Victimized by Sorcerers, Healed by Jesus!

Last night we ministered deep into the night –driving out evil spirits in Jesus name! This was our second meeting with Linda. Because she had been terribly victimized by sorcerers many hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits have invaded her body and soul. For many hours we battled various kinds of strange afflictions and infirmities she has been enduring through. For years Linda has suffered great intense physical pain. She has been racked with horrible pains, torments, and infirmities. During the exorcism we ministered healing and within seconds Linda experienced instantly healing from all of her pain. 

As she walked around the room she exclaimed (her face just shone with joy): “Jay–I feel zero pain. Zero! I have not felt like this in years!”

This is what Jesus is able to do in your life too! 

During the exorcism, the demons boasted and shared how they have been systematically destroying her life. Year after year of torture from her tormentors.

Some of her spiritual tormentors were deeply embedded within her soul. There tens of thousands of mind controlling spirits. At one point we discovered there were 7 layers of spiritual walls that protected 17 programmed dissociative identities that the sorcerers had purposely created to control her for their evil intentions. For hours, with great difficulty, I navigated this spiritual maze. As I intervened I was able to release the broken heart parts, destroy the trigger words implanted on each part, and drive out the demons that enslaved each part. Each part contained a trigger word that was implanted in each broken heart part. Some of the words employed were very unusual. 

As each part surfaced, as they were released from their captivity, great relief could be seen on their faces. They were quickly sent to Jesus to be healed. I would estimate over the course of these past few days we encountered thousands, perhaps many more than that, of broken heart parts. All of them were willing and ready to experience the Savior! 

It was well after midnight before we finished. Hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits had been driven out, thousands of parts healed, dozens of strange afflictions healed by Jesus! Linda has been given hope and new life. 

This entire mission has been intensive in travel and ministry. Thank you for your prayers and intercession. We see the intensity of the spiritual warfare in our own lives. We need the mercy of God. The blood of the Lamb covers us.

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