Infiltrator from Jezebel Attended Meeting in Richmond

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

 From Houston, after several hours of rest I jumped on another flight and I traveled into Richmond, Virginia, where we held a meeting last praying for those tormented by evil spirits in Jesus name. This is stunning! We are only into the middle part of January and yet we have traveled to more than 12 different states here in America and have ministered in 3 different Canadian provinces resulting in many souls being reached with the gospel! To think we are just starting is staggering! Jesus, help me with strength! We are blessed! This mission is empowered with the Holy Spirit and amazing miracles are taking place daily!

 Souls were supernaturally healed and set free in Richmond. It was difficult at the beginning of the meeting as the enemy sent a infiltrator into our meeting. This has been many times before in many meetings around the world. I recall being in South America not that long ago and being verbally challenged and attacked because I dared to preach Jesus as the only way to salvation. I have conducted more than a 1,000 private and public meetings in the past several years and have seen the enemy rise up to contend with me. I recall being in Las Vegas, last summer, in a deliverance service I was conducting and was interrupted by a Buddhist who challenged me while I was teaching from the WORD! She screamed at me and demons manifested wildly. Our meetings are an absolute threat to the dark forces. So, in response, they strike out at me. They try to hinder, to divide, to poison the meeting. This is what occurred in Richmond. Allow me to explain.

 I was tired from being up in the middle of the night and taking a quick flight to the east coast. The enemy sought to use this opening to his advantage. So, while in Richmond a middle aged woman to the right of me tried to disrupt spiritually. The entire time I taught from the Scriptures she glared at me with anger and hatred. The demons used this woman to try to curse me. Again, it wasn’t even her. It was the demons that had invaded her. She had come by herself and wasn’t attending to receive deliverance but to cause spiritual problems. They sat there watching me very intently. It was a eerie watching. I knew and so did other disciples in the meeting hall. Interestingly, at one point, she asked a intriguing question.

 “Jay, you say that you defeat Jezebel with the cross. Where in the Bible does it say we can use objects to defeat her?”

 When she asked the question I could feel the negative spiritual energy. It was quite strong actually. As I shared with her from the Scriptures, in Acts 19:11, where the apostle Paul used objects to heal and deliver, she was getting considerably angrier with me. Actually it was Jezebel who was furious with me. As Jezebel was angry for me even bringing up the fact that I used the cross against her to defeat her. As I tried to share this woman gathered her things in disgust and walked out with fury in her heart! Actually, it was a relief as I didn’t want Jezebel in the hall causing problems. So, I welcomed her exit!

 So early on Jezebel sought to stop the meeting. She failed. I continued on and then felt a intense buzzing in my left ear and others did also. Witchcraft curses were being sent to the meeting. I led everyone in prayer and broke the curses in Jesus name!

 After teaching from the Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister. Some of getting relief and release as I rebuke the demons in Jesus name! In fact, a 72 year old woman who attended our meeting was delivered from many demons including the spirits of Freemasonry. As we renounced the Masonic ceremonies, breaking off spiritual nooses, this dear lady, experienced a deep healing, as the noose was removed. She testified of being able to breathe much better. Moreover, she was healed from double vision, as the spirits were afflicting her eyes terribly, during our public meeting. She was sharing with everyone that she could see two of me during the meeting and she didn’t normally experience this. So, I came against this in Jesus name! It was near instant healing! Furthermore, while ministering to our dear sister, a little 13 year old part surfaced from within her that held the pain of having endured a rape nearly 50 years ago. The little one held the pain. The demons of rape were also present who held the little heart part captive. For nearly 50 years these powerful demons held this hart part. To think that none came along in all of these years to help her find freedom and healing is quite bothersome. Where is the church to intervene. In Houston, the demons informed me me that their victims and their ancestors were never reached with the deliverance power of Jesus. This can be seen throughout the world. I am determined to intervene. Will you join me? Let’s rise up army of Jesus and battle these powers of Satan. We will at the end of day so don’t be discouraged! We win! In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I sen these spirits of the devil to the pit! Immediately relief and release could be seen on her face. It was beautiful to witness!

 The following morning I met up with this woman and her husband and she testified of feeling very good! I think her husband was shocked too! I love seeing the fruit of deliverance! This mission sees it all the time! Amen! Jesus be glorified!

 Others experienced deep inner healing and deliverance from evil spirits as we went down a list of doorways that lead to demons! Some experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit as I laid my hands up them. It was encouraging to see!

 I was also encouraged to see precious souls whom we have ministered to in the past and walking strong with Jesus. In fact, one pastor who attended the meeting mentioned he has been equipped to effectively deal with demons by watching our many YouTube videos. Even after the meeting had concluded many more were arriving including a pastor who leads a deliverance church who wants to learn more! This is encouraging to see other men and women rising up doing the works of Jesus!

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