jezebel spirits residing within her. They growled at me and fought me. I called forth legions of holy angels and they arrived and struck the demons resulting in the demons significantly getting weak. Jezebel cursed me and was menacing. At one point I utilized my sacred cross and the demons cowered in great defeat! They even tried to escape however God’s holy angels ensured they would be restrained. The angels even assisted me in getting the woman off the ground (without any human aid) when the demons violently threw her to the ground. 

“We are here because her grandmother killed a baby in a witchcraft ceremony. That is why we are here! The grandmother liked the blood. We like the blood. There are blood covenants which cannot be broken. There’s Masonic curses and so much more,” Jezebel informed me, “Nobody has dealt with us before! NEVER!”

All of these spirits were defeated and cast out of her! Many other spirits surfaced including hatred, mental illness, lack, poverty, mind control, sickness, depression, fear, and torment (who brought great pain in her head and shoulders). These were also driven out in Jesus name. As soon as this woman was set free she began to pray in new tongues and glorified Jesus for her deliverance and healing. Not only was she was set free from numerous pains, torments, and afflictions, she also experienced a deep healing as more than 5,000 dissociative identities were supernaturally healed by Jesus. Many of them testified of seeing the risen Savior! 

Another lady that experienced an amazing exorcism was a woman from the back of the meeting hall. As soon as I prayed, another powerful demon of Jezebel surfaced. There multitudes of them within this lady! They viciously surfaced and battled me. I inquired if she had a crowd. She was utterly surprised to hear me inquire of this. 

“Yes, I do. You cannot remove it. It gives me power. Nobody has ever confronted us. Nobody. All of these thousands of years in the bloodline we have been here tormenting and torturing. We must not leave. We have more work to do to destroy,” the spirits of wicked Jezebel informed. 

I took up my holy cross and began to approach her with it and it went berserk. It backed up for fearing of the cross. I motioned the cross over the head of the lady and Jezebel shrieked with great spiritual pain. She was being weakened greatly by the demonstration of God’s power! Jezebel was forced to submit. She did. Furthermore, we extracted all of her many rings (she had placed some on all ten fingers) and Jezebel grew considerably weaker. Though Jezebel had been in the ancestral bloodline for many generations and had brought great suffering through the generations. In a matter of a hour or so, she was utterly defeated and destroyed! 

As I ministered great power of the Holy Spirit fell upon my right hand. I placed some sacred oil on my fingers and immediately intense heat fell upon my hand. I placed the fire of God upon the head and the demons groaned in great agony! They had been defeated! All of them were sent to the pit in Jesus name with many other spirits such as witchcraft! This lady also felt renewed and strengthened and spoke in new tongues! 

Not only did she experience an thrilling liberation she also experienced God’s healing powers. I spoke to a number of broken heart parts and many of them surfaced and spoke to me. One little one was so sad.

“Daddy, spanked me hard. I hurt.” 

My heart pained to hear this. As a Dad to three little ones I know the importance of being gently with little ones. They can handle only so much. Their little souls are so sensitive and could be easily fractured by cruelty. I led little one to Jesus and immediately all the pain disappeared. Fathers, be careful in your discipline. Be loving not cruel. Remember these littles one are ultimately the Lord’s not yours. They are His little lambs. They should change ones perspective, hopefully.

I spoke to others and they were so little. All of them with horrible pain and secrets. They were able to escape the monsters but now needed the healing touch of the Savior! Each of them were miraculously healed and were unified! Beautiful Jesus!

Today I received her testimony via email and it was deeply touching:

“Jay–I just want to say thank you!!! For helping my family and I to deliverance. I will be forever grateful for your obedience unto the Lord …and for the calling God has placed on your life!!!! I love the Lord and want nothing more that to serve him and be obedient to his will. Thank you Thank you ! I plan on learning more about this and become knowledgeable. I want to learn the right way… and your right the enemy attacks because we are unaware of his tactics. The word says “my people perish because of lack of knowledge” Well now I know and will learn more and more …Failure is not and opinion with me ! My name means truth! I will raise my voice for the Lord and speak the Truth! Thank you I am determined to move froward with God.”

This mission is truly blessed! I am blessed! There are those who try to attack this mission however they fail. Our mission continues on in great power of the Holy Spirit! The Lord laughs at those who try to attack me. 

This precious lady’s sister also received incredible healing too! As I began to pray for her little heart parts surfaced and spoke to me and informed me that Jesus wanted to share something with me. 

“There are witchcraft curses planted against this woman’s father. You must have him break it and he will be healed of his dementia.”

So, I obeyed the Lord! I had the father come up front (he was sitting in the back of the meeting hall) and pray for him. He renounced the witchcraft curses that had been planted by somebody in his family. As the witchcraft was broken I immediately drove out the spirits of Baal from him and death. Immediately his face shone with great spiritual light! It was beautiful to see! He even gave me a big hug in appreciation! Jesus healed!

This entire family received significant inner healing, physical healing and deliverance from demonic spirits and curses! Jesus!

Even well after midnight (we started at 5pm) most everyone remained in the meeting hall wanting more teaching, instruction and deliverance! I continued on in Jesus name. Many were delivered from witchcraft spirits and curses! One family attending the meeting were Assembly of God missionaries who served in Thailand, China, and Ethiopia. Many of them suffered from great sickness and infirmities. Strange and unusual sickness. There was one sickness I located that stemmed from ancient ancestral curses that were attached to a ancestral dissociative identity that suffered from the sickness. This would explain why they have this strange sickness. Have you thought of this my friend? Are you suffering from a strange torment or affliction? Have you spiritually investigated to see whether a ancestral dissociative (and the spirit attached to it) has the sickness or torment? 

As I tried to reach this ancient one in the spiritual world–we located a castle and secret chambers. The little ancient ancestral part has been placed in a castle in this inner world. Since it was close to 2am I was getting tired and had to conclude the room but hope to continue on with the ministry in the near future. Even after concluding the public gatherings others approached me for deliverance. I was exhausted after nearly 9 hours of ministering and teaching. 

Finally making it to bed I was due up in several hours for another flight to yet another public meeting where I was met with a satanic infiltrator! More on this in my next report….stay tuned!

Jesus Ascended and He is Lord!

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