Met the Dragon in New Jersey! Dragon Bows to Jesus!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

From Richmond we flew onward to Newark, New Jersey where I have been holding meetings for a Sicilian family vexed by evil spirits. It’s been spiritual warfare from the time we have arrived. New Jersey has been declared, by the governor, earlier today, in a State of Emergency due to the intense winter storm we are experiencing here. To get an idea of what I been driving in all day click here. For the past two days, we have been in some very complex and intense ministry sessions with those tormented by demonic spirits. 

The family reached out because one of them had attended one of our public meetings in Newark and was so significantly moved by the miracles she reported what she witnessed and the entire family decided to reach out to me to receive deliverance and healing! In Houston, a lady (who received deliverance) attended because a Catholic priest and exorcist attended one of my public meetings in Baltimore and informed her of my meeting. In Richmond, a lady (who also received deliverance) attended because of some friends in French Quebec who were healed and delivered as a result of our meetings in Montreal. Word of mouth is a powerful means to get the word out on Jesus working miracles!

More and more families are reaching to this mission for deliverance meetings and I’m more than happy to oblige when possible. I love seeing Jesus set the captives free! I love traveling the earth looking to bring souls into salvation and into understanding their victorious position as a result of their ascension into the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus! This my heart! 

As I type this in a very cold hotel room here in Newark I marvel at the multitude of evil spirits I encounter who boast they have never been confronted by a disciple of Jesus!


This is a terrible spiritual crime. We should push back and defeat demons! Let’s break generational curses and let’s break their resolve. How are we to do this? We must look for opportunities to extend the love of Jesus in delivering souls from evil spirits. Be pro-active. God desires souls to be free so He will help you reach others! You need training? Then sign up for our Freedom Fighter International Training Center courses (note: Freedom Fighters in several days part 2 of the Advanced Level will be released). 

I’m shocked to hear the demons declare: “We have been here thousands of years and not one single believer has confronted us, to cast us out, so we continue our work.”

This would explain the complexities of modern demonization here in North America and the West. The church has not done it’s job in the area of exorcism thus millions have suffered silently, in most cases, under intense demonic affliction. This was the case with this family here in New Jersey. 

For many hours deep into the night we battled the powers of evil within the family. In particular we dealt with a man who had a doctorate from a prominent university here in America. Highly educated and yet so demonized. For starters, I discovered, this 50 something year old man who I’ll refer to as Ken had numerous ancestral dissociative identities. 


  • Roberto, age 5. Carried sexual abuse pain. He was birthed many centuries ago.
  • Francesco, age 4. Carried sexual abuse pain. Fell off a mountain in Sicily as a teenager in the 17th century. 
  • Abraham, age 75. Carried deep pain and trauma as he endured a war that involved intense sword fighting and great amount of bloodshed.
  • 3 little children who were birthed in ancient times that carried sexual abuse.
  • Sarah, age 3. Carried sexual abuse pain. Birthed in 1740. She died of cancer.
  • Little boy, age 10. Fell into a well while playing and drowned.

Many strong satanic spirits held these parts captive and tortured them intensely. These parts were released and were sent to Jesus. Amazing supernatural healing took place! They saw the face of Jesus! However to get to point where I could communicate with these parts was a journey. I had to battled hundreds of thousands of demons within Ken. All of them were expelled in Jesus name! Demons named Satan, Death, Jezebel, and many others. 

Satan spirits resisted me greatly. They boasted.

“We have thousands of layers of protection so your weapons will not work.”

It was true my weapons were being opposed and were not having an impact however gradually the cross, the Bible, the holy oil, eventually melted away the layers and then the demons felt the extreme power of the weapons (2 Corinthians 10 the apostle Paul speaks of our weapons having “divine power.”) The demons began to cry in pain. So much for their boasting. Within seconds we removed and destroyed layers of demonic protection.

“Can we please stay. We are wanting to stay longer as we like destroying him and we have a plan for his life.”

What is your master plan for his life?

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to take him to a high rise building and pushing him off to kill him.”

I was angry. I had righteous anger. How dare these spirits! I tortured them with the blood of Christ. They greatly weakened. 

“We have been here thousands of years because of blood sacrifices, because of abortions, because of murder. We have his family. Their blood is our blood. Nobody has confronted us. Why now?”

Again, another case where demons have resided in a family for many, many generations without a fight from the good side. So, they grew stronger and stronger and built a sophisticated spiritual infrastructure that has layers of complexities to it –ancestral dissociative identities, strong curses and complex demonic protective resources. There were so many demons: adultery, occult, murdering, lying, confusion, mind control, hatred, suicide, lies, deception, lust, confusion, perplexity, blood sacrifices, and some very strong spirits named Dragon.

“We have been here in this family since 300 AD. His ancestors participated in murders, child abuse, fornication, and witchcraft.”

I have encountered this Dragon all over the globe. He is defeated by the cross of Jesus and must bow to Him. He did on this night! He along with the hundreds of thousands of others were sent to the pit in Jesus name! Numerous hearts parts were released and healed supernaturally by Jesus too! More needs to be addressed however this has been a tremendous start to the work God has begun! 

We also ministered to one of his sisters. She was invaded with many Jezebel spirits. Earlier today, we expelled them in Jesus name! There are thousands of layers of demons and many layers of dissociation that will need to be sorted in the days to come however Jesus is freeing this family. Others, in the family, witnessed these powerful deliverances and are now hopeful.

We must introduce the world to the labor of love —the exorcism ministry & the inner healing ministry. There are billions needing freedom and relief from torment. We have the solution –JESUS!

As you can see, it’s been another intense North American mission. This is my third mission already this year involving many cities, states, and provinces. It’s only going to get better! I just need your prayers I have been having issues with my throat and need divine intercession in Jesus name! I feel awesome but this problem is being persistent. This is a critical issue as you can imagine. The miracles are evident to all and point to the glorification of the Lord Jesus Christ!

After today’s session I traveled back into Newark. Normally it would take about an hour however because of the snow storm it took me more than 3 hours. The driving was treacherous. While driving in these conditions a Russian lady called our toll free number and I answered. Within a few minutes of talking with her demons manifested and spoke to me and battled me. So, here I am driving in a midst of a snow storm trying to conduct a phone exorcism! Ha! Love it! What a joy to serve the King Jesus in all kind of circumstances!

Now, I’m currently stuck in Newark! Jesus help!

Jesus defeats dragons! 

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