War in Perth: Battling 15,000 Masonic Demons & Jesus Wins!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Currently in sunny Perth and enjoying ministering deliverance to the captives! Before I share what transpired last night I want to make sure you read this entire email as at the end of this report I share a POWERFUL testimony I received from a dear brother in Christ, who has been trained by us and he put those things he learned into action in ministering to his wife and it worked! The demonic powers were so powerful that his wife at one point even LEVITATED OFF the ground. However, my brother refused to be fearful and used his authority in Christ and commanded the demons to release his wife and they did! More below.

Last night at the Perth Christian Community Church we had a even larger crowd than the night before and precious souls experienced freedom and healing through the power of the Holy Spirit! From the onset it was difficult to stand before the people and teach as wave after wave of demonic forces were unleashed upon me. I taught on the subject of witchcraft –exposing and defeating the dark arts of Satan. I was sort of surprised to see the amount of people who were being afflicted by either witchcraft curses, spells, and rituals. It was revealed that, one man in the meeting, had been cursed by his chiropractor thus his continuing physical issues. Others testified of being cursed by family and friends. One young man was cursed by a female friend of his that literally placed a lust spell upon him as a result of conducting a witchcraft ritual against him. I led everyone to break the curses in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and suddenly demons surfaced.

One lady we brought to the front to pray with had great difficulty saying the name of Jesus. There were spirits of mockery and blasphemy within her. They were quickly driven out in Jesus name and she testified of feeling instant relief and release! The smile said it all! Yet another lady was being afflicted with Masonic noose. It was removed in Jesus name and instantly she was able to breathe and was immediately healed of her affliction. Others experienced instant freedom and healing too.

However, there was one precious lady that was sitting in the back of the meeting hall who was under considerable demonic attack. She was having difficulty even breathing. she was being choked by the evil forces that were assaulting her. She too had a Masonic noose around her neck that was strangling her. I quickly brought her to the front and we began to pray for her in Jesus name! 

Immediately powerful Masonic and Illuminati surfaced. Her body contorted violently and several times threw her to the ground. They groan, moaned, and screamed. They were violent and vicious spirits hell-bent on battling me. 

“We hate you so much!” the spirits informed me, “We are Masonic spirits. Been here for years. We came as a result of her oneness with her husband, as he has been cursed by Freemasonry by his ancestors. They were Masons. Her uncle took advantage of her. We hold her heart.”

I commanded the demons to release the heart. They did and a little broken heart part quickly surfaced with deep pain and trauma. The part cried and cried. I sent this little girl to Jesus to be healed! Other parts also were sent to Jesus. 

As I had the demons release the broken heart parts numerous evil spirits joined an alliance and warred against me. I could feel it. It was intense. Again I pulled out my holy cross and the demons shrieked and backed up as the power of the cross was bearing upon them. They immediately drew much weaker and bowed before King Jesus. They were defeated however they continue to oppose. 

These vile spirits disfigured and twisted her body in some very unusual manner, like a pretzel. It was horrific to watch. It made my angry to witness how the demons twister her so grotesquely. I even called upon the holy angels of God and they assisted me as they have every night thus far on this Australian mission. They helped me break chains, restrain the demons and even struck the demons with their swords. As the Scriptures reveal they are “ministering spirits,” sent to serve alongside us (see Hebrews 1). 

One large army of demons were named Pyramid. These were very strong Illuminati spirits that were also rooted in Freemasonry ceremonies that were participated by her ancestors and her husband’s ancestors. All of this combined a powerful demonic alliance. 

“There’s 15,000 of us and we afflict her with pains and torments,” they boasted to me. 

I bound up all 15,000 of these Pyramid spirits and forced them to take upon themselves the torments and the pains. They did. They battled, yes. However, they lost! Jesus defeated them as the Body of Christ joined me in unity, with her husband, and we demanded the demons to depart for the pit! They left as did spirits of affliction and other kinds of demons powers. Then this precious woman testified of feeling much better and peaceful. In fact, she testified before the crowd that the pains had left. Same with her husband. As we ministered deliverance to his wife, demons were flying out of him too. He also testified of being physically healed too! There was a number of souls on this night that experienced a measure of healing in body and soul! 

These past few nights we battled well past midnight and there was still not enough time to minister to all of the needs present. I’m thankful we have more meetings thru the week. Even after the meeting precious disciples were testifying of being equipped, encouraged and experiencing the love of Jesus! This is my hope and prayer that these meetings would be launching for many to carry on this work to the four corners of the earth. Upon my return back to the hotel I received a powerful testimony of a disciple, back in the United States, who has been casting demons out of his own wife and family. He put into practice those things I have taught for all of these years and a mighty deliverance occurred. Here’s the report:

“Jay–I pray daily that the Lord would cover you and your partners with the Blood of Jesus to place a circle of protection around you as you do the Lords work. I have learned so many things from you over the past 10 years and I am privileged to call you friend.”

I wanted to let you know that much of what I have learned from you before was put into action with my wife who needed to be delivered two separate times for generational curses, witchcraft, and other spirits. The power of God shown through the room. At one point her body was standing straight up and bent back 90 degrees. She then lifted up off the floor almost 6 inches as the battle raged. I was not until I stepped in and took spiritual authority over her as the husband, just like you taught me, that we were finally able to break through. 

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