Dismantling Ascended Masters, Destroying Legions

Dear Friends of Jesus,

From chilly Alberta, Canada we have traveled over to Atlanta, Georgia then drove many hours to the sunny Gulf Coast, here in Alabama, conducting ministry sessions for those tormented by evil spirits. In Atlanta, we encountered some strange spirits that disguised themselves as ascended masters who proudly declared themselves as enlightened spiritual beings who in the past were ordinary people who have evolved. The lady we ministered to was attempting to find significance to a number she would often come across in daily life. She sought out the teachings on numerology to discover the deeper meaning of the number that she often encountered. Through this process of research she stumbled upon (no doubt demons were directing her) a teaching on these ascended masters. This opened a even more dangerous door to evil supernaturalism. She came across an ascended master named Leto. I have seen her pictures. She’s wicked. She lures the unsuspecting in to this idea of being able to cloak oneself with invisibility. Leto has mystical cloaks. This lady we ministered to, named Sheila, actually allowed Leto to place the cloak over her as she wanted to be invisible to the external world. Leto was more then willing to oblige. Not only was a cloak placed upon her but underneath that cloak was many spiritual chains and ropes that bound her to various addictions and compulsions. 

We experienced great difficulty dismantling this so-called ascended master as it hid under this cloak that served as a spiritual shield however as I removed the cloak I was able to do conduct some extensive dismantling of the devices of the devil. In Jesus name, pains, afflictions and torments were removed that allowed a measure of freedom to take place in Sheila’s life. We were honored to be able to drive out many demons from her, remove many chains and ropes from her, in the power of Jesus.

Here in Alabama, we have been seeing the power of the Holy Spirit intervene in the life of Linda. Some of you might recall me sharing her story with you as a few months ago we traveled to her home to conduct an exorcism. In her home we were able to remove a piece of an raccoon from her body. Along with the raccoon we also extracted from her body many other kinds of animals. Very unusual case. Obviously, even after many hours of ministering to her in that initial meeting we knew there was more work needing to take place in her life so we arranged for another meeting. 

In last night’s meeting we encountered hundreds of thousands of evil spirits. Mind you this precious disciple was satanically ceremonially traumatized during a hysterectomy, by a physician, who was devotee of voodoo, Santeria, and black magic. In fact, for many generations, it was discovered, both sides of his family was deeply entrenched into the occult. During the hysterectomy he supernaturally inserted tiny part of various animals within her (including a part of a raccoon that she vomited during the exorcism). Obviously, many demons were also inserted within her. Linda has suffered greatly as a result of this satanic ritual. 

At that time, she was happily married, was a wonderful mom to a little boy, had a successful career in the medical field making well over 70K a year. Her husband was making well over 100K a year. They lived in a beautiful home. Had bought a boat and were living prosperous lives. However, the sadistic ritual took place and much more transpired. Her life began to spiral out of control. Demons began to invade and destroy.

Because she was prosperous she was a target of those who were jealous. Those at work who despised her success and blessings. Some of them hated the fact she was happily married and living for God. So, what did these individuals do? They began to conspire and send spells and curses to her to destroy her. Because she had been victimized by a Satanist doors had been opened to her life thereby allowing these curses and spells to carry out their destruction. In a matter of years she lost literally everything –her marriage, her job, her health, and her son. 

My friends, if you are experiencing blessings and prosperity, be on guard, there are those who WILL send spells and curses to destroy your marriage, your children, your financial resources and your health. We need to be pro-active and protect ourselves spiritually against the devices of the devil. This is why this year I’m teaching, in our public meetings, the spiritual keys to be being victorious in spiritual warfare. One of the keys is understanding, being aware, being cognizant, of witches who possess powers. If there is no awareness then there will be no action being taken on your part to protect your life and family against it. Since, Linda, grew up in traditional church that never taught on spiritual warfare she was left unaware of these realities and thus taken advantage of. The Scripture teaches that people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. These witches (and others in the dark arts of Satan) are sending terrible curses and we must be ever prudent in Jesus name. We have victory in Christ however we must always be on guard.

Until nearly 3am we battled these spells, curses, and demons that enslaved her. For years, Linda has suffered horrific attacks –beatings from demons, sexual assaults, unspeakable mental torment, hellish spiritual attacks, and so much more. We intervened and warred the legions of evil spirits operating in her life. Many hundreds of thousands of spirits were encountered. I called forth the mighty holy angels of God. They assisted me warring against the demons. The power of my sacred cross destroyed the evil within her. There were layer upon layer of demonic torment to confront. 

Because the witches sought her destruction they actually sought to invade her soul and they did! These human interjects, with the aid of the demons, were able to cause great havoc in her life obviously. We encountered several of them last night and spoke to them. One, a 69 year old woman, who was a former supervisor of hers, said the reason why she sought to invade Linda was for the sole purpose of fraud, for identity theft. Obviously, a foreign soul part within you can locate and obtain all of your financial information. Satan is ever working on creating new ways to violate humans. Do not be naive. 

Another human interject, a young man, mentioned that Linda never formally met him however, at her employment, he watched her and lusted after her. Since he was aware of the spiritual art of soul travel and soul invasion he sought to enter into her and did. He wanted to seduce her so that he might have unlimited sexual relations with her. 

As you can see Linda was a target, as the prior trauma made her susceptible to satanic attacks. The followers of darkness sensed it and took advantage of her vulnerabilities. Through it all, Linda continued to call upon Jesus. Through all of the pain and suffering Jesus sustained her. Though she didn’t know how to fight these demons in a more effective manner she did what she could. 

Because of her heart, God displayed His mighty power in her life. During our late night exorcism, Jesus even appeared to her, at one point, spoke to her words of love and brought deep healing into her life. Numerous dissociative identities were communicated and were sent to Jesus for supernatural healing. Moreover, they re-entered her heart and she experienced deep inner healing. The human invaders to commanded out with their demons. She also experienced amazing physical healing –pains dissolved, torments were removed and attacked ceased. Many demons were specifically attached to the various neurological regions of her body nature. I felt like a neurologist in a sense as I had to systematically remove demons from the cerebellum, the occipital lobe, the temporal lobe and other areas. Demons were extracted and healing took place as the torment was destroyed.

Some of the demons remarked that previous deliverance ministers were unable to be as effective because they do not understand the necessity of naming the specific areas of the neurological and brain structures they had been attached to. So they remained. However on this night Jesus prevailed and brought great liberty into Linda’s life as hundreds of thousands of evil spirits were cast out and sent to the pit. 

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