Dramatic Deliverance from Demons of Cannibalism in Australia!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have been taking advantage of this gorgeous Mediterranean like climate here in Perth to walk around this beautiful city. Earlier, I boarded a ferry and crossed the Swan River and have come away really impressed with the cleanliness and order of this ultra modern city. I can see why this city is annually voted as one of the most livable cities in the entire world. Good people, safe and prosperous environment and clean. It is here God has opened doors for this mission and we are here to minister the gospel. The past few nights I have been ministering at the Perth Christian Community Church where the Holy Spirit is moving in the lives of many. It was great to see Dave present with his grandmother. The young man who was saved and delivered the previous night from many powerful demons. He basically stayed all night, warring with us in prayer, for those afflicted. Amen!

Last night was no different. We continued to war against evil dark forces of Satan. Jesus was glorified above all else and the enemy was defeated! After teaching for a few hours and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister to those held captive by Satan. As I led everyone to break the curse of Freemasonry (to remove spiritual nooses), a man perhaps in his 50’s, began to violently choke. The demons were rising up and were no doubt trying to kill him. Immediately I went to him and began to pray in the name of Jesus! 

A spirit named Rage surfaced. He was furious with me. He and many other demons spoke out of this man whom I’ll refer to as Len. 

“He really hate you! Do you understand this, we really hate you!”

It’s good to get the attention of the enemy! It’s my desire to shake things up spiritually and on this night things in the spiritual realm were shaken up. 

“There’s many of us and we are not leaving. We are staying. We have been here thousands of years.”

Not only was the spirit of rage present but many others. I had the holy angels of God escort this demonized man up to the front of the meeting hall and I began to confront the evil spirits. Many ancient curses were exposed. 

  • The ancient curse of murder. This was rooted in his ancestor’s evil acts of “clubbing children to death.”
  • The ancient curse of cannibalism. This was rooted in his ancestor’s extreme evil of not only killing little ones but also “cutting them up” and “eating them.” This curse of cannibalism was being held by a demon named Moloch. More on this demon in a moment.
  • The ancient curse of “worshipping death,” which his Scandinavian ancestors participated in thousands of years ago.
  • The ancient curse of “running to evil,” that his ancestors perpetually participated in. Evil acts such as idol worship, temple prostitution, Satanism, blood sacrifices, ritualistic death, murder, witchcraft and so much more. 

As you can see Len was filled with ancestral curses and ancient demonic spirits hell bent on destroying him. Knowing I was encountering powerful spirits I fought in the power of the Holy Spirit–as Moloch is generally a strongman within the demonic realm. Leviticus 18:21 refers to this vile demon god that the ancients worshipped and offered child sacrifice to. Interestingly, the root word of Moloch can be understood as meaning “king.” Moloch is indeed a highly ranked spirit within the kingdom of darkness. Historical pictures of this specific demon god are ugly, perverse and disgusting. This spirit is very much alive and active in our modern day especially working powerfully in the abortion industry. 

“We are here because Len’s ancestors offered babies and children to me,” Moloch informed me, “We will not leave.”

With that statement I immediately called upon the holy angels of God. Many of them flew into the sanctuary and assisted me. I had them pull their swords out and they struck Moloch causing him great pain. Weakening him greatly. One powerful angel of God stood in front of me and pulled out a very long spear that I sprinkled the blood of Jesus upon. The angel pierced the demons and they reacted in moans and groans. Powerful reaction to the angelic hosts that were present on this night. 

Moloch and all of the demons of cannibalism were working together battling me. I took off their many layers of armor and disarmed the spirits of darkness (for they possessed many spiritual weapons). They were also connecting with other demons within the room too. I dealt with those demons especially those within a young man, who came with his father, who had dabbled within the realms of Illuminati (he confessed to actually having called upon Lucifer at one point). The demons within this man caused his mouth to gape open like I have rarely seen before, very strange. Many demons were expelled however more work needs to be accomplished. Sadly, there were many others in the meeting hall that were deeply demonized and needing relief in Jesus name. However, this is why I’m here to intervene. My concern is this: the needs are immense. Not enough trained workers. This is why I have developed the Freedom Fighter International Training Center to equip disciples on how to effectively minister to the captives. 

At one point Moloch and the spirits of Freemasonry (who also surfaced) confessed to having ropes, chains, and other devices within and around Len to keep him in bondage. I began to systematically remove the chains, the ropes and so much more off him. They came off sometimes with a battle however. Furthermore, I sensed Len had been blindfolded so I began to confront this element. 

“No! We must keep the blindfold on him,” the spirits revealed to me as they moved away from me as they didn’t want me to take off the blindfold. In Masonic tradition and ritualism blindfold are employed thus allowing demons to bring forth spiritual blindfolds to bring about elements of mind control. I have actually attended Masonic rituals where this was actually participated in. I witnessed my own father participating in these evil ceremonies. 

I placed some holy anointing oil upon my hand and took it off as the spirits shrieked. The blindfold dissolved. Also a rope was around his waist (a tow-rope is often utilized in Masonic ritualism which I have also witnessed before my very own eyes in mystical ceremonies). That was also removed in Jesus name! Other chains and pains were removed from his body and soul nature. As you can see there is a complexity to this that takes time to unravel. The enemy constructs spiritual infrastructures to keep souls in bondage. As the people of God we have a responsibility to demolish strongholds. By doing so brings release and liberation to those enslaved to demon powers. 

Moloch and the many other demons held also many little parts of his heart that I communicated with on this night, after they were commanded to be released in Jesus name. Including a little one, age 7, who spoke to me and cried, “I was slapped.” Because this little one was slapped Len’s heart broke bringing forth an element of dissociation. All of these parts were taken to Jesus for healing. I also encountered an ancestral dissociative identity too (that was enslaved to paganism) that was birthed in the first century. He wanted to stay within the body with the demon attached to him. He was not allowed to obviously. He was sent to Jesus. 

During this most interesting exorcism, when I pulled out my sacred cross, the demons flinched and were greatly weakened by it’s supernatural powers. Whenever they touched it. They grew considerably weaker! They were petrified of the cross. Ah! The Cross of Jesus Christ is POWER! 

“We are not touching that cross, it’s a sword. It will cut us. No way are we touching that cross,” the demons informed me. 

Obviously, I forced the demons to hold my cross thus weakening them greatly. At one point they fell to the ground by it’s overwhelming power. The Holy Spirit was with me in fullness and the fire was employed to destroy demons on this night!

I could go on and on sharing the remarkable stories of God’s amazing powers being placed on display on this night however I’m limited with time. But suffice to say all of these demons were bound in Jesus name and were sent to that pit! With loud cries and groans they came out; some vomited out of him. Len’s face shone with relief and healing. He gave me a huge bear hug and was deeply appreciative of the Lord’s mercy on this night. There are other things to address no doubt especially with his wife as we discovered that there are numerous ancient curses stemming from her ancestral background including volcanic priesthood spiritual chains that I hope to break and demolish tonight in Jesus name! 

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